Buckle Up for Bumpy Prices: Here’s Why Plane Tickets Will Soar in March 2024

Looking forward to your summer getaway? You might want to hold onto your wallets for now because airfares are preparing for takeoff in price starting in March. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming plane ticket price hike in the Philippines.

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Here’s what you need to know

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) in the Philippines announced a bump in fuel surcharge levels for both domestic and international flights effective 1 Mar 2024. This means potential fees ranging from ₱219 to ₱739 for domestic flights and ₱722 to ₱5,373 for international flights. Yikes, that’s definitely going to leave a dent on your travel budget!

While this may cause a sudden change in your pre-planned summer getaway, just know that the price hike is not some random decision made by all airlines. Fuel surcharges are like variable taxes airlines use to adjust to inconsistent jet fuel costs. Think of it as a grocery bill that reflects fluctuating product prices — your plane ticket also reflects fuel costs through these surcharges. 

Why does the price hike start in March?

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While March may not have the same festive cheer as December (aka peak holiday season), it still presents a unique set of factors:

  • Increased travel demand: Summer break and the Lenten season often see a surge in travel, pushing demand upwards.
  • Global fuel price fluctuations: Geopolitical tensions and ongoing supply chain disruptions continue to significantly impact global fuel prices, making them less predictable and pushing rates higher.

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Catch cheaper flights as early as now

Fortunately, local airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are trying to soften the blow with promotions and expanded flight options. So while you still can, revisit your travel budget and plan your next getaway as early as now!

Some tips for navigating the new plane ticket price hike:

  • Be flexible: Consider alternative travel options or destinations with lower fares or fuel surcharges.
  • Maximise rewards: Now is the best time to leverage airline loyalty programs or travel credit card points and discounts
  • Track deals: Always be on the lookout for travel deals and set price alerts on flight comparison websites.
  • Consider booking with budget airlines: While comfort may somehow get compromised, budget airlines are your best bet if you wish to dodge higher fuel surcharges — at least for domestic or shorter trips!

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Remember, planning and flexibility are your allies in this game of price hikes. Don’t let the March fuel surcharge cause turbulence in your travel goals!

Featured image credit: Denniz Futalan via Canva Pro

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