La Mesa Ecopark Reopens Its Doors to the Public in Quezon City

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts in Quezon City! The wait is over — La Mesa Ecopark, a cherished green haven, is finally reopening its gates to the public last 29 Jun 2024. This verdant sanctuary has been a source of recreation and environmental education for many. After a period of redevelopment, , offering a chance to reconnect with nature and explore its diverse offerings.

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after months of closure

  • Opening its Doors: Mark your calendars! The park officially reopens on June 29th.
  • New Management: The Manila Water Foundation will be stewarding the park’s future.
  • Phase 1 Launch: This initial phase prioritises public areas like the eco academy pavilion, museum, and building activity centres.
  • Future Development: The nature reserve and hiking trails will undergo further development based on a master plan to be unveiled on opening day.

La Mesa Ecopark goes beyond stunning landscapes. This crucial nature reserve boasts a rich ecosystem, harbouring over 30 small animal species, 130 plant species, and a vibrant bird community with 53 documented species. The park also plays a vital role in Metro Manila‘s water supply. It’s working alongside the Ipo and Angat Dams through the La Mesa Dam.

Stay connected and explore

So, get ready to explore, learn, and appreciate the beauty of nature within the city limits. La Mesa Ecopark has launched new social media pages on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Their new logo even features a majestic Rough-crested Malkoha bird, a subtle nod to the park’s diverse wildlife and a tribute to National Artist for Architecture Francisco T. Mañosa.

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So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready for a refreshing escape. and is ready to welcome you back. They are offering a chance to breathe in fresh air. It’s also chance to learn about the environment and reconnect with the beauty of nature within the bustling city.

All image credit goes to ABS-CBN Foundation | Official Facebook page

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