Mamumundok Feels: 17 Emotional Stages When Mountain Climbing

As Filipinos, a big part of experiencing local tourism is climbing mountains and beholding our country’s unique landscapes and awe-inspiring sunrise to sunset sceneries. Thankfully, in the past couple of years, more and more Filipinos have become interested in mountain climbing if they weren’t already into it. But the view isn’t the only thing we remember and take back with us after the excursion. It’s the whole climbing experience. The excitement, the heat, the sweat, the sense of fulfilment, all of these are part of the climb. And we often go through all of it in stages. Diba? 

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1. After stretching, feel niyo kayang kaya niyo na ‘to!

Your barkada has the highest energy level in the Philippines. Nothing can stop you!

2. Atat na atat na kayo para sa kaakit-akit na view

The magical and breathtaking view you’ve been seeing in pictures is so near yet so far!

3. Medyo masakit binti niyo pero okay lang kasi warm up palang ng ascent

Your bodies are only starting to warm up. It’ll feel less painful as you go on…right?

4. Ay! Picture muna tayo rito

May IG-worthy spot kayong nakita!

5. Game, akyat pa more!

Bawal sumuko!

6. Umm…May patag na ba na malapit? Wala? Sige, keri pa naman. I think…

Nahuhuli ka na sa grupo…

7. “Hangry” na ata kayong lahat.  Pahinga muna

Ilabas na ang packed lunch and drinks! Para gumaan na rin ang bitibit na gamit.

8.  Okay, are we ready to start climbing again? Kaya natin ito!

You’ve gained back some energy and are ready to keep climbing!

9. Yung pagod parin kayo pero ok lang kasi ganda naman ng scenery

It’s like God Himself is showing you that it’s worth it.

10. Wow, seriously, ang ganda na ng view!

You start to think “Na sa Pilipinas pa ba talaga tayo?!”

11. Yung tumatagal kayo hindi dahil sa pagod kundi para sa pictures

May casual pose. May wacky pose. May serious pose. At iba pa.

12. Guys, we’re behind schedule! We need to stop picture taking to catch the sunset

That sun can’t set without you at the top of that mountain!

13. Onti nalang pero ang sakit na talaga ng katawan mo. Huhu

Almost THERE.

14. Sa wakas! Na sa tuktok na tayo at ang ganda dito! *sheds tear*

Take a moment to bask in the setting sun and savour the breathtaking view. You’ve earned it.

15. Tara! Let’s start going down

The hardest part is over. Time to move on and go down.

16. Ay, mahirap din pala yung pababa….


17. Pero at least, sobrang worth it yung out of town ng barkada!

Before you know it, you’re at the exit point of the mountain.

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Are your feelings ready for your next mountain climb? We hope they are!

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