Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 20 Items You Can Buy on Lazada

Father’s Day isn’t till 20 Jun 2021. But we’re giving you a list of Father’s Day gift ideas this early, because we want to be prepared. Take advantage of the sale days and use the time to buy items you’re planning on purchasing anyway!

Father’s Day gift ideas you can buy on Lazada

1. Laptop stand

Work-from-home dads always need home office upgrades. With this sturdy laptop stand, your dad will have better online meetings and more desk space.

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2. Tablet stand

Not only is this tablet stand useful for video calls; it’s also a great tool for hands-free movie viewing. If your dad loves watching videos from his phone or tablet, he’ll find this useful.

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3. Filing cabinet

Help your dad keep his office space tidy with this filing cabinet. With five layers, this drawer certainly provides lots of storage space for documents.

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4. Office chair

Now is the time to treat your dad with an ergonomic office chair. This one will allow him to sit in the most comfortable positions!

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5. Capsule coffee machine


Is your dad a coffee addict? If so, he’ll definitely love this capsule coffee machine. It even comes with capsules, so he can try it out immediately.

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6. Colour changing mug

Father’s Day mugs aren’t anything new — but this colour changing mug might blow your dad’s mind! Since the mug looks plain at first glance, he’ll be surprised once the mug reveals its actual print.

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7. Heating coaster

Let your busy dad enjoy good coffee with this heating coaster that will keep his drinks warm for long periods of time.

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8. Photobook

Sentimental dads will love this personalised photobook. You can choose from different types of photobook layouts. Just upload your photos with your dad and they’ll print them for you!

Shop for this item here.

9. World’s greatest tatay plaque

Papelmelroti has the best novelty items. This Father’s Day, they’re offering glass plaques for the world’s greatest tatays!

Shop for this item here.

10. Appreciation trophy

Show your dad he’s a winner in your eyes. Award him with this gold trophy! This would be a great addition to his bookshelf, and a constant reminder that he’s the best dad ever.

Shop for this item here.

11. Impact drill with tool kit set

Tools are a classic Father’s Day gift idea. But if you haven’t gotten him a gift like this yet, now is the best time to do so. Check out this Mitsushi tool kit!

Shop for this item here.

12. Electric food chopper

Does your dad love cooking? This electric food chopper is a great kitchen aid. With this, he’ll be able to prepare even more delectable dishes in no time.

Shop for this item here.

13. Multi-tool pen

If you’re looking for practical Father’s day gift ideas, check this one out. This multi-tool pen is basically a modern Swiss knife. It functions as a pen, a screwdriver, and a flashlight.

Shop for this item here.

11. Chessboard

This Father’s Day, spend time with your dad and challenge him to a game of chess. But first, buy him this portable chessboard!

Shop for this item here.

12. Jigsaw puzzle

If your dad badly needs a new hobby, get him this jigsaw puzzle for adults. You can even work on this together!

Shop for this item here.

13. Mini projector

Upgrade your dad’s movie nights with this mini portable projector. If your dad is your Netflix buddy, you can even enjoy this purchase together.

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14. Massage pillow

Is your dad complaining of aching muscles and joints? Maybe he needs this electric massage pillow. It heats up and massages the body, allowing rest and relaxation.

Shop for this item here.

15. Foot massager

If your dad just needs to relax, this device might help him. This foot massager has acupressure and temperature control, too.

Shop for this item here.

16. Turntable


Perfect for the audio geek dad, this turntable does not just look good — it’s also completely functional and compatible with most records and Bluetooth devices!

Shop for this item here.

17. Personalised watch

If you’re thinking of giving your dad a watch, go all out and get him a personalised one. With an engraved message on the back, this watch will constantly remind him of your love for him.

Shop for this item here.

18. Tent

Go camping as a family with this tent! If your dad has quality time as his love language, he’ll surely appreciate the opportunity of going on an adventure with you.

Shop for this item here.

19. Wireless earbuds

Yet another practical Father’s Day gift idea, wireless earbuds are a necessity these days. If your dad likes to keep moving while listening to music or having calls, these will definitely improve his lifestyle.

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20. Wireless charger

Wireless chargers are a game changer. They’re convenient for people who are always on the go. If you get this for your dad on Father’s Day, he can just set it up on his work desk and easily charge his phone when he needs to.

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We hope these fun Father’s Day gift ideas help you out as you prepare for the occasion. Advanced happy Father’s Day to all our tatays out there!

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