Plenty of Attractions from Day Till Night! A One-Day Tour of TOKYO SKYTREE

What comes to mind when you think of the city of Tokyo? This time, we visited one of Tokyo’s representative landmarks: TOKYO SKYTREE. So, we would like to introduce to you a one-day tour full of attractions that you can enjoy from morning till night.

Exciting spots and things to do at TOKYO SKYTREE

Since its grand opening in May 2012, TOKYO SKYTREE has stood out as a prominent structure in the city of Tokyo. At 634 meters, it’s the tallest freestanding radio tower in the world.

TOKYO SKYTREE is the centre of TOKYO SKYTREE Town, which is a collection of various facilities such as the Tokyo Solamachi commercial complex, an aquarium, and a planetarium, all built like a single town.

Well then, let’s climb up to the top of TOKYO SKYTREE! There are two observation decks: the Tembo Deck at 350 meters and the Tembo Galleria at 450 meters. Tickets can be purchased at the counter on the 4th floor, but it’s best to purchase tickets online in advance so you won’t have to wait in line. Plus, you can get your tickets at a lower price!

TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck (350m)

Our first stop was the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck, located 350 meters above the ground. The elevator ride up here is actually one of the points of interest you should take the time to look at. Each of the four elevators has a design theme based on one of the four seasons, and you are guided to one of them at random. We ended up getting on the “winter” elevator. The chic design is silver and is said to depict the “sky to a city bird.” Can you spot TOKYO SKYTREE among the clouds?

Riding this elevator with a speed of 600 metres per minute, we were able to ascend to 350 metres in only 50 seconds. As soon as the elevator doors opened, an astounding view greeted us! You can see the entire Tokyo area: from the urban buildings including Tokyo Tower to downtown Sensoji Temple to the confluence of the Sumida River and the Arakawa River.

You can also find the W1SH RIBBON monument on the Tembo Deck. This monument was created to “encourage people to overcome difficulties and move forward toward a new future” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The monument is also named in reference to the fact that TOKYO SKYTREE is the tallest tower in the world. Here, visitors can write their number one wish on a ribbon and tie it to the monument.

In fact, TOKYO SKYTREE is built on a ley line, connecting sacred places such as Mt. Fuji, Meiji Shrine, and Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture in a straight line. This is said to be a powerful spiritual spot where good energy gathers. It was heartwarming to see people from all over the world wishing for the realisation of their dreams and the happiness of their loved ones here. Their wishes written not only in Japanese, but also in various other languages.

TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria (450m)

The Tembo Galleria has a corridor that spirals up to 451.2 metres, which is the highest point in the tower. Apparently, the reason behind the design of this ascent is to let visitors walk on their own feet from the moment they exit the elevator to the highest point, allowing them to experience the sensation of reaching the top of the tower.

On this day, we were lucky enough to encounter the Tokyo Aozora Soji (Tokyo Blue Sky Cleaners)! They smiled and waved at us even though they were working 450 metres above the ground.

Finally, we reached the highest point: the Sorakara Point! The 350m height we had just reached seemed high enough, but at this even higher vantage point, the giant city of Tokyo looked like it was made of blocks. The vast expanse of windows stretching around the whole tower made walking through the space feel like we were floating in mid-air! 

Take a commemorative photo on the Glass Floor

When you come back to the Tembo Deck from the Tembo Galleria, be sure to try standing on the glass floor. As the name suggests, the floor is made entirely of glass, offering a thrilling view directly below. The view beneath your feet is a dizzying spectacle of tiny cars whizzing by and even tinier people roaming about. Even though you know it’s absolutely safe, you can still get a thrill when you wonder what would happen if this glass were to break.

Take a walk in the area around TOKYO SKYTREE

Once you have enjoyed the view from TOKYO SKYTREE, why not enjoy the view with TOKYO SKYTREE?

In contrast to SKYTREE’s modern architecture, Sumida-ku, where TOKYO SKYTREE is located, is a charming downtown area with a rich history and culture. Asakusa, a popular sightseeing spot, is also within walking distance. If you’re walking from TOKYO SKYTREE to Asakusa, be sure to stop by Tokyo Mizumachi, which is located right between the two. It features stylish restaurants, cafes, and sports facilities under the elevated railroad tracks, so you can take a break from strolling around the area.

