Personal Finance Videos: 6 YouTube Channels Run by Pinays

“Magkano sweldo mo?” — as a Filipino woman, this is one of the touchiest questions I’ve ever asked my friends; but also, it’s one of the most empowering. Through it, I’ve become more aware of gender and racial wage gaps; eventually, I’ve also learned how to negotiate for what is fair.

For many Pinays, especially those just starting out in their financial journey, the topic of money can be intimidating. If you have too little, it’s embarrassing to share. If you have too much, it’s arrogant to express. Research shows that women, in particular, find it difficult to talk about personal finances because the concept is attached with “emotional meaning”; to add to that, it is against societal norms for us to seek power. But if we continue to keep mum about this topic, how else will we become financially literate?

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Pinay YouTubers who create personal finance videos

Talking about money shouldn’t be intimidating. After all, knowing how to handle our finances is empowering — and to learn this, we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, we don’t have to force the topic on our peers who aren’t as comfortable talking about it yet. If you head over to YouTube, you’ll find several empowered Pinays who specialise in creating personal finance videos. Here are just a few of them.

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1. Nicole Alba

Whether you’re a student or a young pro, you’ll certainly enjoy Nicole Alba’s personal finance videos. The 21-year-old has a knack for simplifying complex ideas; her channel is a great resource for learning new financial concepts. 

As a college student, Nicole proves how managing money doesn’t necessarily mean making a hefty paycheck high up in the corporate world. On her YouTube channel, Nicole shows how she balances her life as a student, entrepreneur, and content creator. She also explores how to make the most of her resources — be it investing in cryptocurrency or becoming a Shopee reseller.

If you’re looking for new ways to make money, Nicole is definitely a youthful spirit you’ll enjoy learning from.

2. Thea Sy Bautista

Talking about sensitive topics like money is best done with a trusted friend — that’s Thea Sy Bautista for you, titas. Softspoken yet straightforward, Thea makes personal finance videos very digestible; as a viewer, you’d think you’re just listening to your BFF talk over coffee.

The 28-year-old has certainly a lot of experience to share:  working in a corporate company, purchasing a condominium, job hunting, choosing a life insurance partner, using a credit card, buying appliances — you name it. On her YouTube playlist, Adulting 101: Tita Talks with Thea, you can browse through her lessons and tips about personal financial planning and everything adulting.

3. Charm de Leon (Ready2Adult PH)

If you want the nitty-gritty on growing your money, Charm de Leon of Ready2Adult PH has everything you need. She makes videos on handling her personal finances, investing in real estate and the stock market, choosing insurance, and starting a business.

As a breadwinner, Charm shares a lifestyle most young Filipino adults do. Because of this, she’s taken it upon herself to secure her finances so that she and her family can have peace of mind — especially during the pandemic.

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4. Janice Sabitsana (Pinay Investor)

Content creator and financial planner, Janice Sabitsana of Pinay Investor makes videos about , saving, budgeting, and investing. A full-time stay-at-home mom, she is currently focused on providing free financial tips for everyone through her YouTube channel.

Janice’s content is mostly rooted in two things: her experience (she used to be a BPO trainer, a college instructor, and an events organiser) and biblical principles (she’s a devout Christian who advocates for good stewardship). On her channel, you’ll find various financial advice; among these, her practical tips on budgeting for basic household expenses stand out. 

Whether you want to learn tipid hacks when paying utility bills or are interested in the cheapest grocery product prices, Pinay Investor is an excellent resource you should maximise.

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5. Joyce Yeo

When you visit Joyce Yeo’s YouTube channel, an interesting video will welcome you: “Negosyo for P500 Pesos!!!” A mother, entrepreneur, and business coach, Joyce frequently uploads a lot of other personal finance videos as inspiring — and relatable! — as this.

Since Joyce leverages on her life as a mompreneur, she has a lot to say about growing her finances as a busy mother. On her channel, she shares success stories on different businesses; she provides tips on starting an ice business, a laundry shop, and an online store. Besides this, Joyce also shares her life as a mother and how she balances family with business.

6. Elaine Linga (Invested Lifestyle)

What is Axie Infinity and why is everyone raving about it? Is investing in Frontrow safe or is it not worth the risk? Elaine Linga of Invested Lifestyle talks about all this and more in her YouTube channel, where she mostly posts videos about legitimate investments and scams.

Elaine believes in “building wealth the right way and never the quick way.” She’s brave enough to expose even international investment scams, as she desires to protect her viewers’ money. So if you’re looking into a new investment product, you might want to check her channel out first.

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With their personal finance videos, these inspiring Pinays have definitely empowered many of their viewers to take charge and manage their money properly. Here’s to financial literacy!

Featured image credit (L-R): Nicole Alba; Ready2Adult | Official Facebook Pages

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