Starbucks Philippines 2022 Planners Are Finally Here & We Can’t Wait

Beyond Jose Mari Chan songs playing in malls and parols lighting up the streets, you know it’s Christmas season in the Philippines when the latest Starbucks planners arrive in stores. The global coffee chain recently released a sneak peek of the Starbucks Philippines 2022 planners — and obviously, we can’t wait till these come out! 

This upcoming line of Starbucks planners will be released on 2 Nov 2021. Read on to see the photos so far! 

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What to expect from Starbucks Philippines 2022 planners

Unlike previous Starbucks planners that are more on the colourful side, this year’s lineup keeps it minimalist with classic black and white options. Along with that, we’re also loving the sleek patterns and elegant gold details on the exterior! 

However, we have yet to find out how these all look on the inside — save for these preview shots. 

Fortunately, they’ve retained similar features from previous years. Based on these photos, Starbucks Philippines 2022 planner sets will include both a dated journal and a leather casing with a zipper. 

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Ready to start collecting ’em stickers soon? And while we’re at it, what do you think the accompanying holiday drinks for this year will be? We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled, that’s for sure!

All images credited to Starbucks Philippines | Official Facebook Page

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