10 Educational TikTok Channels Run By Empowered Pinays

With TikTok’s short video format and ability to capture the zeitgeist of society and culture, more content creators are producing content to educate and empower others. This March, we’re celebrating International Women’s Month with a roundup of empowered Pinays who make inspirational and educational TikTok videos. From fitness hacks and adulting tips to personal finance and public speaking, they’re here to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table. 

These Pinays have gone above and beyond to make tips, tricks, must-knows, and useful advice available for everyone. As the iconic Lady Gaga meme goes: Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before. These are just some of the words we’re reminded of when we catch their videos on the FYP! If you’re curious to learn a thing or two, keep reading. 

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TikTok channels run by strong and independent Filipino Women

1. Gianna Abao

@gianna.abao Reply to @strawberry4862 How to answer tell me about yourself #learnontiktok #eduwow #publicspeaking #speechwithgia ♬ original sound – Gia | Public Speaking&Writing

Gianna Abao produces educational TikTok videos about public speaking and writing. Her other content consists of self-help and study hacks, apart from her more popular storytelling tips and grammar videos. Through her account, more people can easily access information about personal development and practical skills. Additionally, if you’re looking for that extra motivational push, Gianna’s videos are made to put you in girl boss mode! 

For more information, visit @gianna.abao on her TikTok page

2. Yani Moya

@coachyanimoya Salute to all the breadwinners out there 🙌🏻 #yourfinancialcoach #moneytok #financetok #breadwinner ♬ The Show – Lenka

Trying to learn more about personal finance and investment? Yani Moya gives helpful tips and inside scoops on handling your money, taking you closer to financial literacy. From computing taxes to tracking spending habits, Yani makes financial lessons more accessible and easy to learn. Moreover, some of her content on TikTok dabbles into self-development and life advice that’ll surely help people navigate “adulting”. 

For more information, visit @coachyanimoya on her TikTok page

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3. Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm

@yourmillennialpsych What is your hope for the Philippines? Comment your answers. ❤ Salamat @CNN Philippines #BetterPhilippines #TheFilipinoVotes #fyp #halalan2022 ♬ original sound – Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm

Riyan Portuguez, aka Your Millennial Psych, is a licensed psychologist and psychometrician, freelance lecturer, and psychology content creator. She advocates for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights and uses her social media platforms to inspire others and raise awareness. Not only does she create inspirational and educational videos on TikTok, but she’s also on YouTube for longer and more in-depth explainer type videos. 

For more information, visit @yourmillennialpsych on her TikTok page

4. Kath Carillo

@kathreensocials again do ur research!! watch reviews #earnmoneyonline #onlinejobsph ♬ Touch X Dougie Remix Challenge – Joshua Mijares

Looking for exciting freelance opportunities, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to start a small business? Kath Carillo is another empowered Filipina on TikTok who loves making short video hacks on digital products, freelancing, and study tips. If social media and marketing content interests or sparks curiosity in you, then Kath’s channel is definitely worth the follow! 

For more information, visit @kathreensocial on her TikTok page

5. Lyqa Maravilla, RPm

@lyqamaravilla Reply to @joharielimbona #asklyqa #motivationph #motivationalminute #learnontiktok #TikTokSkwela @teamlyqa #procrastination ♬ Warm guitar lo-fi for VLOG(888860) – Gloveity

Lyqa Maravilla is one of the most popular Pinay educational content creators, with over one million followers on TikTok and YouTube. Her social media platforms cover a variety of topics such as personal development, career, mental health, and study hacks. Beyond TikTok content creation, Lyqa is also a podcast host and resource speaker. She believes in the power of knowledge and aims to “democratise education in the Philippines and, just maybe, the entire world.” 

