15 Best Cookies in Manila and Where You Can Find Them

On the hunt for the best cookies in Manila? Well, look no further! Being a certified cookie monster myself, I’m constantly on the lookout for places that serve freshly baked chocolate chip cookies — specifically the type that melts in your mouth. 

I just love a good cookie that’s packed generously with chocolate and is just the right combination of moist and crisp, don’t you? As someone who’s made it a mission to sample as much of the metro’s cookie offerings as possible, I’m happy to share this list of some of the best cookies in Manila, based on both personal experience and countless rave reviews. Here’s hoping you finally find your match made in cookie heaven!

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Best cookies in Manila & where to buy them

1. Purple Oven

Image credit: Gaby Salud

I’ve always known Purple Oven for their cakes, revel bars, and lemon bars — but their cookies were a pleasant surprise! Their chocolate dipped cookie is a personal favourite: it’s basically your regular chocolate chip cookie with one side dipped in chocolate. (Just remember to double-check your teeth for chocolate stains after taking a few bites!)

In addition to this, their menu features a whole bunch of other mouth-watering flavours that include double chocolate chip, Reese’s peanut butter, chocolate macadamia and oatmeal raisin. Plus, an insider tip: Come by at 11am or 1pm, when the cookies are fresh out of the oven!

How to order during quarantine: Drop by one of their operating stores for takeout. You can also make advanced orders over the phone to make sure all your cookie cravings are satisfied!

For more information, visit Purple Oven’s official Instagram page.

2. Mo’ Cookies

Image credit: Mo’ Cookies Official Instagram Page

If you have a serious sweet tooth like I do, then you have to try Mo’ Cookies! Known to serve cookies bigger than your palm, their treats are great for sharing (or savouring all to yourself). But if you prefer smaller, bite-size cookies, they have those, too!

You certainly can’t go wrong with their classic chocolate chip cookie: it’s crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the generously sized chocolate chunks melt in your mouth — no doubt, one of the best chocolate chip cookies in Manila. Mo’ Cookies also offers tempting flavours like South Cotabato Fudge, triple choco mallow, and more!

How to order during quarantine: Mo’ Cookies stands are currently open for takeout. You can also place your orders via The Moment Group Website, Foodpanda, and GrabFood.

For more information, visit Mo’ Cookies’ official Instagram page.

3. Classic Confections

Image credit: Classic Confections Official Instagram Page

On your next tita brunch at Nono’s, make sure to check out their dessert menu! Their cookies, cakes, and other pastries are actually supplied by Classic Confections.

While I often regret ordering cookies at cafés (especially when they’ve just been sitting around in glass cases all day), I was pleasantly surprised when I took a chance on these particular cookies. I actually came back to get more a few days later, and they’ve since become a favourite. The texture is perfect for anyone who loves their cookies soft and chewy! Their other flavours include double chocolate and oatmeal raisin.

How to order during quarantine: You can order Classic Confections’ cookies for dine-in or takeout at operating Nono’s branches. There’s also the option to pre-order for pick-up, takeout, or delivery via courier.

For more information, visit Classic Confections’ official Instagram page.

4. Scout’s Honor

Image credit: Scout’s Honor Official Instagram Page

An entire store dedicated to cookies? Apparently, it isn’t too good to be true! Scout’s Honor is one place that any Manila-based cookie lover can’t miss. While they started out as a stall serving craft cookies, they now have full-size shops — complete with takeout windows for those on the go! Given this information alone, how could they not be on this list of the best cookies in Manila?

With an array of flavours like ‘Cookie Inception’ (chocolate chip cookies with Oreos baked inside), ‘Matcha Sesame’, and ‘UItimate Chocolate Chip’, how could any self-confessed sweet tooth resist? Their ‘craft your own cookie’ option, however, is my absolute favourite. With free rein to choose their dough and toppings, everyone goes home a winner!

How to order during quarantine: Contact your selected Scout’s Honor branch and place your orders either for pick-up or delivery via courier. You can also order your cookies via Foodpanda or GrabFood, depending on your location.

