Banksy Universe Manila 2024 Teases Art Lovers

Attention all art lovers in the Philippines! The Metropolitan Museum of Manila has sent social media into a frenzy with cryptic teasers for an upcoming event titled Banksy Universe Manila 2024.

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What we know and don’t know about Banksy Universe Manila 2024

Image credit: @banksy
  • The Event: Suspected to be named Banksy Universe, details remain scarce. There’s no official confirmation on dates, exhibits, or even Banksy’s direct involvement.
  • The Artist: Banksy is a world-renowned anonymous street artist known for his thought-provoking and often anti-establishment works. Pieces like “Girl with Balloon” (which famously self-destructed during an auction) have cemented his place in pop culture.
  • Banksy’s Participation: Here’s the wrinkle. Banksy’s official agency, Pest Control Office, typically distances itself from international exhibitions of his work.

So, is it a real Banksy exhibit?

Image credit: @banksy

The big question remains: Will Banksy Universe showcase authentic Banksy pieces or serve as an exhibition inspired by his work? The Metropolitan Museum and Banksy himself haven’t provided any further clarification.

Despite the lack of details, the teaser has ignited excitement among art enthusiasts in the Philippines. The prospect of a Banksy-related event, even if unofficial, is a major draw.

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For all you art aficionados out there, keep your eyes peeled on the Metropolitan Museum’s social media channels. As soon as they release more information about Banksy Universe Manila 2024, we’ll be sure to share it with you!

Featured image credit: Metropolitan Museum of Manila | Official Instagram 

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