Catalonia’s Independence: What It Means for Filipinos

Last October 2017, global news organisations like The Guardian and CNN reported the death of hundreds of citizens in Barcelona who were caught protesting for their independence from Spain.

Almost two months later, Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont on 13 Nov 2017 said: “Independence isn’t the only option but it could be the solution to our current political crisis.”

Tourists who have ever been to Barcelona would be able to note how a high number of households do not pose with the Spanish flag. Rather, they share their own Catalan version in orange, blue, and yellow colours.

Similarly, Filipinos who live in the region would have to adhere to the new government’s state should they be truly independent from the Spanish Government. A year ago, those who plan to become permanent residents in the country would have to stay for a minimum of two years, learn the national language, and have proof of employment.

Image credit: SBA73

Since the independence movement has taken place, there’s a real possibility for deferring the “usual” requirements and adding their own. Such as, Filipinos will be required to learn Catalan (can be described as a mix of Spanish and French) language instead. Moreover, the government will have the right to impose different sanctions for its migrants or permanent residences.

Although there have been many talks within EU member nations about the political movement in the country, nobody has ruled out the possibility between different state transports and sanctions. This could mean a big change for those residing in the Catalan region whom travel to Andalusia, Castala y Leon, and its surrounding regions for holidays or work.

The Spanish Government has backpedalled the fight for independence, and has made no mention should it continue that Catalonia remains in the European Union.

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