Cables, Chargers, and More: This Sulit Mobile Phone Accessories Store Is Having a MAJOR Online Sale!

When gadgets pretty much occupy your pockets, day bags, and personal space these days, you know full well you’re in 2021. By gadgets, I don’t necessarily mean those overpriced designer watches or unnecessarily themed batteries. Rather, affordable and practical ones in the form of the latest mobile phone accessories.

If you’re looking to spice up your gadget collection, then here’s something that might be of use: Mcdodo Philippines, one of the most reliable and talked about tech companies out there right now, is offering their products at a bargain! We’re talking a major Shopee online sale where you can get your hands on charging cables, power banks, and other wireless charging solutions up to 75% OFF!




The Mcdodo Philippines Shopee online sale

Mcdodo Philippines takes pride in affordable, functional, and fashionable mobile phone accessories. It’s the official distributor of the brand in the country and it comes with one goal — to provide Filipinos with the tools to optimise their use of a mobile phone and other gadgets!

In partnership with Shopee through its Gadget Zone, home of the best tech deals in the Philippines, Mcdodo is launching exclusive deals and discounts for its products. From 14 May to 31 Jul 2021, score the following and more on the Philippines’ biggest e-commerce platform:

  • Power banks and chargers
  • Gaming cables
  • Auto disconnect cables
  • Lightning iPhone cables
  • Micro USB Android cables
  • Type C Android cables

Mind you, a lot of these come at very steep prices in the market, so you’re really in for a treat! Aside from mobile phone accessories, Mcdodo Philippines offers the following:

  • HDMI and VGA cables
  • Wireless earphones or stereo
  • Smartphone holder
  • Portable humidifier
  • Mini USB fan
  • Ring lights and other useful accessories

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From live streaming videos to keeping your electronics up and running at all times, imagine all the things you can accomplish by having Mcdodo Philippines’ offerings. What’s more, they come with the same (and even better) quality but for a lot less compared to anything else you’ll see in other electronics stores.




Mobile phone accessories worth purchasing

A true-blue gadget freak can never have too many mobile phone accessories. But to help you out, we’ve picked a few of the best Mcdodo Philippines phone accessories and gadgets. Believe me when I say that compiling this list wasn’t easy — because we’re sure you’ll want them all.

For iPhone fanatics: Mcdodo CA-390 iPhone Fast Charging Lightning Cable

Hands down one of Mcdodo Philippines’ best-selling products, these auto disconnect cables are every iPhone user’s secret to charging their device safely. Auto disconnect cables allow you to prevent overcharging your phone by automatically powering it off once it reaches a full charge. This also gives it a longer battery life!

The Mcdodo CA-390 iPhone Fast Charging Lightning Cable comes in two lengths: 1.2 metres and 1.8 metres. Both boast of their smart quick charging ability and ballistic nylon fabric wiring which gives them more durability. Meanwhile, the colour options that you can choose from include blue, grey, gold, and red.

Want to put an end to your overcharging woes?

Purchase the Mcdodo CA-390 iPhone Fast Charging Lightning Cable on Shopee before it’s too late! From ₱500, get it for only ₱240 or 52% OFF. It comes with a free gift and free shipping when you buy at least two!



For Android loyalists: Mcdodo CA-5771 Micro USB Samsung Android Fast-Charging Cable

For Android users, you won’t get enough of the Mcdodo fast-charging cables that are all about speed. Start with the Mcdodo CA-5771 Micro USB Samsung Android Fast-Charging Cable, one of the more in-demand items of the brand right now. Other than being budget-friendly, like other Mcdodo gadgets, they’re also superbly efficient!

Made of an aluminum interface and nylon-braided cord, this micro USB charging cable features a dual 90-degree corner design. It won’t get in the way of your hand when using your Android phone while it charges, making it the best gamer-friendly cable around! Even more impressive is that it charges your device super fast while giving it over-voltage protection.

Charge your phone fast so you can use it right away!

Add the Mcdodo CA-5771 Micro USB Samsung Android Fast-Charging Cable to cart today! Shopee offers it for as low ₱118 or 66% OFF. Plus, you can enjoy a free gift with each purchase!



For techies on the go: Mcdodo MC-735 Hummingbird Series 10,000mAh Dual USB Power Bank

Who needs a bulky and heavy power bank when you can have a completely portable one that gets the job done? This is especially true for the Mcdodo Philippines power banks. Rather than just giving your electronics that extra battery boost when they need it, its power banks are amazingly convenient and easy to carry.

A definite must-buy is the Mcdodo MC-735 Hummingbird Series 10,000mAh Dual USB Power Bank. For one, it has a capacity of 10,000mAh or milliamps per hour. Basically, this lets you charge a standard smartphone for up to three times. Despite its large capacity, it’s quite small compared to most power banks, and features dual USB output and four LED indicators.

Portable and large-capacity power banks now on sale!

Don’t miss the Mcdodo MC-735 Hummingbird Series 10,000mAh Dual USB Power Bank on your next Shopee spree! Originally priced at ₱1,000, it’s now available for just ₱450 or 55% OFF. Free gift and free shipping included!



Other mobile phone accessories you can buy

Understanding most Filipinos’ need to go digital for work, school, or personal life, Mcdodo Philippines carries accessories such as ring lights, wireless earphones, and rechargeable fans. They even have wireless humidifiers, which boast a water-proof design and smart power-off technology. Check out some of our picks great for your Shopee online sale haul!

For looking great in your vlogs and online meetings

The Mcdodo TB-7980 Mobile Phone Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand and Mic Clip is great for meetings and events. That’s because it’s specifically designed for live broadcasts, with a microphone clip, stable tripod stand, and 360-degree fill light. It also has multiple levels of brightness and colour temperature to help you find the ambience you need with ease.

For keeping cool on hot days

Meanwhile, the Mcdodo CF-781 Bear Series Mini USB Fan will prove useful during the Philippine summer season. More than its adorable bear-inspired design, it’s easy to hold and thoroughly protected by a soft silicon fan blade. Even kids will love it! And just in case you’re running out of outlets, you can use its built-in power bank to charge your other gadgets.

For that portable surround sound experience

Then, there’s the Mcdodo HP-5300 True Wireless Earphone, another study- or work-from-home essential you didn’t know you needed; until now, that is. It features HD stereo, Bluetooth 5.1 technology, and smart touch control. Furthermore, you’ll love its long standby time (150 hours, to be precise) and liquid-proof exterior, so it’s totally safe.

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Amp up your lifestyle with accessories that matter!

Feel like buying the Mcdodo Philippines ring light, mini fan, wireless earphone, and other mobile phone accessories? Head to Shopee now and get them for only ₱1,299, ₱315, and ₱915, respectively! That’s up to 71% OFF on your tech shopping.

Remember, spend at least ₱249 and enjoy free shipping on top of these huge discounts and gifts! The Mcdodo Philippines x Shopee Gadget Zone online sale is happening from 14 May to 31 Jul 2021. Don’t dare miss it!




During these times when our lives rely on gadgets and technology for survival and sanity amid a pandemic, investing in quality, affordable, and stylish mobile phone accessories can truly make a difference. With Mcdodo Philippines, it’s now easier to have access to them! Tell us, which of these gadgets are you most likely to buy?




For more information, visit Mcdodo Philippines’ official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Brought to you by Mcdodo Philippines.

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