7 Premium Buses in Manila and Where They Can Take You

If you love going on road trips with your friends, you already know the drill. You scramble for someone who’s willing to make the long drive and provide a vehicle big enough for everyone in your group. The designated driver is the real MVP — especially when your destination is four hours away and over. Thankfully, however, there are several premium buses in Manila that head outside the metro. This is a big win for groups who always have trouble organising their transportation!

With features like comfy seats, spacious legroom, and free Wi-Fi, these buses are great alternatives for road trips. Those with onboard restrooms even offer non-stop rides, cutting down on travel time.

No need to squeeze into a car with your friends for hours on end — these premium buses in Manila are the way to go! Check them out below.

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Premium buses in Manila offering northbound routes

1. JoyBus

Image credit: JoyBus

One of the more popular premium buses in Manila, JoyBus is best known for its non-stop trips to Baguio and Baler. Its executive buses feature free-Wi-Fi, lots of legroom, and an onboard restroom similar to those you’ll find on planes. In addition, they offer blankets (perfect for my fellow lamigin travellers!) and complimentary snacks.

Premier bus | Image credit: Wanderera

Exclusively available for Baguio trips, the JoyBus’ premier buses are perfect for those who want to level up their road trip experience. Their additional features include individual stackable tray tables and personal entertainment systems. Each seat comes with its very own tablet, which is installed with games, movies, and music for passengers to enjoy! How cool is that?

JoyBus’ terminals are located in Cubao and Pasay City. You can view their routes and schedules here and make your bookings here.

2. Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Inc.

Image credit: Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Inc. Official Facebook Page

Pangasinan Solid North Transit is one of the few premium buses in Manila that cater to those living in the south. While they mainly offer daily trips from Cubao to locations like Bolinao, Dagupan, and San Carlos City, their non-stop Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX Parañaque) to Baguio (and vice versa) route is the most recent addition to their lineup! 

Aboard their 45-seater buses, you’ll find several features designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Each individual is treated to personal charging ports, stackable tray tables, aircon vents, and spacious overhead bins. There’s an onboard restroom and free Wi-Fi for everyone, too! To add to these, complimentary bottles of water are also given to all passengers.

Update as of May 2020

In line with the guidelines released by the Department of Transportation, PITX will be implementing strict safety measures after the enhanced community quarantine. These include the following:

  • No face mask, no entry.
  • Passengers will go through mandatory temperature checks and shoe disinfection before entering the terminal.
  • Anyone with a body temperature above 37.5°C or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be denied entry; these passengers will be escorted to a designated isolation area.
  • Sanitising stations will be available at all entrances.
  • Physical distancing will be implemented, with 1.5 to 2 metres between individuals at all time.
  • The station will be thoroughly sanitised and disinfected regularly.
  • Passengers en route to Cavite are encouraged to reserve their seats via the PITX mobile app.
  • PITX is currently working to make cashless payment options available for passengers.

Pangasinan Solid North Transit’s terminals are located in Cubao and PITX Parañaque. You can view their Cubao routes and schedules here, and you can make your PITX to Baguio bookings here.

3. Victory Liner

Image credit: Victory Liner, Inc. Official Facebook Page

A trusted translit line for many commuters, Victory Liner also has their own set of premium buses. Their first class buses mainly head to Baguio and Tuguegarao — but you’ll also find a few first class trips to selected destinations like Aparri, Roxas City, and Ilagan City, depending on which terminal you depart from.

These buses’ amenities include comfy reclining seats, spacious legroom, as well as complimentary bottled water and snacks. An added bonus? Electric sockets for every passenger! Just like the premium buses in Manila mentioned above, Victory Liner’s first class buses also have restrooms and free Wi-Fi. In addition, first class buses to Baguio also have their own service attendants who are ready to assist you with your basic needs.

Victory Liner’s terminals are located in Cubao, Kamias, Pasay, Caloocan, and Sampaloc. You can check their routes and schedules and make your bookings here.

4. Fariñas

Image credit: Fariñas Transit

When travelling from Manila to Ilocos Norte via bus, Fariñas Transit is one of your best options. Known for their daily trips to Laoag, they also offer trips to other cities in Ilocos Norte such as Solsona, Dingras, Sarrat, Bacarra, and Pasuquin.

