Where to Buy Ceramic Pots & Dried Flowers in Metro Manila & Beyond

In case you haven’t noticed, dried flowers and plants are totally the latest interior trend especially in this quarantine era! For starters, they’re an affordable and fuss-free way to brighten up your home. Also, compared to actual living plants, these require minimal effort to maintain, which is perfect for those who have über-busy schedules. 

But of course, these dried blooms deserve equally #aesthetic ceramic holders to complement their vibrance. Looking to spruce up your space this quarantine (which doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon…)? Don’t worry, we gotchu! Here’s where to buy ceramic pots as well as perfectly curated dried flowers — in Metro Manila and beyond. 

Where to buy ceramic pots and vases

Liven up your bloom-filled space with these pots and vases that are #AestheticGoals.

1. Hey Kessy Pottery

Hey Kessy Pottery is a Manila-based studio that showcases works by various potters from all over the Philippines. Their latest collection is in partnership with Sagada Pottery Center, which has always been known for their fine, decades-old craftsmanship. So, not only will you get to own a piece of Filipino native heritage, but you’ll also get to support the decades-old livelihood of the renowned Sagada artisans. 

2. Frankie & Friends General Store

Looking for a wide variety of locally made and sustainable products in one go? Well then, Frankie & Friends General Store is your best bet. From chic handmade accessories to IG-worthy home decor, this collective of indie brands has it all! Though, if we’re being specific, PNKY Collection is where it’s at. This Baguio-based brand offers vintage ceramic pots and vases, as well as other antiquities. Check ‘em out online or at Frankie & Friends stores at SM Aura Premier and Power Plant Mall! 

3. Sunday Home

Okay, how cute are these shell-shaped vases from Sunday Home? And that’s just one of the many unique flower holders that they offer; from pastel minimalist designs to abstract shapes that you won’t find anywhere else! If you’re all about adding character to your space without adding that many items, then you’ve come to the right (online) store. 

4. Miramaru

Wondering where else to buy ceramic pots and vases with colourfully quirky designs? Check out these floral vessels from Miramuru that are whimsical as they are functional. For something more timeless, they also have cobalt blue-and-white ceramics that are reminiscent of traditional blue pottery from India and the Netherlands.

5. Nordic Home

True to its name, Nordic Home helps you achieve that New Nordic interior style that’s basically chic minimalism — but make it cosier and more welcoming! This means some pops of bright colour here and there, as well as offbeat-yet-surprisingly-functional furniture. Case in point: those vases that add the right #ahrt flair to your space, minus the snooty vibe. 

6. Clae PH

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You’ve probably seen decor items with those abstract-face designs on your Instagram feed at least once. Curious to have one but don’t know where to buy ceramic pots that are designed as such? Head over to Clae PH; we also love how each design comes in many different hues! Apart from trendy abstract faces, they also offer other hand-paintings like dogs and scallop patterns. 

7. Cozy Home MNL

If you’re wondering where to buy ceramic pots and vases with intricate designs, then look no further than Cozy Home MNL. From speckled patterns with a vintage feel to matte-finished pieces with an exotic vibe, this store is all about defying the basic. Also, each style comes in limited quantities, so better click and go for that piece you’ve been eyeing already! 

Where to order preserved/dried flowers

Here’s where to order ceramic pots or vases that also come with pretty flowers — both of which will last quite a long time! 

8. Flower Blossom by Liz

For preserved and dried flowers imported all the way from Holland, check out Flower Blossom by Liz. Take your pick among pretty blooms like peonies, nigella, and reed canary grass in various hues — all of which are chemical-free! They also offer nationwide shipping as well as cute vases to put your flowers in. 

9. Flower Corner PH

Ever dreamed of owning something like the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve found the cutest ones from Flower Corner PH! Aside from preserved roses in glass domes and boxes, they also sell fossilised flowers as well as frozen and dried flower arrangements. Oh, and did we mention that they offer free shipping for Metro Manila residents? 

10. Pretty Withered

We don’t know which one we like more about Pretty Withered: the dried flowers in heavenly pastels or the Insta-worthy vases that come with these. You can also opt for a bouquet option if you’d like to send ‘em to a friend… or hey, even as a gift to yourself! Take your pick between different blooms such as lavenders, everlastings, and Craspedias.

11. Camala

Creative shop-slash-studio Camala takes pride in being all about slow-living, and it shows in their floral arrangement and whimsical decor items. We don’t know about you, but their collection somehow takes us back to sunny weekend afternoons from younger, simpler days! (Optional: songs by Jonas Brothers and The Maine blasting in the background). 

12. Amor Blooms

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Well-preserved blossoms that come with sculpture-esque ceramic pots and vases? Along with nationwide shipping? Yes, please! Amor Blooms offers bouquet and flower arrangements for all occasions. Though, if you’d ask us, every day is a good day to get something — even if it’s just to liven up your room and mood. Oh, and they have natural scented candles, too! 

13. Deco Fleur

Deco Fleur brings hand-picked dried flowers and plants — in various shapes and sizes — right to your doorstep. Their offerings include foxtails, eucalyptus, Cybelles, sea lavenders, and even anahaw (a.k.a. our national leaf)! This store is also your best bet if you’re looking where to buy ceramic pots and vases that can accommodate whatever the size of the blooms you bought. 

14. knots flowers and more

True to its name, knots flowers and more offers quite a handful of bloom-filled arrangements that cater to every mood and occasion. While they’re mainly known for their rose and lily bouquets, they also offer bespoke dried flowers that come in different packaging; from reliable ceramic pots to glass domes and wooden buckets. If you wish to see these in person, head over to their store at the Venice Grand Canal Mall

15. Hygge Living

‘Hygge’ is a Danish word for warm, cosy, and comfy vibes. In a nutshell, it’s all about wellness and contentment — something that Hygge Living definitely helps you achieve! They offer both local and imported dried flowers, which you can place inside their cool-looking ceramic vases! While you’re at it, you might wanna check out their tropical-bohemian decor items, too. 

16. Wildflèur

As the name suggests, Wildflèur offers wild and everlasting flowers that make for cute props for Instagram flatlays, as well as subtle yet lovely additions to your WFH space. Though, if you prefer something more fresh and fun than classic minimalist, check out this set that includes ceramic pots shaped like a teapot and a teacup! Isn’t it adorable?

17. The Floristry

Wondering where to buy ceramic pots and dried flowers, but don’t know which one to get? Fortunately, The Floristry is all about options, options, and more options! Their dried flower selection ranges from bold, eye-catching shades to neutrals and pastels. 

If you can’t decide, why not get a mix of varying hues with a customised arrangement? And then take your pick among different packaging options like eco-friendly bouquets, glass vases, and sculptural pots.

Final note

After you’ve decided where to buy ceramic pots (or vases) and dried flowers, make sure that you also know where to place them at home. Whether it’s in the living room or your own room, keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep the flowers in an upright position.
  • Place the flowers in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight
    • Should you want to take an IG photo of them with some sunshine, make sure to put them back after your mini-shoot!
  • Keep your pot and vase away from the aircon or electric fan.
  • When cleaning your pot or vase, make sure to gently wipe and not rub — especially if it has intricate details. 
  • Never submerge your pot/vase in water. This also goes without saying, but keep your dried flowers from getting wet! 
  • Make that both plant and pot/vase are stationed on flat and stable surfaces. 

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Ready to start your own ‘dried indoor garden’ now? Or have you already been collecting these Insta-worthy gems for quite some time now? Either way, we’d love to hear all about it! 

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