3 Days Siargao Itinerary for Your Next Barkada Getaway

Talk about Siargao and “surfing” always comes to mind. No surprise — it’s dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” and has gained international attention due to its powerful, unparalleled waves. But is Siargao really just about surfing? Definitely… No! This beautiful island in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago is also home to exciting activities that will cater to non-surfers, too!

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So if you and your barkada (circle of friends) want to get stoked this summer, here’s a three-day Siargao itinerary fresh from my experience. You’re welcome!

Getting there

Option 1: Direct flight from Manila via SkyJet

There are different ways to reach Siargao Island but what I highly recommend is taking the direct flight from Manila via SkyJet Airlines. My friends who departed from Manila took this flight and boy, they were pleasantly surprised with the whole flight experience.

SkyJet Airlines recently launched direct daily flights to and from Siargao via the Sayak Airport. To date, it’s the only airline that flies directly from Manila to Siargao. No more hassle of connecting flights and following the usual route. My friends did not have to transfer from one mode of transportation to another, travel through several towns, and experience the agonising six-hour travel time like I did. Ugh! They were happy and satisfied with the personalised service and friendly FAs who gladly attended to their needs. Here’s more — they had FREE snacks and drinks on board and was able to bring many clothes because of the free 10kg baggage allowance and 5kg hand carry. Okay, I admit, I secretly envied them!

Free snacks from SkyJet! Yum!

SkyJet has daily flights from Manila to Siargao, departing from NAIA Terminal 4 is at 6am and arriving at Sayak Airport at around 7.30am. The flight usually takes an hour and 30 minutes, and airfares start at ₱3,800 but may vary depending on the season. I advise that you to book ahead of time as the aircraft capacity is limited to 80-100 passengers. To book your flights, visit SkyJet’s official website.

Travel Tip: Landing in Sayak Airport will also give you the opportunity to have an aerial view of the Del Carmen Mangrove Forest Reserve. Make sure to get a window seat!

Option 2: Connecting flights via Cebu

Your second option is to book a connecting flight from Manila to Siargao via Cebu. Although there are now daily flights from Cebu to Siargao, this route will take much more time and could be more expensive to those who come from Manila and to foreign travellers entering the Philippines via Manila.

Option 3: Fly to Butuan or Surigao + bus + ferry

The third option is the old-school way. Book a flight to Butuan and take a three-hour bus ride to Surigao. You could also book a flight to Surigao and from there, hop on a ferry going to Dapa Pier in Siargao. The earliest ferry departs from Surigao at 5am and the last trip is at 11am.

I took this third option and unfortunately, due to my miscalculation of the travel time, I missed the first ferry. I waited for another 5 hours, then finally arrived at the Dapa Pier at 2pm.


Since Siargao has become one of the top tourist destinations in the country, it is expected that there is a wide range of accommodation options being offered in the island. From dormitels with rates as cheap as ₱150/night, to luxury resorts which can go as high as ₱25,000/night, your options are limitless. You can even just bring a tent or a hammock and stay in hostels that allow you to camp within their premises for as low as ₱50. As for us, we found Jings Place, a decent accommodation that charged us ₱250 per head good for five people per room.

Image credit: Jings Place

It is generally advisable for you to choose an accommodation within General Luna, because it will provide you access to a variety of restaurants, a vibrant night scene and several tourist spots that have not been exploited by mass tourism.

Travel Tip: Make sure you bring enough cash because there are no ATMs in General Luna.

From the Dapa Pier, we rented a habal-habal (motorcycle), the most common type of transportation in the island, for ₱200 and it took us around 45 minutes to reach General Luna.


As expected, the island serves fresh and tasty seafood. You can buy it cooked or raw and have it prepared by the locals. The latter is more appropriate for groups because it’s generally cheaper. The General Luna Market is the best place to buy fresh seafood and fruits.

Image credit: Kristoff Lagura

With our tight budget, our haggling abilities came to good use. Along with other fish species that I have never even heard of, we were able to score a kilo of tuna and tanigue for ₱150 each, and squid for ₱180! Good thing, the resort we stayed at agreed to cook our food for a small fee.

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Day 1

Road trip on a motorbike

Since I arrived a little bit late because of the ferry mishap, my friends and I opted to postpone our scheduled island hopping and rented several motorbikes. You may rent a motorbike and drive by yourself for as low as ₱350/day which can accommodate 2-3 people (but for safety reasons, settle with 2). You can also let a habal-habal driver tour you for ₱1,500 per motorbike with 2-3 persons.

Image credit: Pammy Garcia

Travel Tip: Foreigners may use their International Driver’s License.