When we visited, the cherry blossoms along Tokyo Mizumachi had bloomed early. So, we were able to enjoy an especially spectacular view of TOKYO SKYTREE, Tokyo Mizumachi, and the cherry blossoms.

TOKYO SKYTREE commands a strong presence no matter where you view it from in the city, and there are so many picturesque moments that make you want to snap photographs.

Lunch at TOKYO SKYTREE Solamachi Dining

Tokyo Solamachi is an area that you should visit if you’re coming to TOKYO SKYTREE. The 6th, 7th, 30th, and 31st floors make up the restaurant area called Solamachi Dining. To help you get around, check out this floor guide.

This time we went to THE PLATINUM where you can enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. For 90 minutes, you can indulge in a wide variety of dishes and desserts offered at this all-you-can-eat experience! The crepe, which is baked right in front of you, is one of their specialities. You can also top the freshly baked crepe with gelato for a delicious combination!

Shop for souvenirs at Solamachi

With more than 300 tenants, Tokyo Solamachi has no shortage of character-focused shops, apparel and general merchandise shops, and other souvenir shops. We also saw interesting shops that incorporate Japanese specialities, culture, and technology! Strawberry Mania sells unique strawberry varieties, while Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya offers realistic food samples. Nippon No Ame Project caught our eye with their accessories made out of candy.

And not to be forgotten is the SKYTREE SHOP, which sells exclusive SKYTREE products. With a store on the 5th floor of SKYTREE and another on the Tembo Deck, the official SKYTREE shop offers a variety of products only available here, including sweets and sundries featuring the official SKYTREE character Sorakara-chan and other characters. Don’t forget to stop by and look for souvenirs of your trip!

Get acquainted with Marine Life at Sumida Aquarium

Shopping is not the only thing to do at Tokyo Solamachi! The Sumida Aquarium, located on the 5th and 6th floors, is a particularly popular destination for visitors with children. The aquarium has about 7,000 living creatures on display, including colourfully illuminated jellyfish, a large tank with sharks, rays, and other large fish, a pool where penguins swim freely, and colourful goldfish.

Of particular interest are the penguins living in one of the largest indoor pool-type tanks in Japan. Here, you can see more than 50 penguins up close and personal, and maybe even talk with them!

Dinner at Solamachi Dining

We had dinner at Ginza Grill Cardinal on the seventh floor of Tokyo Solamachi. The restaurant boasts a demi-glace sauce made with the same techniques that have been passed down at this long-established restaurant based in Ginza. They offer Western-style dishes such as hamburgers, omelette rice, and fried shrimp.

The open kitchen allows you to watch the cooking process. The heat and aroma wafting through the restaurant made it very difficult to decide what to choose, though! In the end, we ordered the Cardinal Plate with everything on it.


TOKYO SKYTREE is even more attractive at night. Nicknamed the “city that never sleeps,” Tokyo’s city lights shine brightly after sundown. Thus, the night view from the highest point in Tokyo is quite special and has a fantastic vibe.

TOKYO SKYTREE itself also transforms at night, with a different light display each day. In addition to the three colours of regular lighting, the tower also occasionally features limited-time illuminations. The one we saw this time was a special lighting called Mai (dance), based on the dancing petals of cherry blossoms. We were entranced by SKYTREE’s elegant beauty, especially with real nighttime cherry blossoms. You can check which lighting you can see on their website.

Later, on the way back to our hotel, we photographed TOKYO SKYTREE from Komagata Bridge, as recommended by a local. The illuminated SKYTREE, the golden structure next to the Asahi Breweries headquarters, and the cityscape at night reflected off the Sumida River, creating an even more beautiful view. Since this is a little-known spot without the crowds, you can take many shots until you’re satisfied!

How was your day spent at TOKYO SKYTREE? Whether you’ve already been there or not, we hope you have made some interesting discoveries. We hope you’ll spend a fulfilling day at the TOKYO SKYTREE on your next visit to Tokyo!

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