‘Bakuna-Friendly’ Clothes for Women and Where You Can Get Them Online

Alas, coronavirus vaccines have arrived on Philippine shores, and Filipinos — some more than others — are rejoicing! By the time inoculation programmes are done and every single person on Earth is vaccinated, we would hopefully be seeing the end of this pandemic. But first, there’s the COVID-19 vaccination priority lists to follow and other things to remember before getting a vaccine shot. Among them, apparently, is the kind of bakuna-friendly clothes one should be wearing during the process.

After scouring Lazada, we found such form of fashion that would facilitate a convenient vaccination, specifically, among women.

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Best bakuna-friendly clothes on Lazada

1. Tank or sleeveless top

Shop for this item here.

2. Asymmetrical top

Shop for this item here.

3. Cold shoulder top

Shop for this item here.

4. Off shoulder top

Shop for this item here.

5. Tube top

Shop for this item here.

6. Sports bra

Shop for this item here.

7. Blouse with flutter sleeves

Shop for this item here.

8. Eyelet wrap blouse

Shop for this item here.

9. Oversized shirt

Shop for this item here.

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As you can see, most of these designs have been around for quite some time. Now, they come with a renewed purpose, proving that bakuna-friendly clothes are both fashionable and practical, especially when the time comes that you have to get vaccinated against COVID-19. As an added bonus, they’re also affordable and readily available online!

Featured image credit: SAMGAR Trading and Encounter August | Lazada Philippines

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