Where to Buy Yoga Mats in Metro Manila: All Local Brands!

For many of us, getting into yoga and fitness isn’t just a passing quarantine trend — rather, it’s a lifestyle we plan to sustain. This being said, settling for a plain, cheap yoga mat just doesn’t cut it anymore. (Unless simple and practical is your jam, of course. To each her own!) I’ve been looking for a mat that has it all: a non-slip grip, enough cushioning for my elbows and knees, plus a cute design. At first, I had no idea where to buy yoga mats that had everything I required — by the end of my search, though, I had more than enough options to choose from!

If you, too, are serious about your practise, then you should definitely go way beyond choosing a mat that simply looks good on the ‘gram. You should invest in quality, too! In my search for the perfect yoga mat, I narrowed down my options based on material, dimensions, and price, on top of design. Below, I share my top suggestions for where to buy yoga mats in Metro Manila. Oh, and guess what? They’re all local brands! #SupportLocal, everyone!

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Where to buy yoga mats in Metro Manila

1. Sumati


Material: 100% Biodegradable natural rubber and eco-polyurethane (grip mats), 100% biodegradable microfibre suede and natural rubber (travel mats)

Dimensions: 178 x 61cm, 4mm thick (grip), 183 x 79cm, 1.5mm thick (travel mats)

Prices start at: ₱2,999

Yoga isn’t just great for taking care of our bodies — it’s nourishment for the mind and soul, too. 

This is exactly what Sumati (Sanskrit for “a good mind”) stands for. The first thing I noticed about their yoga mats was the phrases inscribed around the corners: affirmations like “I am strong” and “I am grounded”. Such lovely reminders to keep us going while breaking a sweat! If you were wondering where to buy yoga mats that motivate you to work out, then look no further.

Their Grip Mats are perfect for your home practise, while their Travel Mats are ideal for those who are always on the go. Yogis in particular will love that these mats come with alignment markings to help guide you through your yoga poses!

For more information, visit Sumati’s official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

2. Alba


Material: Microsuede top layer, natural rubber tree base

Dimensions: 183 x 61cm, 4mm thick

Prices start at:  ₱3,500

I’ve long been a fan of Alba and their minimalist yet multi-way (and multi-use!) swimsuits, along with their cute, eco-friendly packaging. To the pleasure of longtime followers like myself, they recently introduced their new fitness line, Alba Sport. Their Tapaan Microsuede Grip Mats are made with premium materials designed to provide you with an even better grip the more you sweat — plus, enough thickness to help protect sensitive elbows and knees!

To make your purchase even more worth it, your order comes complete with a carry strap and a bottle of mat cleansing spray. Alba also shares care instructions to make sure your mat lasts you a long time, the way it’s designed to! Need I say more?

For more information, visit Alba’s official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

3. Flowstate



Material: Polyester suede with anti-slip coating

Dimensions: 178 x 61cm, 5mm thick (regular mats); 140cm diameter, 3mm thick (round mats)

Prices start at: ₱3,160

Because of my obsession with finding the best yoga mat out there, my social media accounts are filled with suggestions for photos to check out and brands to follow. Thankfully, these suggestions turned out to be helpful — they led me to discover Flowstate, a yoga mat brand that deserves way more attention!

They have a variety of mats to choose from: 5mm-thick regular mats and 3mm-thick round mats, both available in stunning designs that’ll have you excited for your daily workout. Plus points: They double as super pretty home decor, too!

For more information, visit Flowstate’s official Instagram or Facebook pages.

4. Loop


Material: Cork, natural rubber

Dimensions: 183 x 66cm, 4mm thick

Prices start at: ₱2,499

Looking for a yoga mat that’s cute, high-quality, and eco-friendly? Loop’s cork yoga mats are an excellent choice. Minimalists will love their Plain mat, while they also have adorable designs like their Mandala mat and Cookie mat! 

