The 2021 Global Korea Scholarship Is Accepting Applications This March

Interested in taking up a graduate degree in Korea? Now’s your chance. The 2021 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for Graduate Degrees is accepting applications from 6 to 19 Mar 2021. According to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines, 13 general applicants and one Korean Language Teaching Professional will be selected from the pool of applicants.

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2021 Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees

Available programmes

Before applying, there are a few things you should know about the 2021 Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees. For starters, they’re accepting applications for their three-year Master’s Degree Program and their four-year Doctoral Degree Program. Each of these are inclusive of a one-year Korean language programme.

Scholarship benefits

So, what exactly will the scholarship grantees receive? The 2021 GKS benefits include the following:

  • Airfare — economy class ticket (actual expense)
  • Settlement allowance — ₩200,000
  • Monthly allowance — ₩1,000,000 
  • Medical insurance — ₩20,000 
  • Language courses — ₩800,000 
  • Tuition — Up to ₩5,000,000 
  • Korean Proficiency Grants — ₩100,000 
  • Research support fee — ₩210,000 to ₩240,000 (depending on major)
  • Thesis printing fee — ₩500,000 to ₩8,000 (actual expense)
  • Degree Completion on Grants — ₩100,000


The following are qualified to apply for the 2021 GKS:

  • Applicants and his/her parents must be citizens of their country of origin
  • Applicants should have adequate health, both mentally and physically, to stay in a foreign country for a long time
  • Applicants should be under 40 years of age at the date of entrance
  • Applicants should possess a grade point average (GPA) of above 80% from the last educational institution attended
  • Applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree by the date of arrival

Note: Applicants who have previously achieved in any undergraduate programme, master’s programme, or doctoral programme in Korea cannot apply for this programme. However, a former or current KGSP scholar with an overall grade of 90% or above and has attained TOPIK level 5 or higher can reapply to this programme once either through the embassy or university track.

How to apply

Applications are open from 6 to 19 Mar 2021. Here’s how to apply:

  1. First and foremost, read the 2021 GKS guidelines and FAQs.
  2. Submit two letters of recommendation from two separate people who can provide a thorough assessment of your academic abilities. The letters must be sealed in an envelope and submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines.
  3. All documents must be presented in their original forms. If you have to submit photocopied documents, these must be notarised, apostilled, or have received consular confirmation.
  4. Embassy Track applicants must submit one (1) set of original application forms and three (3) sets of photocopied application forms.
  5. Application documents must be submitted in the order of the Application Checklist, which you can find on the first page of the application forms. Each required document must be numbered and labelled on the top right corner. (e.g. 9. Certificate of Bachelor’s degree)
  6. All documents should be submitted as A4-sized documents.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, interviews will most likely be done virtually, although this is still to be confirmed. Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview.

Note: Those applying as Korean Language Teaching Professionals have additional requirements apart from the general documents. 

For more information about how to apply for the 2021 Global Korea Scholarship, click here.

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