This Dalgona Set Lets You Play the ‘Squid Game’ Honeycomb Challenge

Before there was Dalgona coffee, there was Dalgona candy — also known as “honeycomb toffee” or “Korean sponge candy.” Despite rising to increased popularity thanks to the Honeycomb Challenge as shown on Squid Game, this Korean snack is actually nothing new. This beloved treat is a childhood favourite to many Koreans, and is sold on the streets and can be made at home with the help of a Dalgona set.

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What’s in a Dalgona set?

Image credit: Shopee

A Dalgona making kit has all the tools you’ll need to create your very own Dalgona cookies. These include the following:

  • Stainless steel spatula
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Stainless steel press
  • Stainless steel moulds
  • Copper ladle

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How to make your own Dalgona candy

Image credit: Squid Game via Netflix

Once you have your Dalgona set, making your own candy is quite simple! You’ll just need to provide your own ingredients.


For a single piece of Dalgona candy, you’ll need the following:

  1. 2 tbsp sugar (your choice of white or brown)
  2. 1/16 tbsp or 3 pinches baking soda


  1. Add 2 tbsp sugar to your ladle.
  2. Hold the ladle over medium-low heat to melt the sugar, then stir it.
  3. Once the sugar has turned into a syrup, add a pinch of baking soda and stir it.
  4. Stir until the mixture swells, then transfer the mixture onto a plate before it hardens. (Tip: Sprinkle a little sugar on the plate beforehand so it’ll be easier to remove later.)
  5. Immediately press it down with the stainless steel press.
  6. Gently place your chosen mould over the mixture.
  7. With the use of the stainless steel press, place slight pressure on top of the mould.
  8. Remove the Dalgona cookie from the plate with a spatula.
  9. Stamp the candy with the mould and trip.
  10. Enjoy!

Where to buy a Dalgona set

Image credit: Shopee

You can get your own Dalgona making set through Shopee or Lazada. The kits are shipped all the way from Korea, and cost between ₱855 to ₱2,400 depending on your selected seller. We’ve found the most affordable prices so far:

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Ready to join the Squid Game Honeycomb Challenge? We can’t wait to see your creations!

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