9 Beautiful Destinations in Southeast Asia for Pinays Who Want to Fall in Love

We all travel for a reason. Some of us may be travelling to forget a past love while others explore new places in the hopes of finding new love. If you are single and ready to mingle, here are some of the best places in Southeast Asia that you might want to visit to find the one…

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1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

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This resort town is very popular among travellers who wish to see the ruins of the Angkor. If you are not so used to backpacking, you will love that Siem Reap is dotted with a number of hotels, restaurants and resorts. The city centre is full of beautiful colonial and Chinese-style buildings and museums while the countryside boasts of scenic rice paddies and fishing villages. Who knows you might just find the love of your life frolicking around these places.


Image credit: Thomas Depenbusch

This island, surrounded by volcanic mountains, is very popular for its beaches, bars and religious sites. Bali is also well-known for those going on meditation and yoga retreats. You might just be inspired to go on an Eat, Pray, Love journey just like Elizabeth Gilbert did. Your quest to strike a balance between spirituality and healing might just lead you to your one true love.


Image credit: Ross Huggett

For single Pinays who would like to conquer themselves by trying out different adventure activities, Vang Vieng is the best choice. This place is most visited for tubing and kayaking the river. Other activities that can be done in Vang Vieng include mountain biking, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, zip lining and many more. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a special someone who is just as adventurous as you?

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Image credit: IQRemix

Welcoming about 8.9 million tourists per year, Kuala Lumpur is the sixth most visited city in the entire world. Now, what are the chances of you finding the man of your dreams here? Among the most popular destinations in KL are the Petronas Twin Towers, Merdeka Square, Central Market and the House of Parliament, among many others.

5. , Myanmar

Image credit: Alexander Mueller

If your ideal man is one who a culture junkie, you most probably will find him visiting the many temples of . This temple town is the main attraction of Myanmar and is known as the Archaeological Zone. Here, you can visit sights such as the Ananda Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Shwezigon Paya, Sulamani Pahto and several others.

6. , Philippines

Image credit: Allan Ascaño

You may be “actively” looking for love but it does not mean you are one easy girl. In fact, it’s very challenging for men to get your love, let alone your attention. is just as difficult to go to (read: expensive, although that may not be you) but you know that it is worth all the hardship in the end. Maybe you’ll meet your guy while biking around the island or enjoying the beautiful Marlboro Country, or the Racuh a Payaman.

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7. , Singapore

Image credit: Brian Evans

Singapore is a tiny country and, with little space to move around, you might just bump (literally) into the man destined to be with you. You might meet him in one of your night parties at but it’s also possible that you will see him from inside The Book Cafe, while you enjoy a scoop of Turkish ice cream, during your stay at Studio M Hotel or even as you go for a leisurely stroll along the Art Bridge.

8. , Thailand

Image credit: Yutaka Fujii

Although the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand was cancelled this year, it does not mean you should cancel your trip there all together. It’s still business as usual for most resorts and hotels including those in , whose name comes from ngan which means sandbar. The island, along with its sister islands Ko Samui and Ko Tao, is a popular backpacking destination. Chances are, the man of your dreams could be hanging out at one of these places.

9. , Vietnam

Image credit: Aleksandr Zykov

Do you want to meet a man who is just addicted to water activities as you? Head over to , the beach capital of Vietnam. He’s probably joining the Four-Island Boat Trip, enjoying the Thap Ba hot springs, conquering his fears at Da Lat or just enjoying the glorious sunset view.

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Visit these beautiful Southeast Asian destinations and you might just learn to love a very special person or, at the very least, yourself.

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