5 Reasons Why Singapore’s Wildlife Parks Should Be in Every Traveller’s Itinerary

Fun fact: Did you know that our humble Singapore Zoo made the ranks of being Asia’s top Zoo, and has also been ranked #4 in the world by TripAdvisor in 2017? How amazing is that! Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park offer any visitor an immersive experience and allow them to, quite literally, take a walk on the wild side.

In fact, when was the last time you’ve taken a trip down? If you stumble a little whilst answering that question, there’s really no better time to visit than now and see for yourself why we do better than other zoos around the world! On top of wandering amongst multiple enclosures, be sure to sign yourselves up for an experiential learning experience where you’ll be able to go behind the scenes and get up close to your favourite creatures. More on this later!

Visiting one park is never enough; grab this 4-Park ParkHopper special and visit all 4 parks for the price of 2! To give you that extra push, here are 5 great things about Singapore’s Wildlife Parks that the other zoos around the world got nothing on.


1. Wide range of new exhibits to spice up any experience

There’s never a dull moment at Singapore’s wildlife parks! Keep your eyes peeled for the new exhibits and activities that pop up from time to time. Visit Land of Giants at River Safari from now till 31 December, or until 31 March at Singapore Zoo, before you explore the latest light installation at Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters. Plus, don’t forget to visit Jurong Bird Park and say hello to the newest addition to the family, the rarest Blue Macaws!

Singapore Zoo & River Safari: Land of Giants

Step into a world beyond your imagination at Singapore Zoo as you march alongside super-sized creatures of the wild. Here, roles are reversed; the insects are larger-than-life and tower above visitors. Here’s your chance to get a magnified view of the (otherwise tiny!) invertebrates that aren’t usually in the limelight.

With more than 60 giant invertebrates on display, learn about the insects that you cross paths with in your daily lives. Navigate through giant Weaver Ants, Net-Casting Spiders, Moth Caterpillar, Orchid Mantis and many more. Plus, if you’re visiting with younger ones, pick up a Bug Explorer Trail sheet at the entrance of Singapore Zoo and complete the list of activities to earn yourselves a set of Magic Goggles!

And just for laughs, don’t forget to snap a photo with an oversized Vitagen bottle and Starbucks drink!

River Safari, on the other hand, showcases the beautiful animals that dwell in the iconic rivers around the world. River Safari is also Asia’s first and only River-Themed wildlife park!

Set foot into River Safari and embark on a journey to discover the majestic river giants. At Rivers of the World, get up close with these giants as you observe them through their dedicated glass displays. With animal presenters stationed at the different rivers during selected timeslots, get a chance to learn more about these creatures through the special animal encounters.

Plus, your little ones could also become River Giants Explorers! Simply get them to pick up an explorer trail sheet before entering the park and complete it to earn their very own explorer badge. From meeting new animals to learning more about the ones you’re familiar with, you’d be having nothing less than a truly enriching experience.

Night Safari: Twilight Encounters

Also, did you know that Night Safari is the world’s first night wildlife park? How often do you get a chance to witness the animals in their naturalistic night time habitats! At Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the creatures of the night.

Follow the luminescent glow-in-the-dark walking trails for an adventure of a lifetime. Tip: wear clothing that has some white elements on them for a trippy photography effect. Start from the Fishing Cat Trail, and make your way through the other three trails while you’re at it: the Leopard Trail, Wallaby Trail, as well as the East Lodge Trail. Spot some illuminated geometric animal sculptures, uncover each path’s hidden message and discover animals that cannot be spotted on the tram ride. However, the tram ride is a quintessential part of any Night Safari experience, so do end your night with a soothing 40-minute ride among the park’s many animal enclosures.

While you’re at Night Safari, don’t forget to pose for some photos at the special black light photobooth next to Zebra Cafe!

Jurong Bird Park: Blue-zilian Carnival

Right: Spix Macaw

The Blue Macaws are in town! Jurong Bird Park houses the rarest blue macaws in the world. Head on down to the park’s Parrot Paradise and visit these beautiful feathered creatures. If you’re thinking that the Spix Macaw (also known as the little blue macaw) is looking a little familiar, it is actually the very macaw that inspired the Rio movie series. As it is believed to be extinct in the wild, come on down to the Jurong Bird Park to catch a coveted glimpse!

