Travelling by Sea? You Can Book Your Boat Trips Online With Speedy Ticket

Thinking of booking a boat trip in the new normal? Just imagining all the steps and precautions you need to take can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, travelling by sea has just gotten easier with Speedy Ticket, a ticketing service that lets Filipinos avail of fast, affordable, and cashless travel within Visayas and Mindanao

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Thanks to Speedy Ticket, you can now book your boat tickets from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit the official website to choose the schedule of your trip, get your boat ticket, and pay through cashless payment options including GCash. 

Skip the lines by booking your Cebu–CDO and CDO–Cebu boat trips online

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Currently on its soft launch, Speedy Ticket has partnered with Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. to help Filipinos book their trips going to and from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro. More trips will be available as Speedy Ticket works on partnering with more shipping lines in 2021. 

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Want to know how to book your Cebu–Cagayan De Oro or Cagayan De Oro–Cebu trip? Follow the simple steps below, and your ticket will be right at your fingertips! 

How to book your boat trip with Speedy Ticket

  1. Search for your desired trip schedule going to and from Cebu or Cagayan De Oro. 
  2. Book your trip and input your contact details to receive status updates. 
  3. Once your online booking is completed, present your voucher at the terminal and get ready to board! 
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Note: Make sure to provide the correct information, since a voucher and travel guidelines will be sent to your email address. Furthermore, all boat passengers are advised to show their valid IDs and travel requirements upon check-in at the terminal. 

Passenger convenience is a priority

As its name suggests, Speedy Ticket believes that booking a boat ride should be a swift and hassle-free experience for every Filipino. The ticketing service aims to make the booking process easier through safe and secure transactions online. 

“At the heart of this project is the convenience of millions of Filipinos, tourists, students, and the hardworking Pinoys who go home to their families by sea just to be reunited,” said Arnold Castro, a Speedy Ticket Venture Builder.

“For the longest time, inter-island travel in our country has been lagging digitally. Positively looking into the future, in a post-pandemic world, we would be an additional booster to the country’s tourism sector as traveling is made easier and convenient,” said Castro.   

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Speedy Ticket is one of the chosen ideas from the first batch of the 917Ventures Velocity Program, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs build a successful business. It is backed by 917Ventures, a subsidiary of Globe and the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines.

For more information, visit the official websites of 917Ventures and Speedy Ticket

Information extracted from a press release issued by Globe Telecom, Inc. | Featured image credit: Gfed via Canva Pro 

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