For more information, visit @lyqamaravilla on her TikTok page

6. Kia Abrera

@kiaabrera Business “nalang” kasi pagod ka na sa corporate? Some realtalk thoughts. #eduwow #businesstok #businesstokph #entreprealtalk ♬ original sound – Kia Abrera | Creative Entrep

For creatives and entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge and foster their skills, Kia Abrera’s TikTok videos are an absolute must-watch. Her videos typically revolve around social media, branding, communication, marketing, business, and creativity. By producing such content, Kia is “helping Filipino creatives create an impact as human-centred entrepreneurs.” Truly, an inspiring and empowered Pinay on TikTok that deserves your follow! 

For more information, visit @kiaabrera on her TikTok page

7. Lauren Alexi

@_laurenalexify 😮‍💨 i was a child back then. #tarawithlexi #lexgo #fyp #tiktokfitph #gym #girlswholift #fitnesstipsph #tiktoksportsph #womenoftiktok #pinaypower ♬ Dip – lEr€n

Are you looking for the perfect daily #fitspo? Lauren Alexi is passionate about creating daily motivational workout content on TikTok that might just give you that much-needed push! That being said, she shows how to properly execute movements and how certain exercises benefit your progress in the long run. Keep up with your routine and feel empowered on your fitness journey with Lauren over on TikTok!

For more information, visit @_laurenalexify on her TikTok page

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Educational TikTok channels run by Pinays for Filipino content

8. Kara David

@iamkaradavid Bukas-palad, kapuspalad, sawimpalad and other “palad words”… #fyp #tiktokph #filipino #learnfilipino ♬ original sound – iamkaradavid

Filipina journalist, TV host, and professor Kara David is known for her investigative and multi-awarded documentaries in GMA Network’s i-Witness. With years of experience in the broadcasting industry, Kara has always used storytelling to amplify the voices of others. Now, she’s also sharing all things proudly Pinoy on her TikTok account and YouTube channel. From must-try local foods to fun facts about our native language, you’re sure to learn a few things about Filipino culture you don’t know just yet! 

For more information, visit @iamkaradavid on her TikTok page

9. Mona Magno-Veluz

@mightymagulang #September20 | #latepost Gabriela Silang died by hanging in 1763. #kasaysayan #learnontiktok #tiktoku ♬ original sound 🇵🇭 – Mighty Magulang

TikTok, like other forms of social media, is a melting pot of cultures and a great space to foster knowledge and wisdom. Self-confessed history geek and ninuno hunter, Mona Magno-Veluz loves to produce TikTok videos about Philippine history, national heroes, and genealogy. 

This history aficionado never thought such content would attract many views and likes, with TikTok’s more popular dance and no-brainer videos. Now, with nearly half a million followers as @mightymagulang, she’s here to bring heaps of history trivia to keep you entertained and informed! 

For more information, visit @mightymagulang on her TikTok page

10. Ayn Bernos

@aynperotagalog Reply to @_haynakomare TAMBAY #tiktokskwela #edusgottalent2021 #learnontiktok #wordoftheday #teacherayn ♬ original sound – AynPeroTagalog IG:aynbernos – Teacher Ayn

Last but definitely not least on our list of empowered women on TikTok is the beautiful and intelligent Ayn Bernos, aka @aynperotagalog. The former 2021 Miss Universe Philippines candidate is the epitome of beauty and brains, everything in between and more! She’s a passionate businesswoman, writer, and content creator, among many other things. Her growing social media presence inspires other women to take hold of their power and embrace themselves for who they are. 

Ayn has two TikTok accounts: @aynbernos, a personal page where she talks about her advocacies, opinions, and interests. On the other hand, her @aynperotagalog page consists of quick watch educational content. The latter allows her to create and foster a space for learning the English language through our mother tongue. 

For more information, visit @aynpertagalog on her TikTok page

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Celebrate International Women’s Month by watching content made by empowered Pinays on TikTok. If you know other educational TikTok channels run by talented and clever women, let us know on our official Facebook page. Be sure to tag your fellow #girlbosses while you’re at it! 

Featured image credit (L-R): Kia Abrera; Ayn Bernos; Lyca Maravilla | Official Instagram Pages

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