Lake Holon Is an Underrated Gem in South Cotabato

Looking for an adventure? Lake Holon in South Cotabato may just be the dream destination you’ve never heard of. If you want to know more about this magical place, allow us to unveil the wonders you’re about to discover.

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How to get to Lake Holon in South Cotabato

Getting to Lake Holon is an adventure on its own; new and veteran thrillseekers alike will find the journey both challenging and rewarding.

Before travelling to Lake Holon, bear in mind that the T’boli local government may limit the number of campers at a time. Thus, it is best to contact them beforehand to arrange a reservation.

There are several ways to get to Lake Holon, but the easiest is by flying to the General Santos International Airport. From there, you can ride a motorcycle to Bulaong Terminal. Riding through this route via motorcycle can be startling at best, so make sure to hire a guide if you aren’t confident. Once you get through the ride, catch a bus or van to Marbel City, then another van to T’Boli town proper.

Register at the tourism office and coordinate your stay in Lake Holon. Finally, start your trek to Kule Jump-off Site; you may hire a guide and ride a rented motorcycle to the site.

Lake Holon in South Cotabato is actually a crater atop Mount Parker. You will need to get through the inherent flora and fauna of the mountain for around three to five hours. The travel time depends on which trail you take; there are two trails, but their availability depends on weather conditions.

Most hikers recommend taking the Kule Trail during ascent and Salacafe Trail during descent. But for both routes, you must hire a guide to lead you through the forests’ labyrinthine trail. Doing so will also save you time! Once you reach the lake itself, embark on a boat which will take you to the campsite.

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What to do in Lake Holon

The adventure is long, perilous, and tiring. But is it worth it going through all that for a lake? If you have been longing to see paradise on earth, then the answer is a resounding yes! Be sure to bring a camera with you, because anything that your lens will catch is an effortless Instagram post, guaranteed.

Local villages attribute mystifying events and blessings to the lake’s pristine waters. And how can you not? Lake Holon is considered to be one of the cleanest bodies of water in the world. The fish that live in the lake are a testament to this: They mostly seem strong and healthy. Test its life-giving waters yourself by taking a dive and swimming with the fish!

If you really want to experience the beauty of Lake Holon, wait until nightfall. A cool breeze will envelop the lake at night, so bring a jacket to protect yourself from low temperatures. When skies are clear, you will be able to witness countless stars in the night sky. The nightscape only further proves that Lake Holon shines as a gem, whatever the time of day is.

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The next time you’re looking for an adventure, consider going to Lake Holon in South Cotabato. It spares nothing when it comes to beautiful sights, tranquil retreats, and thrilling adventures. And if you’ve been here, you can always camp in the New Zealand of Zambales in Lake Mapanuepe or the Nami Island of Rizal in Caina Ranch. Let us know on our Facebook page which destination really took your breath away!

All images credited to LAKE HOLON | Official Facebook Page

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