13 Long Weekends in the Philippines in 2020

Travellers, we know how much you’re itching to go on your next trip. But remember, holidays aren’t just for travelling. They’re also for recuperating! With a crazy pandemic, it’s normal to feel stressed and tired even when we’re just at home.

As we noted late last year, we have a lot of Philippine holidays to look forward to for this year.

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Make sure to ready your plans for the following long weekends in the Philippines — regardless of where you’ll be! To help you #MakeTravelHappen, we’ve created an easy 2020 PH holidays calendar and cheat sheet for your viewing pleasure. Pin them for year-long travel inspiration!

So, those are our long weekends in the Philippines in 2020! On top of the usual nine regular holidays, we have nine other special non-working days. 

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Make it 13 long weekends in 2020 by taking two leave days

Thankfully, most of next year’s official holidays fall on Fridays and Mondays. So, a glance at 2020 shows us that 10 long weekends await us! 

Want to hear something even more exciting? If we file just two vacation leaves, we can already enjoy 13 long weekends in the Philippines in 2020! And as per TripZilla tradition, here’s our recommendation for vacation leave dates:

If you decide to heed our advice, you’ll only need to file for two Monday leaves: One before the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary (25 Feb 2020), and another before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (8 Dec 2020). Then, you can enjoy a total of 13 long weekends in 2020!

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We’re on our toes for when travel will become possible (and safe!) again. Stay tuned for seat sales and travel deals that fall on these long weekends in the Philippines in 2020. Join our Facebook group, Flight Deals – Philippines, to stay updated with our travel news. 

All illustrations by Jan Alaba.

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