Cebu Pacific Hand-Carry Rule: No Multiple or Overweight Bags Allowed

Flights are perhaps the single most expensive part of travelling, so it’s no surprise how passengers have found ways to save on them. One of the best budget flying tips? Skip check-in baggage and pack everything you have into a hand-carry piece. If not, put them in multiple bags with a total weight of no more than 7kg. Neat, huh?

Far from being a secret, these deeds will no longer work when flying with the Philippines’ biggest low-cost airline. The new rule is: Bring one carry-on luggage, or pay a minimum of ₱1,000 for excess baggage fees. This is according to the new Cebu Pacific one hand-carry baggage policy, which takes effect in Sep 2021.

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Cebu Pacific hand-carry baggage rule

Image credit: Cebu Pacific Official Website

In the policy, each passenger is only allowed one piece of bag inside the cabin. It should weigh a maximum of 7kg and be no bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. This applies to both wheeled bags and backpacks, which you must be able to fit into the overhead compartment by yourself. Bags for laptops, toiletries, food, and other personal items are prohibited as well.

As for exceptions, Cebu Pacific will still allow the following at no extra cost: personal bags by parents with infants and persons with disabilities; bags containing medical equipment; and bags containing items bought from the airport along with official receipts. They should not exceed 35cm x 20cm x 20cm and must fit under the aircraft seat.

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Passengers who violate these requirements will pay ₱1,000 for domestic flights, ₱1,500 for short-haul flights, and ₱3,000 for long-haul flights. Upon weighing at the boarding gate, you have the option of paying cashless with VISA or Mastercard credit cards. Non-payment of the fees could result in offloading or non-boarding.

According to Cebu Pacific, the policy helps facilitate safer, more efficient, and more seamless flights moving forward. To help you pack light on your next flight with the airline, read these tips.

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