18 Signs You’ve Become a Tita Traveller

Titas, or our aunts and aunties, have recently taken over our social media feeds, and for very amusing reasons. While stereotypical, they have a particular aura and lifestyle that are often associated with practicality and outspokenness — whether it’s in clothing, body language or even travel behaviour. And let’s face it, they have a way of getting things done that make them our true lodis in this age. So if you do become one during your travels, don’t get all upset. Instead, take it as a sign of maturity. Here are 18 signs you’ve become a tita traveller!

Disclaimer: This post is entirely for fun and does not intend to offend anyone. Good vibes lang!

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1. Having no itinerary makes you anxious

In planning trips, you get uncomfortable with the idea of going DIY. You consider itineraries as a traveller’s bible and to skip making one is no less than a recipe for disaster.

2. You tend to overpack

Instead of overpacking full-body OOTDs, you go for extra sets of clothes and accessories that prove to be useful in emergency situations. There’s the malong for unexpectedly cold bus rides, a larger than life pair of sunglasses for a day tour and an extra bag.

3. Aisle seats are your priority

In your case, you’ve already grown away from calling dibs on window seats to get the best view of the clouds while in the air. Getting an aisle seat will make it easier for you to go to the lavatory and back, and line up upon arrival.

4. You try to stay away from off-the-beaten-path places

Going to the more popular places like Baguio, Palawan, South Korea or Hong Kong gives you more satisfaction (and that’s okay). Exploring far-off and lesser known ones, on the other hand, tends to make you feel uneasy.

5. Hostels are often out of the question

Why settle for a budget dormitory room at a hostel when you can get your own bathroom, a relatively larger bed and privacy in a cheap hotel room?

6. You pack tissues from your hotel room for day tours

Having your own pack of Kleenex is always not enough, so you make it a point to take advantage of the complimentary amenities in the hotel, especially tissues.

7. Your day bag is your best travel buddy

Overdoing things is the way to go, and your typical day bag will have at least three of these fundamental tita items — plastic bag, hand sanitiser, makeup, tissues, wet wipes, Tiger Balm, purse, pen and a paper with emergency contact persons written on it.

8. Passing by a snack or coffee shop means break time

Even with a conservative day itinerary, you get tired easily and often look for ways to take time off. In your vocabulary, it always has to include a few light bites and a cup of coffee or tea.

9. Chitchatting is part of the itinerary

You can’t go on each day without pausing for a few discussions about Philippine celebrity news or a faulty furniture at home — basically topics that aren’t even related to your trip.

10. You don’t mind paying for small expenses

When there’s a need to pay an extra amount of money for your cab driver or when dining in a restaurant, you immediately take the responsibility. You will not budge no matter how hard your companions insist.

11. Every day is pasalubong shopping day

You acknowledge the fact that souvenirs can be bought anywhere and anytime. Allotting a whole day of shopping at the latter part of your trip is only for back-up.

12. Sharing meals is ideal

You find it wise to order group meals most of the time. Not only does this help everyone save some cash, but you also find fulfilment in making sure each individual gets to eat as much or little as they want without sticking to a single meal.

13. Checking out a local spa is necessary for you

De-stressing doesn’t come in the form of late night drinks or deep sidewalk open-ups. Rather, it’s all about going to a local spa for a mani and pedi fix or a full-body massage.

14. Updating loved ones at home is done regularly

After a long day out, the first thing you do after getting back in your hotel room is freshen up. Then, you talk to your loved ones at home via Messenger, Skype or Viber about how your day went, and more importantly, asking them about theirs.

15. You always sleep and wake up earlier than everyone else

Whether you’re with your best girlfriends, your partner or alone, there’s a specific time for you to sleep and get out of bed each day. And it has to happen all the time!

16. Scolding someone is reflex

Maybe a 7-Eleven cashier managed to overcharge you, or an immigration officer in NAIA is trying to hold you from a flight because of “suspicious” travel intentions. In your world, you don’t let things go easily without engaging in a heated discussion. You will never back down!

17. You take pasalubong shopping seriously

Shopping for pasalubongs isn’t something you do on a whim or just to wrap up your trip. To you, it’s a way of life, especially as a Filipino. Each item has to be functional, and every now and then, you splurge on an expensive pair of shoes for your favourite niece or goddaughter.

18. You love to double check things

Your gut always tells you to be particularly thorough when fixing things before heading home. It’s better to spare a few minutes to double check your belongings, purchases and everybody’s presence than to panic later on.

Do any of these sound like something you do on your trips? If yes, there’s no need to feel ashamed. Better yet, celebrate it! Being a tita during your trips means that you’re brave enough to prioritise safety and utility, among other things — something that the rest of us still needs to work on.

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