Online Shoppers Need This Identity Theft Protection Stamp

If you’re as dependent on online shopping as most of us, then you regularly receive parcels with packaging that carries your name, mobile number, and complete address. And if you haven’t been disposing of your parcel packaging properly, chances are, your sensitive information may be floating around somewhere. Doesn’t that sound scary?!

Identity theft is one of the surging crimes during the pandemic, especially since more and more people have turned towards online shopping. While this is an overwhelming scenario to consider, there are easy steps you can take to protect yourself. One of the most basic things you can do is to start covering up your information before throwing your parcel packaging away. You can easily do this with an identity theft protection stamp.

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What is an identity theft protection stamp?

An identity theft protection stamp is exactly what you think: It’s a stamp made to blackout your sensitive information in one roll. 

The good news is that identity theft protection stamps don’t cost too much. This particular one costs less than ₱300 and does the job! There are also other identity theft protection stamps out there, so do your research and invest in your security.

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Of course, you can always resort to scribbling over your information with a pen or marker. You can also shred your packaging using a pair of scissors. But if you receive deliveries frequently, manually shedding or scribbling just isn’t the most practical way to go. Plus, you want to minimise your contact with the parcel packaging for sanitary reasons; so, having a tool that quickly deals with your information is a must. 

Without a doubt, online shopping has numerous benefits — us being able to shop safely from home is just one of them. But still, online shopping comes with risks; so be wary of scams and keep your information secure as much as possible. Stay safe, everyone!

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