Here’s Why Pilates Is the Latest Workout Trend You Have to Try

For years now, I’ve noticed a striking similarity among people who tell me they do pilates exercises: they’re all toned, they always stand tall, and they have an unmistakable glow about them. Perhaps these are good vibrations that come with better breathing and a strengthened core — which, as it turns out, are core concepts of any .

COVID-19 has brought about an unending wave of fitness trends, but the is a timeless practice that is powerfully life-changing. Today, we explore the endless benefits of pilates, and the reasons why you should try it (if you haven’t yet!).

1. There are many go-to pilates studios in Manila — and we know the best!

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Yes, s can be done at home, but only if you already know what you’re doing. This means you’ll definitely require the guidance of pilates instructors who can show you the ropes. Aside from that, some s are better done in studios simply because they involve the use of specialised equipment. In all these departments, pilates hub Options Studio comes out on top!




For 10 years now, Options Studio has been a leading pilates authority in the country — all thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of pilates master trainer and former gymnast, Ole Eugenio.

Fun fact: Options Studio was actually founded in Singapore. It made its way to Philippine shores in 2010 through Ole Eugenio’s tireless efforts to spread the joys of pilates!

Options Studio was founded by a pilates expert

Trained in authentic classical pilates as well as the first Filipino to be certified in Stott Pilates, Eugenio is well-versed in numerous pilates techniques. The knowledge and practical mastery of pilates are what assure clients that programmes and licensed instructors at Options Studio remain flexible to any need and preference. Whether you’re a beginner, athlete, or even a new mom trying to bounce back from the post-pregnancy slump, Options Studio has exactly that: a wide array of options aimed towards developing your best pilates practice.

Options Studio branches offer COVID-19 safety and complete equipment

What’s more, Options Studio has six conveniently located branches across Manila! Choose from Makati (Salcedo and Rockwell), Alabang, Taguig (Bonifacio Global City), Quezon City (Timog), and their latest branch, Options Studio Pilates Rehab and More in Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong.

While all branches adhere to stringent COVID-19 safety guidelines such as frequent disinfection, mask-wearing, physical distancing, and health declarations, what sets the new Shangri-La branch apart is its impressive lineup of pilates equipment.




“Shangri-La has the complete range of classical pilates apparatus by Gratz, the most popular equipment manufacturer. Classical apparatus gives the right feel and intention of each exercise taught by Joseph H. Pilates himself with a focus on the inner, middle, and outer ranges of the movement leaving the body strong from the inside out,” explains Eugenio, who stresses that pilates makes your body stronger in a more holistic and comprehensive way compared to other fitness routines.

2. Pilates adjusts for you: solo or in a group, with or without equipment

Image credit: Options Studio Philippines

This brings us to the next reason why you should try pilates: It’s a workout routine that adjusts to your preferences. Do you savour the privacy of one-on-one sessions, or do you feel more motivated when working out with a group? Are you more comfortable on a pilates reformer or ladder barrel, or does pilates matwork sound more like your cup of tea?

Whatever your workout personality is, pilates does the adjusting for you — and this is something that Options Studio does very well.

Options Studio offers varied classes and programmes

You already know that Options Studio boasts the complete range of Gratz pilates equipment; let their well-trained instructors show you how to work them! While pilates apparatus may seem intimidating at first, you’ll soon find out how they actually sculpt, lengthen, and strengthen your body better.

“Rest assured, our movement specialists are trained for hundreds of hours on how to safely use these equipment for the exercise,” says Marivic Del Pilar, branch owner of Options Studio Pilates Rehab and More in Shangri-La.

Our tip? Research more about different types of pilates equipment or better yet, make a trip to Options Studio Pilates Rehab and More, and see them for yourself! The friendly staff will surely show you around and even recommend a pilates programme that’s best suited to your fitness level.

Want to focus on strengthening your body by working on your core? Choose from Core Reform, Core Suspend, Core Barre, and Core Chair. Moms will certainly find the Pre-natal and Post-natal Program a welcome break from the fulfilling yet unending demands of motherhood. Offerings like Traditional Mat and Traditional Reformer are ideal introductions to pilates; why not pick one and give it a go? 

