9 Island Destinations in Leyte to Get Your Beach Fix

Contributed by Dyaryo de Byahe

For beach aficionados, here are some beautiful island destinations in Leyte that would satisfy your sea lust.

1. Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte

Kalanggaman is undeniably Palompon’s best beach destination. Do not forget to take pictures on its long and snowy sandbar, and dip on its pellucid, luminous waters. Be sure to stay on the island overnight so you won’t miss the evident descent of the sun below the horizon, the blinking stars at night, and the aurora’s illustrious rays that light up the island the next day.

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2. Canigao Island, Matalom, Leyte

Canigao is an islet located just 15 minutes away from the port of Matalom, Southern Leyte via passenger or pump boat. Canigao Island brags of its floury white sand and clear waters with beautiful tropical sea creatures. You can actually tour around this small island just for 30 minutes. The island is often called as the “Little Boracay” of Matalom, Leyte by the locals.

3. Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte

Cuatro Islas (Four Islands) are the four island destinations in Leyte which are very popular among local tourists. The three islands namely Digyo, Apid, and Mahaba Islands are an hour boat ride from the coast of Inopacan, Leyte. The fourth island which is Himokilan, however, is part of the next town, Hindang, Leyte.

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4. San Pedro Island, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte

The twin islands of Hinunangan namely San Pablo and San Pedro Islands are locally popular in Leyte. If by chance you’ve been to Sambawan Island in Biliran or the famous Kalangggaman Island of Palompon but your trip cost you a lot, I am sure you’ll enjoy the clear and virgin waters here the way you enjoyed your stay at those islands, this time in cheap and discounted prices.

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5. San Pablo Island, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte

The clear and cool water is enticing and will surely tempt you to jump off the ridge and enjoy the sea! And talking about clear waters, yes, it was very clear. You’ll see different fish species and other aquatic craniate vertebrates – fish capable of gliding flights through their large pectoral wings, scombroid fishes, school of anchovies swimming underneath the beach cottage, big fishes best for aquarium display, and many more. Marine life is abundant here.

6. Canuay Island, Babatngon, Leyte

Coral bits make up the white sand of the island and mangroves set rest on the other side. You can stroll and walk around this islet and swim on its clear waters but only on specific portions where waves won’t crush you down to the shore.

7. Sinapdan Island, Tacloban City

Sinapdan Island is an agreeable destination for picnics and other recreational activities. It is an idyllic setting for holidays or weekend getaways, a soothing place for your kind of easy street vacation, and a relaxing place for your beer and skittles.

8. Limasawa Island, Southern Leyte

Limawasa is an island municipality in Southern Leyte where the first Christian Mass in the Philippines (and in Asia) was held. Make sure to capture the beautiful sunset which is very visible on the island.

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9. Dio Island, Tacloban City

Dio Island is just minutes away from the coast of San Jose, Tacloban City. However, this white sand island is now a private island destination. Consent is needed from the owner.

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