TripZilla Asks: Travel Now or Wait For The Right Time?

One of our usual dilemmas as travellers is finding the “perfect” time to travel. It goes as simple as waiting for the cheapest sale dates to something more complex as deciding whether to travel while we’re young versus at a later time. We sought the opinions of our travel community and came up with these justifications.

Why you should travel now

One driving reason for travelling while we’re young or at the moment is it gives us the chance to learn about our world and experience more things sooner. Although not entirely impossible, travelling at a later time or when we’re older would prohibit us from engaging in extremely physical activities like mountain climbing or having to walk long distances unexpectedly. Technically, travelling at a young age can be more enjoyable as our body tends to be more energetic and our moods more enthusiastic — which are essential to travelling.

Filipino travellers also brought up the principles of “life is short” and “time is precious”, and that their unpredictability should be enough to drive us to grab any travel opportunity, no matter how small or big. It doesn’t have to be expensive or in faraway places. We can start from nearby places around our hometowns and cities, or give ourselves the challenge to spend as little as possible without sacrificing the quality of experiences. If you really like to pursue an overseas trip, there are already frequent airfare sales offered by our local airlines that you can take advantage of. As they say, “Kung gusto, may paraan”.

Now, what about the money? This is actually a great opportunity for you to practise your saving skills early and learn about discipline. It’s very easy to spend our excess money from our daily school allowances or monthly income on unnecessary things. But once you find out that you could have already spent two to three days in one of your dream destinations with the same amount, you may have a hard time getting over it. Earn the money in whatever (decent) ways possible, take some for your savings, personal expenses or investments and leave some for your travels. Just think that those little savings would eventually accumulate in a few months time and you will be surprised how far they can take you. Always remember that money can always be earned again, but time can’t.

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Why you should travel at a later time

People’s decision to travel later or at a more proper time is largely founded on the idea of money and budgeting. This may mean travelling upon retirement or achieving a certain point in life when you’ve saved enough money to spend on travel without being guilty. Financial stability is key to happier and more worthwhile experiences. Travel opportunities will always be there, even when you’re older, yet qualifying for educational institutions or stable employment are not, so it’s better to prioritise them.

Travelling also isn’t limited to age. Whoever said older people can’t do it? If you’ve invested well for your health early on, you would still have the energy and physical capability to conquer plenty of adventures on your own. Travelling at a later time can even mean that you would be able to travel more wisely and make fewer mistakes than your younger counterparts. You would have enough common sense and are less likely to rely on trial and error. By this time, you may already have found a long-term partner who you can travel with. And that is something worth cherishing.

By waiting for a more stable time, you would know better to take care of the money you’ve worked so hard for to create experiences that truly matter. You will have a better chance to apply for visas to the US, Europe or Australia successfully thanks to your impressive financial status which you’ve spent years of building. You’re less likely to get held up by the Immigration Officer and get offloaded from your flight because by then, you’re clear of any intent of legally finding employment overseas. When you’ve waited for the right time, you can freely go after the experiences you’ve always dreamt of without thinking of anything besides having fun.

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As for me, it always comes down to priorities. If you’re comfortable waiting, take the time now to build your financial background, invest in education, a house and lot or even your love life. If you’re more about taking risks and really making the most of what the world has to offer now, then make it a point to travel as much as you can.

What do you think?

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