San Fernando, Pampanga Is Now the Home of the Philippines’ Biggest McDonald’s Branch

Itching to eat all your favourite McDonald’s meals from Big Mac to McSpaghetti in a safe place once more? Try going to San Fernando in Pampanga. On top of being known for the famed Giant Lantern Festival, it is now also the home of the biggest McDonald’s in the Philippines!

More than enjoying its generous space perfect for social distancing amidst these times, the new outlet offers an amazing array of amenities for remote workers, coffee lovers, and even photographers. Here are just some of the ones that you can expect!

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All you need to know about the biggest McDonald’s in the Philippines

Freshly opened on 7 Dec 2020, McDonald’s Capital Town is the newest bucket-list-worthy restaurant Filipino fast-food lovers can check out. At over 1,000 square metres, it holds the title of the biggest McDonald’s in the Philippines, beating more than 660 McDonald’s branches in the Philippines.

The new branch, located within the 35.6-hectare Capital Town, boasts of a 360-people seating capacity, its proudly Kapampangan workers (there are about 100 of them at the time of writing), and get this — a breathtaking view of Pampanga’s very own Mount Arayat.

In the two-storey establishment, you’ll also find a McCafé, an outdoor dining area, a conference room, and a lactation room. Meanwhile, for its opening day, the branch’s first few customers got to enjoy freebies to celebrate the new milestone, such as free Big Mac, Regular Fries, Cheeseburger, and McDonald’s Pen.

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How to enjoy the new McDonald’s Philippines branch safely

The new McDonald’s Pampanga branch offers dine-in, drive-thru, and takeout options. For those who opt to experience its facilities in person, as usual, remember to wear a face mask and face shield.

Upon entering the biggest McDonald’s in the Philippines, you’ll also have your temperature checked, hands sanitised, and footwear disinfected. Moreover, you must fill out the Health Declaration Form provided or use the StaySafe app.

All images credited to McDonald’s Capital Town | Official Facebook Page

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