Super deluxe | Image credit: Fariñas Transit Official Facebook Page

The Fariñas line has five types of premium buses with their own restrooms: first class with CR, super first class, deluxe with CR, and super deluxe. Take your pick for the most comfortable long-haul trip up north!

Personal tablets on the super deluxe bus | Image credit: Fariñas Transit Official Facebook Page

Their first class with CR buses come with Wi-Fi and reclining leather seats, while the super first class buses come with the same perks — plus more legroom and individual entertainment systems.The deluxe with CR and super deluxe buses, on the other hand, both offer free Wi-Fi and La-Z-Boy seats. To differentiate the two, the super deluxe buses also provide passengers with more space, charging ports, and individual tablets with games, music, and movies.

Fariñas Transit’s terminal is located in Sampaloc. You can view their routes and schedules here and make your bookings here. 

5. Partas

Image credit: Partas Official Facebook Page

Attention, Elyu weekend warriors: Partas’ luxury buses offer daily trips to La Union! In addition, they also have routes from Manila to Vigan, Laoag, and Candon.

Luxury bus | Image credit: Biyaheroes

Their 26-seater buses have wide and comfy reclining seats, specifically designed for long trips. They come with lots of legroom, too! Just like the other premium buses in Manila that we’ve handpicked, Partas’ luxury buses also have their own onboard restrooms to allow for non-stop trips.

Individual tablets for your entertainment. | Image credit: Biyaheroes

Working on the go? Free Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and tray tables are also available for all passengers. Plus, your favourite onboard feature will surely be the individual tablets loaded with e-Books, games, movies, and music!

Partas’ terminals are located in Cubao, Pasay, and Sampaloc. You can view their schedules and routes and make your bookings here.

Premium buses in Manila offering southbound routes

6. Isarog

Image credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. Official Facebook Page

Bicolanos who often travel to and from Manila know just how exhausting it can be to spend up to 10 hours on the road (even more on a bad day!). Exclusively available for trips from Manila to Naga, Isarog’s sleeper bus is designed to make land travel to the Bicol region much less taxing.

Elite bus | Image credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. Official Facebook Page

On this bus, you’ll find 22 seats that fully recline and turn into bunk beds. No need to worry about privacy — each individual has their own set of curtains! In addition to these features, passengers also have their own charging ports and can enjoy free Wi-Fi. There’s also a restroom onboard, making your trip free of any stops!

Sleeper bus | Image credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. Official Facebook Page

In addition to their sleeper buses, Isarog also has elite buses. These 28-seaters offer spacious legroom, Wi-Fi, and onboard toilets. These go from Manila to Naga, Masbate, and Legazpi.

Isarog’s terminal is located in Cubao. You can view their routes and schedules here and make your bookings here.

7. Peñafrancia

Image credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. Official Facebook Page

Isarog’s sister transit line (they’re both part of the Bicol Isarog Transport System), Peñafrancia also has a series of premium buses in Manila that head towards the Bicol region. You can either opt for a ride aboard their elite bus, or their skybus premiere.

Peñafrancia’s elite bus comes with comfy seats and spacious legroom, plus Wi-Fi and an onboard restroom. This type of bus offers daily trips to Legazpi, Sorsogon, and Naga.

Skybus Premiere | Image credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. Official Facebook Page

Chock-full of amenities for a comfortable ride, the skybus premiere is Peñafrancia’s gem. Exclusively for trips from Manila to Naga, this bus is best known for its plush La-Z-Boy seats. For the most comfortable experience, aim for a spot in one of the first two rows — you won’t have any seatmates, plus the seats are fully reclinable and even have massage features!

As if that wasn’t enough, a ride on the skybus premiere also includes free Wi-Fi, individual folding tables, complimentary water and snacks, and onboard assistance. Of course, there’s a restroom, too!

Peñafrancia’s terminals are located in Cubao and Ermita. You can view their routes and schedules here and make your bookings here.

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Now that we’re equipped with this list of premium buses in Manila, we think a road trip is in order! G ba? Enjoy kayo!

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