Face Shields Now Required in Public Transport & Commercial Establishments

Updated as of 21 August 2020

Travellers, take note: According to a directive by the Department of Transportation, face shields are required for those taking public transportation starting 15 Aug 2020. This being said, whether you’re travelling by land, air, or sea, you must be equipped with a face shield in addition to a face mask. The rule applies for both passengers and drivers of public vehicles. Those who fail to comply will not be allowed to board said vehicles.

On 21 August, the PH government announced that wearing face shields will also be mandatory in malls and other enclosed commercial establishments.

What forms of public transportation are covered by this new memorandum?

The new face shield requirement will apply to all forms of public transportation around the country — this includes the aviation sector, airports, railway transport, road transportation, and maritime sector. Falling under these would be trains, buses, taxis, and other passenger vessels such as aeroplanes.

According to an official announcement by the Department of Transportation, this new memorandum was put in place in order to curb the transmission of COVID-19. With the help of face shields, travellers will be able to sufficiently cover and protect their entire faces — and in turn, reduce exposure to, as well as transmission of, respiratory droplets. 

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While it goes without saying, face shields will be required on top of protocols already in place, such as wearing face masks, handwashing and sanitising, as well as physical distancing. Those who travel by public transportation are also discouraged from talking and using their mobile phones inside the vehicle.

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