We started our motorbike land tour with an hour drive to . Tourists frequent this place because of its impressive rock formations that engulf a shallow body of water. It actually looks like a natural infinity pool with no wave intrusion during low tide. We didn’t know what to expect so we weren’t able to bring any gear. It is best if you bring your snorkels for you to enjoy the rich marine life. Do wear a proper beach footwear as well, as the rocks can be sharp and slippery. Entrance fee is ₱50.

Image credit: Kristoff Lagura

From Pilar, we headed over to Taktak Falls in Sta. Monica. The ride was literally a pain in the arse, but the view made up for it. While the beach is the main attraction in Siargao, Taktak Falls has also become a must-visit for travellers.

Like most falls that I have been to, we arrived thinking that we were about to trek. To our surprise, the motorcycle parking lot is just several metres away from the falls. Wasting no time, we dived right in. The icy-cold water is perfect for a refreshing dip and the surrounding trees provide a relaxing shade to the area. However, the water was murky because of the mud, and the area was a little too crowded, mostly because of the locals. Entrance fee is ₱5.

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Renz Cassion 发布于 2017年4月1日

Video credit: Renz Cassion

The last stop for our tour is the Cloud 9 Boardwalk. The area provides you with the best view of the professional surfers braving the hollow waves. We were lucky enough to catch the picturesque sunset while enjoying a bottle of beer, or two, or three (I lost count. Haha).

Night out

Image credit: Mariel Wagas

We capped our first day with a taste of the island’s vibrant nightlife. I was honestly looking forward to a Boracay beach party vibe, but Siargao offered me a whole new different taste of partying. The night scene in this island tends to be more raw and wild. This is the time when foreigners and locals converge and enjoy the exchange of culture over cocktails. Most of the time, resorts hold nightly parties and acoustic sessions fit to the taste of any traveller. There are also bars for disco or what the locals term as “bayle”.

We were able to visit two bars. Jungle Disco was first on our list. Since we went there on a Friday, the place was packed! This was probably the closest thing you will get to a nightclub here in Siargao. We decided to transfer since they didn’t have much options for drinks.

Second stop was the Viento Del Mar. It was probably the alcohol or the DJ music, but this is where I got hyped up and turned my social butterfly mode on. We met several strangers, mostly foreigners. We decided to end the night early because it was getting a bit too crowded and we will have an early start the next day.

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Day 2

I started my day 2 with a headache from partying the night before. Before breakfast, I invited my friend for a quick morning stroll along the General Luna boulevard to shake the hangover off. When we got back, we enjoyed the free breakfast provided by the hotel. Our tour guide warned us that the sun can be excruciating so we had to make sure that we were well-hydrated and our stomach was filled.

Island hopping

The usual itinerary for the island hopping includes three islands — Naked Island, Guyam Island and Daku Island. Island hopping with your friends including lunch usually costs around ₱500-₱750 per head, depending on the tour organiser.

Naked Island, although the name suggests, is not a nudist beach. It is naked because you wouldn’t see any vegetation in the area. It’s a long stretch of sand bank that is surrounded by turquoise waters. As someone who didn’t want to get tanned, I tried my best to avoid the direct heat of the sun, but there was no shade! My Canadian friend, Shannon, enjoyed her sunbathing though.

Image credit: Shannon Myrowich

Next is Daku Island, where we had our lunch. This island is inhabited by a community of fisherfolks with a population of about 300. Appropriately named (daku means “big” in Visayan language), the island is the biggest among the three. Because of the serenity of the place, some of us wanted to stay for the night in one of the beach cottages. But when we found out that there was no electricity in the island, we immediately changed our minds. Haha. We played some beach volleyball before we left the island.

Image credit: Marlon Villasor

Travel Tip: There are fresh seafood available in Daku but if you want variety, buy from the General Luna Market and have it cooked in the island.

Image credit: Yammy Arcee

The last stop is Guyam Island. This is like your own private resort where no one will bother you even if you stay there for hours. The island is rather small and is abundant with palm trees that will make you feel that you are in the Maldives. The powdery white sand and the enticing beach is perfect for your groufies and #squadgoals group shots.

Image credit: Pammy Garcia

The island hopping activity usually ends around 2-3pm, so you can spend the entire afternoon doing what Siargao is famous for — surfing!


In a group of friends, there are some who actually surf, some who claim that they know how, and those who have no idea how to do it. Don’t worry! Siargao has a variety of waves that will suit the needs of people with different levels of expertise. Surfing lessons cost around ₱500 with a surfboard and a trainer.

Image credit: Auston Ang

Travel Tip: The best time to go to Siargao for Surfing is between September-November.

For amateurs, start with the more forgiving waves of the Little Pony, which is formed from the powerful waves of the Jacking Horse (another surfing spot) smashing into a shallow reef. For advanced surfers, the famous Cloud 9 is the best option for you. C9’s barreling waves with razor sharp corals at the bed of the ocean make it a dangerous spot for beginners. Hailed as the 8th best surfing spot in the world by CNN Go, C9 can get very crowded but it is still the most preferred spot because of its waves which can reach as high as 12 feet! For experts, Stimpy’s, located offshore, can provide a good challenge. Its savage perfect tubing waves which break into shallow water, provide euphoria for highly skilled surfers.