For more information, visit Scout’s Honor’s official Instagram page.

5. Workshop

Image credit: Workshop Official Instagram Page

Like your cookies big and chunky? Make sure to check out Workshop — a bespoke bakery brought to us by the same group behind Le Petit Soufflé. (Incidentally, you can also enjoy Workshop’s cookies at the restaurant’s two branches!)

Apart from their popular 17-layer cakes, Workshop’s cookies are a must-try! Equal parts soft and chunky, they definitely deliver on that melt-in-your-mouth goodness that we cookie lovers require! In addition to your usual chocolate chip, they’re also available in dark chocolate truffle, and oatmeal raisin.

How to order during quarantine: You can get your cookie fix at Workshop at The Grid Food Market or operating Le Petit Soufflé branches, either for pick-up or takeout. Alternatively, you can order your cookies via The Grid Food Market website, Workshop’s Instagram page, or Foodpanda.

For more information, visit Workshop’s official Instagram page.

6. Moloko

Image credit: Moloko Handcrafted Cookies

On my search for the best cookies in Manila, many have recommended Moloko’s cookies. A crowd favourite? Their ‘NY-Style Chip n’ Chunx’, without a doubt! They taste as delicious as they look — so expect nothing other than a party in your mouth once you take a bite!

Besides their best seller, their ‘Super Brown Butter’ cookies are a must-try, too! We also love that they have a ‘Philippine Finest Series’ — these cookies are baked with locally made chocolates like Auro Chocolate and Malagos Chocolate.

How to order during quarantine: Send them a DM on Instagram, fill up their order form, and have your cookies delivered straight to your doorstep. The Moloko Store is also open for takeout orders!

For more information, visit Moloko’s official Instagram page.

7. The Flour Girl

Image credit: The Flour Girl Official Instagram Page

While on the hunt for any cookie similar to those from New York’s Levain Bakery, I stumbled upon The Flour Girl’s hundred-gram cookie. While hers comes pretty close, I find that it has something of its very own. They’re the kind of cookies you’ll crave the moment you finish devouring them!

The Flour Girl’s bigger-than-average cookies are soft, moist, and baked with generous amounts of chocolate (drool!). Classic chocolate chip and choco chip walnut are personal favourites; she also offers double chocolate, white chip macadamia, hazelnut milk chocolate, and more!

How to order during quarantine: Stay tuned for updates on availability by following The Flour Girl on Instagram.

For more information, visit The Flour Girl’s official Instagram page.

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8. Ben’s Cookies

Image credit: Ben’s Cookies Philippines Official Instagram Page

As England’s world-famous Ben’s Cookies has finally found a home in the Philippines, how could I not include it on this list of the best cookies in Manila? While they’re baked crisp on the outside, expect to bite into chewy, chocolatey goodness!

Served freshly baked, these mouth-watering treats come in lots of different flavours. These include milk chocolate chunk, white chocolate chunk, dark chocolate chunk, and other interesting must-try varieties!

How to order during quarantine: Place your orders via Ben’s Cookies’ official website.

For more information, visit Ben’s Cookies’ official Instagram page.

9. Le Bar

Image credit: Gaby Salud

Sofitel may be famous for their buffet, but it’s about time their chocolate chip cookies received the spotlight! Find these goodies at Le Bar, a French bistro and patisserie found within one of Manila’s most popular hotels.

Le Bar’s cookies are made with a generous amount of chocolate chunks. What’s more, they’re bigger than your usual cookie, not too sweet, and without a doubt addicting. A tip: They’re best enjoyed freshly baked!

How to order during quarantine: Drop by Le Bar if you happen to be staying at Sofitel Manila.

For more information, visit Sofitel Manila’s official Facebook page.

10. Toby’s Estate

Image credit: Toby’s Estate Philippines Official Facebook Page

Toby’s Estate isn’t just an ideal place for a cup of quality coffee. They serve delicious cookies, too! And even better? The two make the perfect pairing!

