Solar-Powered Smartwatches: The Latest Gadgets for Your Fitness Goals 

Let’s say that you’re in the middle of an indoor workout when your fitness tracker suddenly dies on you. You put in all that time to build your strength and immunity through exercise — only to have the data of your progress lost due to the weak battery of your device. Now, you don’t know how many steps you took or how many calories you burned after your device went kaput. The momentum is gone, and you feel like your hard-earned efforts were wasted. 

Well, we’ve found just the solution to that problem! Tech company Garmin has just released their newest line of solar-powered smartwatches to help Filipinos make the most of their personal time at home. By using solar energy, these smartwatches enjoy a longer battery life, which allows people to do what they love longer without worrying about charging their devices. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about them below! 

Introducing the Instinct Solar and the fēnix 6 Solar Series

Instinct Solar (left); Instinct Solar – Camo Edition (right)

For sports enthusiasts, Garmin’s Instinct Solar series helps you maximise your indoor workouts. Unlike other watches that easily run out of battery and leave you hanging mid-exercise, these watches can last up to 24 days in smartwatch mode indoors, and over 54 days with solar exposure. Pretty impressive, right? 

Using the Power Manager feature, you can also activate the Battery Saver mode to enjoy unlimited battery life on the Instinct Solar and Instinct Solar – Camo Edition. This way, you won’t ever lose track of your daily progress!

And here’s the cool thing about this solar charging technology. Even if your watch is partially covered by your sleeves, it will still keep on charging! 

Instinct Solar

Feeling stressed and anxious lately? The Instinct Solar can tell you why, using a Body Battery feature that analyzes your heart rate, stress levels, and sleep quality to reveal your overall energy levels. Furthermore, the Pulse Ox (SpO2)2 feature monitors your oxygen saturation. These important health indicators that can put your mind at ease during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Add a pop of colour to your wrist with the Instinct Solar, which comes in graphite and flame red. Meanwhile, the Instinct Solar – Camo Edition, which sports a bold camouflage design that’s perfect for adventurers. 

fēnix 6S Pro Solar (left); fēnix 6 Pro Solar (right)

For Filipinos who want to reach their fitness goals with style, Garmin’s smartwatches just got a new upgrade with the fēnix 6 Solar Series! The fēnix 6S Pro Solar and the fēnix 6 Pro Solar are both multisport GPS smartwatches that can track the distance you cover, check your heart rate, and give you new personal scores to beat each time. 

For a sleek and dressy watch, the fēnix 6S Pro Solar comes with light gold trimmings. You can get nine days of battery life indoors, and up to 10.5 days with solar exposure. Perfect for multitaskers, this watch even lets you play music on Spotify and link to your social media accounts! 

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With longer battery life and performance trackers, Garmin’s solar-powered smartwatches empower Filipinos to get their time and health back. More importantly, they want to inspire Filipinos to build resistance against the COVID-19 virus, while having enough time to do what makes them happy

Ready for this game-changing technology? For more information, visit Garmin’s official website

Information and photos extracted from a press release issued by Garmin. 

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