Image credit: Kating Araña

One of the hotel staff brought us to a surfing spot they call “The Secret Spot”. I’m not really sure whether it was the real name or just a term they used to call the place, but it was secret alright. We were the only ones there enjoying the waves. It was actually my first time to hold a surfboard and although I practically grew up just minutes away from the beach, I was never a good swimmer. I was hesitant to try but the trainer reassured me that it was easier than it seems. True enough, after several attempts in finding a good (not so strong) wave, I was able to surf for the first time! I eventually lost balance but I felt the euphoria that my surfer friends have been telling me. I will definitely do it again, but I need to extend my patience.

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Chill the night away

After surfing, we went to a chill resort called Harana. They have acoustic sessions and a bazaar in their common room where most proceeds go to charity. I particularly enjoyed their rum-based signature drink (I forgot the name, though!). The place closes at 11pm so we had no choice but to leave early.

Image credit: Francis Reyes

We decided to buy a few bottles and drink at the common area in our hotel. Here, we met a group of people from Cebu who shared their drinks with us (free booze!). What’s exciting about nights spent in Siargao is the opportunity to meet new people with different nationalities. The locals are not shabby either! They provide stories that will make you want to stay in the island a little bit longer.

Day 3

Unlike the day before, I started my Day 3 a little bit late. My friends woke me up after they had their breakfast (traitors!) so I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the Island tour. Some of my friends also left early because they still have work. (Boo, adulthood!)

Island Tour

Among the different activities that we did in Siargao, this one has been my favourite! To be honest, it wasn’t my first time to go to but whenever I go there, it becomes a new experience every single time. It is highly recommended to include this in your itinerary but just make sure you have enough time because the tour will take the entire day.

From General Luna, we left for Dapa Pier where our tour organisers are waiting. The trip took us about two hours, and the views on the way were breathtaking. We passed by several mangrove sanctuaries, luscious vegetation which was mostly palm trees, and the beautiful islets.

Our first stop was the Club Tara resort where we just took a few photos (we couldn’t afford the place!). When we arrived, I felt like the place wasn’t properly maintained as the pool was covered with moss. We immediately left and went on with the island tour.

Our next stop was the Lagoon Lake where we dove from a wooden cottage that was about ten metres high. It wasn’t really a challenging dive, but an exciting one, nonetheless. We dove several times but getting out of the water was always a struggle. As I’ve said, I was never a good swimmer.

 island tour

A few minutes away from the Lagoon Lake is the where we got to experience how it feels like to be in a real cave! The stalagmite and stalactite formations are unspoilt with shining calcite deposits. It must be my claustrophobia, but there was something eerie about this cave. It became weirder when our tour guide told us to turn off the flashlights for five minutes to really experience the place.

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Our next stop was my favourite place in the island, the . Before we were able to go, we had to wait for thirty minutes in the registration area which was full of tourists. My friends got bored so we tried to convince the boatman to take us to a place where we can swim. He dropped us in an area where there were a lot of sea urchins. We got scared so we decided to swim back to the registration area. As I’ve said, I wasn’t a good swimmer so I didn’t survive the swim. My friend pulled me towards her and after a few minutes, the boatman came to our rescue!

When we got back, we transferred to small boats which can only fit one passenger. Finally, we were able to swim with the stingless jellyfishes. It was a surreal experience.

Travel Tip: Don’t wear any sunblock because this might poison the jellyfishes.

Our second to the last activity was the tour of the famous Sohoton Cove. I consider this cove as the Palawan of Mindanao. Here you will enjoy traversing through the emerald waters while enjoying the stunning landscape of Sohoton. The lush vegetation and rock formation surrounding the body of water will make your eyes busy.

The final stop requires you to enter a cave, climb rocks, and exit by diving. The Magkukuob Cave is the best way to end your tour. Just make sure that you are up for the challenge because there is no other way out but through jumping off a wooden 15-metre high ledge.

After a long, tiring day, we headed back to General Luna. Everyone, including myself, was asleep during the trip home.

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Image credit: jojoscope

Flights and ferries usually depart Siargao very early in the morning. SkyJet’s direct flight schedule is at 8.10am, which means that you have to leave General Luna at around 6am, considering the 45-minute travel time to Sayak Airport. Enjoy the view of the lush vegetation of Siargao on your way to the airport.

Travel Tip: Extend a bit longer. Three days are not enough to experience the beauty of this Island.

So, what are you waiting for? Huddle up your friends, book a SkyJet flight, pack your bags, and head over to the paradise named Siargao!

Brought to you by SkyJet Airlines.

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