If you’re wondering what’s so special about a cork mat, then you should know that it’s naturally antimicrobial (a.k.a. non-stinky!), anti-slip, and super easy to clean. Add their aesthetically pleasing designs to the mix, and you don’t even have to think twice about why to choose this brand.

For more information, visit Loop’s official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

5. Natura Yoga


Material: Microfibre top, natural tree rubber base

Dimensions: 183 x 61cm, 3.5mm thick

Prices start at: ₱3,500

When I started actively looking for a new yoga mat, I turned to the digital sphere (as we all do nowadays). Upon keying in “where to buy yoga mats”, I found a super helpful thread in one of my favourite Facebook groups, Best of the Best Manila. Among many names that were suggested, Natura Yoga was one that came up often, as well as one of those that stuck with me. 

The first thing that caught my attention was their jaw-droppingly beautiful designs; Natura works with talented local artists, and brings their amazing work to life with their mats. As for material, their mats have microfibre tops and natural tree rubber base in order to provide you with a superior, non-slip grip. In other words, the mats are sweat proof — plus, easy to clean! 

For more information, visit Natura Yoga’s official Instagram or Facebook pages.

6. Day In Day Out

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Material: Microfibre surface, TPE bottom layer

Dimensions: 183 x 68cm, 6mm thick

Prices start at: ₱3,000

Day In Day Out’s mats have everything you could look for in a great yoga mat: they have various eye-catching designs to fit different personalities, they’re made with high-quality material, and they offer excellent grip. I love that they also have alignment markings and that each order includes a free strap, too!

If you’ve been searching for a mat with the perfect material to support bony knees and elbows, you’ll be happy to know that Day In Day Out’s mats come highly recommended for being soft, thick, and gentle on the knees. Basically, there’s nothing about these mats that you won’t love!

For more information, visit Day In Day Out’s official Instagram page.

7. All Sweat Lifestyle


Material: Microfibre top, rubber bottom layer

Dimensions: 183 x 68cm, 4mm thick

Prices start at: ₱2,550

Work out in style and comfort with All Sweat Lifestyle’s beautifully designed, high-quality yoga mats. Their Tropic collection features nature-inspired designs, namely Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Whichever one you choose, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll find yourself excited to roll out your mat every time it’s time to break a sweat!

Instagrammable designs aside, All Sweat Lifestyle’s mats tick all the necessary boxes: their microfibre surfaces allow for a non-slip grip, and the material is durable enough to last you through both low- and high-impact workouts. What more could you possibly ask for?

For more information, visit All Sweat Lifestyle’s official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

8. Flow Fitique


Material: Hemp

Dimensions: 173 x 61 cm,6mm thick

Prices start at: ₱949

Wondering where to buy yoga mats that won’t break the bank? Flow Fitique is one of the more underrated brands out there — their super-cute hemp mats are very budget-friendly. They come in a variety of pretty colours; I swear you’ll have a hard time just choosing one!

Besides providing you with excellent grip, Flow Fitique’s mats will easily beautify your interiors, too. When you’re not working out, there’s no doubt you’ll be tempted to keep your mat splayed out to level up your room’s #aesthetic!

For more information, visit Flow Fitique’s official Instagram or Facebook pages.

Bonus tip: Pretty up the mat you already have with a yoga towel!



Already happy with the mat you currently have? Or perhaps you aren’t willing to invest in one just yet! When I was in the same phase, I was more than happy to simply pretty up my simple mat with a gorgeous yoga towel from Sora.

Not only will you fall in love with their designs — you’ll definitely appreciate their absorbent material and moisture-activated, non-slip grip. Its sand-repellent quality also makes it a great beach towel, too. As for the best part? Each of Sora’s towels are made with a total of eight recycled plastic bottles!

For more information, visit Sora’s official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

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If you started reading this article not knowing where to buy yoga mats in Manila, now you’ve got more than enough options. We can’t wait to hear which ones you’ve chosen for yourselves! Tag us at @tripzillaph in your Instagram photos once you’ve copped the perfect mat — make sure to use our hashtags #TripZillaPH and #LifesATrip, too. Happy shopping!

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