With flavours like chocolate chip and peanut butter, Toby’s Estate’s cookies are best enjoyed while they’re warm. They’re perfect for those who prefer their cookies on the chewy side — without a doubt, a single order will have you craving for more!

How to order during quarantine: Select Toby’s Estate branches are open for dine-in and takeout.

For more information, visit Toby’s Estate’s official Instagram page.

11. Borough

Image credit: Borough Official Instagram Page

A cult-favourite place to enjoy a nightcap, Borough is known for serving comfort food. So naturally, they offer milk and cookies — a nostalgic pairing that takes us back to easier days. (Though let’s be real, many of us still enjoy our cookies this way!)

These bite-sized cookies are served fresh out of the oven, along with an ice-cold bottle of milk. Flavours include chocolate chip, white chocolate with cranberry, gingerbread, and peanut butter. Bonus points: You can also order their cookie dough so you can enjoy your cookies freshly baked in the comfort of your own home!

How to order during quarantine: Borough is now open for takeout. You can also place your orders via their Facebook page for pick-up or delivery by third-party courier.

For more information, visit Borough’s official Instagram page.

12. The Bald Baker

Image credit: The Bald Baker Official Instagram Page

As a major cookie addict, I personally love ordering cookies from home bakers who clearly have a passion for what they do — The Bald Baker is evidently among these gems. I’ve personally been tempted by his amazing cookies for years and years, as they’ve racked up quite a following online!

All the fuss is certainly well-deserved, too. This one-man team has gone through rounds of trial and error to achieve that “bordering on underbaked” texture that most cookie lovers search for! Among his must-try flavours are the ‘Basic Betch’ (basic chocolate chip), ‘Big Black Cookie’ (dark triple chocolate), and ‘Birthday’ (chewy vanilla with sprinkles). The goal? To try every single one of them, of course!

How to order during quarantine: Stay tuned for updates on availability by following The Bald Baker on Instagram.

For more information, visit The Bald Baker’s official Instagram page.

13. Pink Bakery by Ange

Image credit: Pink Bakery by Ange Official Instagram Page

There are cookie brands that everyone hears about (and in turn, fail to live up to the hype); and then there are others that are well-known by true-blue cookie lovers and deserve way more attention than they get. Pink Bakery by Ange is one of the latter. It’s been recommended to me by the most discerning cookie fans I know — undoubtedly deserving of a spot on this list of the best cookies in Manila.

They certainly don’t scrimp on the good stuff: their chocolate chip cookies are moist and loaded with chocolate that’s just the perfect kind of melty. For something extra sinful, try out their four chocolate cookies, packed with white, semi-sweet, dark, and extra dark chocolate. Their cookie dough is available for orders, too!

How to order during quarantine: Head to their Instagram page and fill up their order form. Cookies can be picked up or delivered via your chosen third-party courier service.

For more information, visit Pink Bakery by Ange’s official Instagram page.

14. Apéritif

Image credit: Apéritif Official Instagram Page

If you’re not one to hold back when it comes to satisfying your cookie cravings, then Apéritif’s larger-than-life ‘Ooey Gooey Cookies’ are not to be missed. These treats are baked with generous amounts of chocolate, and are crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside.

As for those who are more conscious of their calorie intake? The good news is you don’t have to miss out on these delicious goodies. They’re available in half-sizes, too — and they’re just as satisfying.

How to order during quarantine: Place your orders through Apéritif’s official website or Foodpanda. Their cookies are also available in select FamilyMart branches, for takeout or delivery.

For more information, visit Apéritif’s official Instagram page.

15. Chili’s

Image credit: Chili’s Philippines Official Instagram Page

Chili’s skillet cookie isn’t the type you can order now and enjoy later — but it definitely still deserves a spot on this list of the best cookies in Manila!

This dessert makes for the perfect sweet ending, and never fails to leave me and my sweet tooth satisfied. If you aren’t sharing your skillet cookie with a big group, then make sure to save an ample amount of space in your stomach. This one isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone — unless you’re up for a challenge!

Anything missing on this list of the best cookies in Manila? Feel free to let us know in the comments section!

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