11 Pet Hotels in Metro Manila for Fur Babies When You’re on Vacation

Our fur babies undoubtedly bring joy to our lives. Most fur parents — if not all — consider pets as part of the family. Anywhere we go, we’d like to bring them with us as much as possible. But what if we can’t take them along to places we’ll travel to, whether out of town or out of the country? Luckily, there are pet hotels you can trust to feed, bathe, and give your fur babies a comfortable home away from home while you’re travelling. Here’s a list of pet hotels in Metro Manila for your doggos and kitties when you’re on vacation.

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Top pet hotels for fur babies around Metro Manila

1. Doggieland Pet Hotel and Resort

Image credit: Doggieland Pet Hotel and Resort Official Facebook Page

At Doggieland Pet Hotel and Resort, your pet can also enjoy a vacation while you’re on vacation! If you’re used to spoiling your four-legged friend, then you’ll love this pet hotel in Pasig City: It offers VIP-worthy boarding in fully air-conditioned rooms. Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose between a variety of kernels, posh mansions, and a 110-square-foot (10-square-metre) room installed with a TV set!

And of course, Doggieland Pet Hotel and Resort is not a resort without its swimming pool. When you come back to pick up your pet, enjoy a refreshing swim with your pet before going home! Aside from pet boarding, they also offer bathing and grooming services. Rates for rooms and suites range from ₱550 to ₱2,750.

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2. Makati Dog and Cat Hospital

Image credit: Makati Dog and Cat Hospital Official Facebook Page

While Makati Dog and Cat Hospital is known for their veterinary services, they also have an option for pet daycare and boarding. With veterinary services on the frontline, fur parents can rest easy that their fur babies get the best care while they’re away. They also offer other services that you might want to avail of when going on a vacation without your pets, such as grooming and pet airport drop-off and pick-up.

Makati Dog and Cat Hospital is located in Poblacion, Makati City. Make sure to have all necessary stuff ready, such as vaccination papers, food, and tick and flea prevention medicines. Rates start at ₱250 per day.

3. Snow Angels Pet Hub

Image credit: Snow Angels Pet Hub Official Facebook Page

Snow Angels Pet Hub is located in Pasay City, just a 20- to 30-minute drive to and from the airport. That means you can easily drop off and pick up your pets before and after your trip. Not only that, it’s a rehoming centre, pet daycare, and pet boarding hotel that offers grooming services — all in one place! Hence, it’s one of the most popular pet hotels in Metro Manila for long stays. 

Need daily updates on your fur babies? Worry not because the attendants reply pretty quickly, even giving photo and video updates for pet parents. The hub is also known for its anti-stress air diffusers, calm music, food, vitamins, treats, and walking services — your beloved pooch will be living the high life at Snow Angels! Hourly rates start at ₱100, while weekday, weekend, and holiday pet boarding rates start at ₱400 per day.

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4. Adorafur Happy Stay

Image credit: Adorafur Happy Stay Official Facebook Page

Adorafur Happy Stay in Quezon City is your all-in-one pet hotel that offers pet grooming, boarding, and daycare services. They like to call their home away from home “a happy place where your fur babies can relax, play, and make new friends.” Social dogs and cats will have a blast playing with other boarders during their stay!

Rates for pet daycare start at ₱300, while pet boarding ranges from ₱500 to ₱900.

5. Barkhaus

Image credit: Barkhaus Official Facebook Page

Sepanx is real when we’re away from our fur babies! Luckily, Barkhaus in Pasig offers 24/7 CCTV on top of daily photo and video updates for fur parents who want to check on their pets from time to time. While you’re away, rest assured that your pets are in good hands — eating, drinking, and playing with their new friends in Barkhaus’ indoor play park!

Aside from pet lodging, they also offer other services such as daycare, an indoor play park, a one-stop shop for all dog essentials, and a self-shoot studio where you can immortalise moments with your fur babies! Rates start at ₱1,150, but you can opt to avail of a Barkhaus membership to get a discount on their services.

6. The Dog Spa & Hotel

Image credit: The Dog Spa & Hotel Official Facebook Page

The Dog Spa & Hotel has many branches nationwide, so finding one near you shouldn’t be hard. They offer pet daycare and boarding on top of their pet spa and grooming services. Here, you can choose from a variety of rooms or kernels for your dog. Regular cages are available, but if you want five-star digs for your pooch, then you may want to splurge for a posh private suite with a bed!

Rates for the pet hotel start at ₱450, while grooming starts at ₱500.

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7. Aromapet Luxury Grooming and Hotel

Image credit: Aromapet Luxury Grooming and Hotel Official Facebook Page

Having been in the business since 2009, Aromapet Luxury Grooming and Hotel in Quezon City is your most trusted paw-rtner in providing luxury pet care to your fur babies. Aromapet continues to set the standard in providing expert grooming services and stress-free pet boarding to dogs and cats that are temporarily away from their fur parents. Not to mention, they have a variety of really nice rooms, suites, and studios for both cats and dogs! Talk about luxury vacationing for your pets!

Rates for pet boarding start at ₱600 for cats and ₱800 for dogs. Meanwhile, grooming services range from ₱500 to ₱1,000.

8. Pawsitive Education

Image credit: Pawsitive Education Official Facebook Page

If your pets are not used to being tied and caged, then Pawsitive Education in Mandaluyong is the perfect pet hotel for them. Aside from allowing pets to roam free around the establishment, Pawsitive Education also offers free training classes during their stay! They also have years of experience in studying dog behaviour, so leaving your fur babies to them is a no-brainer. Just make sure to prepare vaccination records, food, and harnesses for your pet. 

Rates for pet boarding start at ₱500.

9. PetVille by Purple Groom

Image credit: PetVille by Purple Groom Official Facebook Page

PetVille has two branches: one in Pasig and another one in BF Homes, Parañaque. It’s a pet daycare and boarding centre offering short and long stays for both cats and dogs. Their boarding package already includes lodging, playtime, and a bath every three days, depending on the length of your pet’s stay. All you need to bring is your pet’s food and vaccination records.

Rates for short stays range from ₱500 to ₱600, while long stays rates range from ₱450 to ₱550. They also have a per-hour rate of ₱40 for daycare.

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10. Paws & Fur

Image credit: Paws & Fur Official Facebook Page

If you want to give your pets a fancy stay while you’re on vacation, definitely check out Paws & Fur in Quezon City. It looks like a pet hotel straight out of a movie scene. Not to mention, their white interiors scream luxury. Your pet might even get a chance encounter with a celebrity fur baby!

Fur parents will be happy to know that aside from their trained staff, they also have board-certified vets ready to check up on pets while you’re away. Rates start at ₱500 with an extra charge of ₱200 for a bath upon check-in to make sure your pets are fresh and ready to play.

11. Pawsome Pet House PH

Image credit: Pawsome Pet House PH Official Facebook Page

Pawsome Pet House PH in Quezon City is known for the awesome products and services that they offer ranging from pet supplies, grooming, and boarding. It’s known for giving pets the best time while they’re home away from home. If your fur baby loves spa days, then they’ll definitely enjoy staying with Pawsome Pet House PH — maybe they’ll even leave with a paw-some fur-cut, too!

Daycare rates range from ₱150 to ₱260, while boarding rates range from ₱1,300 to ₱2,100, depending on the length of stay and size of your pet.

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Leaving your pets behind as you go on vacation is not as bad as it looks now that you know where to find trusted pet hotels in Metro Manila! 

Featured image credit: Barkhaus Official Facebook Page

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