Left: Hyacinth Macaw | Right: Lear’s Macaw

If you’re struggling to differentiate between the Hyacinth and Lear’s Macaw, the Lear’s Macaw can be identified by the yellow teardrop-shaped marking near their beaks. Similarly, these species are vulnerable and endangered, and you could play your part in conserving and protecting these beautiful birds by learning more about them at Jurong Bird Park.


2. Double the fun with special tours and experiences

Double your fun by signing yourselves up for signature tours and special experiences! Enjoy more hands-on activities and get to meet your animal buddies – up close and personal.

Singapore Zoo

Behind-the-Scenes: RepTopia

Come face to face with some of the world’s most fascinating reptiles at RepTopia! If you’ve always thought of reptiles to be slimy, cold and dangerous, challenge your boundaries as you enter the realm of the reptiles and prove yourselves wrong after you’ve met these amazing creatures up close. Who knows, you might even grow to love them!

(clockwise from left to right) Caiman Lizard; Panther Chameleon; Crested Gecko; Rat Snake

There’s lots of action in store for you at RepTopia. Meet the strikingly vibrant Caiman Lizard from South America, feed a chameleon a cricket or two, and even observe how a snake takes a strike at its prey!

Behind-the-Scenes: Fragile Forest

For those of you who would like to know your creepy crawlies better, the Fragile Forest Behind-the-Scenes tour would be perfect for you! Get acquainted with these cute little many-legged buddies!

(from left to right) Tree nymph caterpillar; Gray Malayan stick insect; Madagascan hissing cockroach

During this tour, get a feel of the creepy crawlies, prepare some yummy fruits for the bats and even get the opportunity to feed the animals residing in the biodome! Plus, with the tour capped at only 7 pax per group, you can be sure of given an intimate and private session led by the passionate keepers.

River Safari

Manatee Mania

Enter the Amazon Flooded Forest, home of the beloved manatees! The aquarium showcases the annual flooding of the Amazon Rainforest, which the manatees love and enjoy due to the abundance of food available. These graceful and gentle marine mammals spend their entire lives underwater, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come into close contact with them. At River Safari, sign up for Manatee Mania where you’d be able to meet the adorable manatees. Suit up in a set of waterproof overalls and you’re good to go!

Learn more about each manatee’s unique quirks from the friendly aquarists and even partake in their training session. Feed them with leaves of lettuce or vitamin pellets, and rub their sniffly noses. You’ll also be able to grab a precious photo opportunity with Canola, the manatee that is River Safari’s animal icon!

If you intend to participate in Manatee Mania, do remember to sign up in advance to avoid disappointment as a minimum notice of 5 working days is recommended.

Jurong Bird Park

Lory Feeding

Stroll into the world’s largest Lory Flight aviary, right into the high-flying realms of Jurong Bird Park’s lories and lorikeets. This signature feeding experience is a definite one-of-a-kind encounter! As you grab a cup of nectar and venture into the aviary, be prepared to be greeted by some of the friendliest birds decked out in a striking rainbow of colours.

Have the vibrant birds perch on your arms and shoulders as they dig into their favourite nectar concoction available for purchase from the front counter. This is the perfect opportunity for you to observe these beautiful birds at a close range and admire their bold and colourful feathers as they rest along the railings. Do remember to keep a lookout for when the birds take flight in unison; shift your gaze upwards and be wowed by a spectacular sight.

3. Opportunity to get up close and personal with various animals

Numerous photo opportunities

If you’re looking for a way to document your amazing day at the wildlife parks, don’t miss out on the photo opportunities that are lined up for you through the day. Get a snapshot of your moment with your favourite animals for a treasured keepsake!

Animal Encounters

Participate in Token Feeding sessions

If you wish to get even closer to the animals, keep a lookout for the token feeding sessions that are scheduled throughout the day. Learn fascinating facts about Singapore Zoo’s multiple residents, and be entertained by the keepers’ informative commentary.

Plan your schedule around the token feeding sessions of your favourite animals, so you don’t miss them – get the full list of timings and sessions here.

