The New PAL Neighbour-Free Option: No More Cramped Economy!

Economy class travellers, rejoice! Philippine Airlines (PAL) is now offering a game-changer for long-haul flights – the myPAL Seat Select Neighbour-Free option.

We’ve all been there – squished in an economy class seat with barely any legroom. It can make even the most exciting trip feel like a marathon. But for a reasonable price, PAL’s new service lets you stretch out and enjoy some much-needed breathing room.

For a fee starting at around ₱1,763.72, you can request to block the seats next to you in economy class. This gives you the extra space you crave to relax, spread out, or simply avoid the shoulder-to-shoulder feeling of a full flight.

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What you need to know about the option

  • PAL’s Approval Needed: Having the extra seat(s) next to you isn’t guaranteed. Your request for Neighbour-Free seating requires approval from Philippine Airlines, and it depends on the aircraft assigned to your flight.
  • Book in Advance: Submit your request at least six days before your flight’s departure time. You can do this through an email invitation you’ll receive or during online check-in. The final price, which varies depending on your route, will be confirmed when your request is approved.
  • Confirmation and Refunds: Once approved, you’ll receive an email with your flight details, assigned seats, and the total cost within 4 hours of your departure. This Neighbour-Free request can only be cancelled by PAL due to unforeseen circumstances like aircraft changes or safety concerns. If the extra seat isn’t available during boarding due to unforeseen cancellations, you’ll receive a full refund. However, voluntary rebooking or cancellation on your end forfeits your Neighbour-Free selection and any fees paid.

Currently, booking and payment for this option are only available online via credit card. For full details and booking information, visit the Philippine Airlines website.

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So, the next time you book a long-haul flight with Philippine Airlines in economy class, consider the option. It might be the perfect way to upgrade your comfort and experience a more relaxing journey.

All image credit goes to Philippine Airlines | Official Website

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