10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner Who Loves to Travel

Much like Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day is a time for us to pamper those we love, but normally without the extravagant feasts, perky music or wacky party costumes. Instead, you have romantic dinners, love cards, and overpriced sweets and flowers. But if you happen to have a special someone whose interests tend to be more specific than others, say, a love for travel – why not use your resources to come up with something useful and meaningful at the same time? Well, here’s my personal gift to you – a list of cool gift ideas that are not only unique, but also functional for your travelling partner!

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1. Blanket or anti-theft scarf

No matter where your partner likes to go, a good scarf is always a trusty and protective companion. The beautiful thing about it is you can easily find a piece with as much or as little details as you want. Besides being a great fashion accessory on its own, it can also take the roles of a face mask, a blanket, a towel or even a pouch for your important items all at once!

2. Front loading backpack

It’s hard to miss the benefits of using a backpack for travel, especially when your partner constantly has to make his or her way through a crowded airport or city streets. For easier retrieval of content, make sure to get a backpack with a front-loading feature.

3. Journal with an attached pen

Taking photos has become inseparable from the concept of travelling, but here’s a way to help your partner take it slow on one of his or her future trips. By letting him or her do more writing, you’re not only allowing your partner to appreciate the surroundings more, it also helps relieve the pressure of posting viral-worthy photos for the sake of it.

4. Plain shoes

Not only does having a simple pair of comfy shoes an obvious way to symbolise one’s love for travel, it’s also practical and fashionable. You wouldn’t want your partner to come home with a foot full of scratches and blisters, would you?

5. Waterproof watch

Time is of the essence. Knowing exactly what time it is can mean the difference between him or her perfecting the trip or completely ruining it with a missed flight. With the help of a watch, particularly a waterproof one, you’re also subtly teaching your partner better time management.

6. A high capacity power bank

Image credit: Lukas

The power of a fully charged phone or a laptop during trips cannot be underestimated. With a good power bank to support your electronics, your partner can cut down on panicking over a dead battery when he or she needs it the most.

7. Toiletry travel set

Image credit: Patty Ho

Nothing’s worse than going on a trip and realising you’ve just forgotten to bring the most basic items you need for staying clean even when on the go. By getting your partner a toiletry set, it’ll be easier for him or her to keep a good hygiene and leave a good impression to the people he or she will likely meet, whoever they may be.

8. Cosy sleepwear

If you love your partner enough, you’ll find real fulfilment in knowing that he or she gets a good sleep anytime, anywhere. Consider buying your partner a pyjama set or even plain underwear. You have no idea how far these things can go especially to start or end a long day of travelling.

9. 8-pixel (or higher) smartphone

Feel like spending more? How about buying a smartphone with a high-quality camera? It’s obviously lighter than bringing a bulky professional camera. With the right settings and techniques, it can still end up producing way better photos than a camera phone that just happens to have really cool extra features.

10. Collapsible water bottle

Image credit: Olichel

Ever travelled to a certain country and almost passed out over an absurdly expensive bottled water? It happens. To make sure your partner is well hydrated, staying on a budget and free from the hassle of jumbo bottles, try giving him or her a collapsible one instead. When it’s empty, it can easily be rolled or folded into half its size for the easiest storage.

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If you support your partner’s wanderlust as much as I think you do, then these presents may just do the trick this Valentine’s Day. So, are you ready to go shopping?

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