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3. Celebrities and influencers love a good

Image credit: Options Studio Philippines

Did you know that a lot of celebrities we deem as #fitnessgoals actually incorporate regular s in their fitness routines? Hollywood has spoken; with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Victoria’s Secret model and mom of two Lily Aldridge, and even star football player David Beckham openly gushing about the wonders of pilates.

Even Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray credited pilates as an integral part of her pageant training. She says it was her that allowed her to pull off the iconic Lava Walk and slomo turn!

The ultimate self-care

When asked why public figures love pilates so much, Del Pilar points out the unparalleled privacy that one-on-one pilates sessions provide. This, coupled with a ’s multiple benefits, make it a routine that’s hard not to like. You could say that for many who practise it regularly, pilates has become their top form of self-care.

“Pilates helped me realign my spine by simply making me aware of my bones and muscle behavior. It makes me stand taller and sit upright with no pressure on my lower back or neck. Every private session is therapeutic and educational. You really learn about your anatomy and the benefits of breathing efficiently. I love that my private trainers have such diverse backgrounds — one is a celebrated former ballerina, and the others are physical therapists,” shares TV host Daphne Oseña-Paez on the Options Studio website.

“I always have different goals — like losing postpartum weight, alleviating neck pains, curing a frozen shoulder — and they are all achieved with [the] extra bonus of total body wellness. Now even when I am not doing pilates, my body looks for it and automatically adjusts to pilates stance. It is the best gift-to-self — private pilates sessions at Options Studio.”

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4. A , done right, transforms your body long-term

Image credit: Options Studio Philippines

Speaking of pilates and body goals; sticking to a regular unlocks many benefits that improve not only your physical appearance but also your overall well-being. An avid fan of pilates herself, Shangri-La Options Studio branch owner Marivic Del Pilar tells TripZilla that pilates transforms anyone’s body long-term for as long as they commit to it.

What’s in store for those who try pilates? Del Pilar breaks it down into easily digestible tidbits that are sure to draw fitness enthusiasts in: 

  • Better core stability and strength
  • Tighter waistline with defined abs
  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Less bulk more freedom of movement
  • Better posture and body-and-spine alignment
  • Less stress and back pain
  • Improved muscular balance and strength
  • Physical rehabilitation from injury or other conditions such as scoliosis
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced mood and athletic performance
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Heightened range of motion
  • Improved circulation throughout the body
  • A stronger immune system

Learn to control your body

Joseph Pilates, the man who developed the pilates practice, hinged his techniques on contrology — a method that focuses on building maximum control over your movements. One of his most iconic lines goes, “It is the mind itself which builds the body. The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.”

This perfectly reflects the wisdom in Joseph Pilates’ wellness methods; pilates then, does not only strengthen the physical body but the mind along with it. That’s effective self-care, if you ask us!

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5. Pilates changes lives

Image credit: Options Studio Philippines

Wellness trends come and go, but pilates is a tried-and-tested method that has been positively impacting lives since its inception in the 1920s. (Thank you, Joseph Pilates!)

“Pilates becomes an addiction to practitioners because they see the difference in their body and their lives. In Options Studio, we prioritise the client’s goals and needs with workouts that are safe for them and we do it at their own pace,” adds Del Pilar.

The only way to experience this is to see for yourself. Luckily, Options Studio Pilates Rehab and More in Shangri-La Plaza offers a free trial session and postural assessment for first-timers! Here, a certified pilates instructor gives you a sneak peek into how a good will improve your daily grind.




While pilates indeed helps you achieve your ideal shape and weight, for Del Pilar, it’s more than that. “Pilates is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.”

For more information, visit Options Studio Shangri-La’s official Facebook and Instagram, or contact them at 0917 813 0296. You may also visit Options Studio Philippines’ official website.

Brought to you by Options Studio Philippines.

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