Free-roaming animals

At Singapore Zoo’s Fragile Forest, you’d be transported into a huge biodome that houses the richness and diversity of the rainforest. The Fragile Forest takes you through the stratas of a rainforest – from the forest floor, where you can meet Madagascan hissing cockroaches. all the way to the tree canopies, where sloths, lemurs and flying foxes roam freely. Feel free to get up close and observe the inhabitants of the Fragile Forest and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to snap yourselves a selfie!

Dining with Wildlife

Image credit: (left) Singapore Zoo; (right) Jurong Bird Park

All those times that you’ve been observing and interacting with the animals at their habitat, have you ever thought that you could do something a little different? Take having a meal with these creatures, for example! Begin your day with Jungle Breakfast alongside Singapore Zoo’s beloved orangutans. Available only in Singapore Zoo, this award-winning breakfast programme gives you the opportunity to snap some photographs with the marvellous primates while enjoying a delectable breakfast spread.

Similarly, over at Jurong Bird Park, partake in Lunch with Parrots! Have your meal while enjoying an engaging performance by these cheery parrots. Pay attention to the trainers as they demonstrate to you how these birds outsmart you with their talent!

4. Abundance of Natural Habitat Areas

Free-ranging Orangutans

The wildlife parks have dedicated areas that replicate the natural habitat of the animals, and one pertinent example would be the world’s first treetop encounter with free-ranging orangutans at Singapore Zoo! Here, witness how the magnificent orangutans lounge and play just like they would in their natural habitat in the wild. In order to simulate the natural rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo has even constructed multi-tier climbing platforms overhead for the orangutans to swing, climb and play around. Plus, the habitat is equipped with behavioural enrichment devices, ensuring that the primates stay intellectually and physically engaged everyday. Without any walls and barriers, you’d be able to almost get a 360 degree view of the orangutans at play!

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is an award-winning zone that teleports visitors to Ethiopia. Be greeted by the section’s rocky landscape, rugged terrain and waterfalls, which is much like the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia. Here, the Hamadryas baboon exhibit allows you to learn about the colony of over 90 baboons! Observe a day in the baboons’ lives and watch how they interact within their harems and look after their young.

Other natural habitats include Singapore Zoo’s Australasia, Wild Africa and Frozen Tundra.


5. Little-known conservation efforts

Unknown to many, 50 cents from each admission ticket goes towards wildlife conservation projects in the region. Hence, each time you visit the wildlife parks, you’re actually playing a part in conserving precious wildlife. Isn’t that great!

Image credit: Singapore Zoo

Indeed, Wildlife Reserves Singapore pride themselves in creating memorable wildlife experiences in the hopes of inspiring visitors to develop a deeper love and greater respect for the creatures. As part of Singapore Zoo’s conservation efforts, there are various shows lined up to educate the public on nature and wildlife. The Rainforest Fights Back Show is an informative presentation that introduces visitors to 10 different species of animals, and also showcases the diverse wildlife of the rainforest. Advocating, and fostering, sustainable and ethical behaviours towards nature and the wildlife, visitors can learn more about how we can join hands to protect the homes of these animals.

As you explore the different wildlife parks, keep your eyes peeled for the various informative and engaging signboards that educate the public about wildlife conservation – because you can play a part in saving the wild too!  

If you’d like to join in and contribute towards this noble cause, keep a lookout for these pangolins around the wildlife parks. Simply contribute a token sum (how much is entirely up to you), and all proceeds from pangolin donations will go towards Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund. In addition, when you participate in the aforementioned token feeding sessions, the proceeds would also be going towards wildlife conservation efforts in the region. Have fun AND make a difference the next time you visit Singapore’s wildlife parks!

Bet you never knew that Singapore’s wildlife parks were so awesome, huh! It’s about time to experience them for yourself! If you’re torn between which park to visit, grab a ParkHopper Special to visit them all. Choose between a 4-Park Admission or 2-Park Admission and you’ll be well on your way for a wild adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget that Night Safari’s Twilight Encounters is only until mid February 2018, so there’s no time to lose. Get your tickets now and we’ll see you there!


Brought to you by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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