10 Best Pinoy Travel Vloggers and Channels to Check Out on YouTube

There’s no doubt that YouTube has always been a great source of entertainment and even education. With the rising popularity of content creators today, there are so many different niches and types of videos for you to discover. Moreover, with Pinoy travel vloggers and influencers gaining traction, you can easily explore the world from the comfort of your home. 

With just a few clicks, you can get free access to handy travel hacks and advice, insider scoops, and exclusive information about top travel destinations. Want to spark your wanderlust in your free time? Here’s a list of the best Pinoy travel channels and vloggers to check out on YouTube! 

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Must-watch Pinoy travel vloggers and channels on YouTube

1. One Armed Wanderer

Ed Puro, aka One Armed Wanderer, loves to explore the beautiful staycation places in the Philippines. On his YouTube channel, he features must-visit glamping getaway spots, cabin resorts, and other off-the-beaten-path vacation homes across the country. Born with a short left arm, Ed doesn’t let his disability doesn’t hinder him from travelling and seeking out adventures. In fact, this motivates him to show that travelling is not only for the non-disabled. 

Watch One Armed Wanderer’s travel videos here

2. Avelovinit

Patrice Averilla, aka Avelovinit on YouTube, is a travel vlogger from the Philippines who loves sharing travel guides and capturing her adventures. In her videos, she discusses itineraries, and places to visit, eat, and stay across a wide spectrum of countries. That siad, if you’re travelling to a new destination or if you just need a dose of inspiration, her channel is worth checking out! 

Watch Avelovinit’s travel vlogs here

3. Tour From Home TV

I don’t know about you, but I have an obsession with watching silent walking tours on YouTube. There’s just something so intriguing about these hour-long videos despite not having any dialogue — just picturesque POV street views and ambient noise.

More often than not, these walkthrough videos are filmed in foreign cities, showcasing their local culture and people. So, when I learned about Tour From Home TV’s virtual tours in the Philippines, I had to binge-watch them immediately. And naturally, I had to add them to this list of Pinoy travel channels to check out on YouTube!

Tour From Home TV features must-visit spots in the Philippines, from popular malls to parks to avenues. They also film long driving tours across skyways and train rides on 4K to capture the best viewing experience imaginable. If you’re like me and you love to have something playing in the background while getting work done, or if you simply love virtual tours, their channel is definitely worthy of your attention. 

Watch Tour From Home TV’s virtual walking tours here

4. Eats A Trip

If you love watching food content on YouTube, you’ll easily fancy Eats A Trip’s food walking tours in the Philippines! It is an alternative channel to Tour From Home TV, but for foodies and gastronomes alike. Here, you can watch walkthroughs at street food stalls, marketplaces, and popular restaurants for a taste (or a glimpse, rather) of the mouth-watering Pinoy cuisine. Similar to virtual walking tours, expect the absence of heavy dialogue and background music. Just pure cooking sounds and ambient sounds!

Watch Eats A Trip’s virtual food walking tours here

5. David Guison

Diving into the world of social media influencers, we have lifestyle blogger David Guison who loves to share his travels on his YouTube page. Watch getaways to top local travel destinations like La Union, Siargao, Boracay, and El Nido for a peek at a day in the life of a content creator. Here, you’ll get the inside scoop on the best places to visit, trendy accommodations, and handy travel tips. For your daily dose of laidback yet aesthetically pleasing vlogs, check out David’s channel! 

Watch David Guison’s travel vlogs here. 

6. Bicolanong Lakwatsero

Drew Espenocilla, aka Bicolanong Lakwatsero, is your local travel guide to the top tourist spots and unspoiled destinations in the Philippines. He mainly features trendy places, accommodations, and foodie spots around his hometown in Sorsogon City.

Besides fun-filled travel vlogs, he also makes sit-down videos about travel tips, vlogging, and content creation. For your weekly dose of lakwatsa and travel inspiration, Bicolanong Lakwatsero is one of the best up-and-coming Pinoy travel vloggers to follow! 

Watch Bicolanong Lakwatsero’s local adventures here

7. Pilot Chezka Carandang

Pilot Chezka Carandang is a Pinay travel vlogger who loves making content about her work and her latest adventures. Her social media presence garnered a lot of attention for her “Come to Work with an Airline Pilot in a Pandemic” video, where she gives you a peek into her career.

On top of her work-life videos, Pilot Chezka is also passionate about capturing her travels with her girlfriend for a dose of good vibes and kilig overload. Ultimately, she is smashing all societal norms by being part of the LGBTQ+ community whilst thriving in a male-dominated industry.

Watch Pilot Chezka Carandang’s travel vlogs here

8. Aaron Palabyab Studio

If you have a passion for travelling and motorbikes, then you might find a liking for Aaron Palabyab Studio’s content. On his channel, you’ll find well-produced videos with high-value content to “inspire others to pursue excellence and education.”

Catch him ride through scenic, unspoiled routes, and discover underrated spots in the Philippines for an adventure like no other. Essentially, Aaron produces content to cultivate learning, exploration, and creativity.

Watch Aaron Palabyab’s adventures here. 

9. Wil Dasovich

Filipino-American travel vlogger Wil Dasovich started filming his globetrotting adventures after graduating from college. On his YouTube channel, he captures his experiences across Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines where he also loves to feature his friends and family. If you haven’t heard about this award-winning travel influencer, then you’re missing out on all the fun and crazy travels he shares with the world! 

Watch Wil Dasovich’s travel vlogs here

10. Tourism Philippines

Last but most definitely not the least on this list of must-watch Pinoy travel channels is none other than Tourism Philippines. It is the official channel of the Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board, where you can learn how to travel like a true local. Thus, highlighting lesser-known tourist attractions, must-try local food places, exciting activities, and more.

Discover why it’s more fun in the Philippines through its highly-produced and well-crafted videos. Surely, there’s always something for every traveller out there on their page! 

Watch Tourism Philippine’s travel videos here

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That about does it for this list of the best Pinoy travel vloggers and channels to watch on YouTube! Do you know other binge-worthy content creators who love capturing their travels and adventures? We’d love to hear about your suggestions, too! Be sure to share them with us on our official Facebook page

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