Where to Get Your Film Photos Processed in & Outside Metro Manila

The year started out promising — I enjoyed a few travels and celebrations here and there, and I imagined there would be so many more occasions worth documenting on film. Oh, the moments I would capture  as the rest of 2020 would unfold… Or so I thought. Fast forward a few months later: The memories I managed to catch on film remained unprocessed, and my camera simply started to gather dust. Can you relate?

But as quarantine restrictions have begun to ease, film labs have reopened, allowing us to once again have our photos processed and scanned. Finally, we can bring some happy 2020 memories to light!

So without further ado, here’s where to get your film photos developed — whether you’re in Metro Manila or beyond. And yes, these places are open even during GCQ!

Where to have your film photos processed & scanned

Sunny16 Lab

Sunny16 Lab is well-loved by many of the metro’s film fanatics — their excellent quality film processing and customer service are what keep their clients coming back for more! While their lab in Quezon City is currently closed for walk-ins, they’re open for paperless ordering via their website. The great news? Orders are open to those both inside and outside of Metro Manila!

Their services include processing, scanning, and printing for various types of film: 35mm, 120, 110, and APS. Processing is available for both coloured and black and white film, as well as for disposable cameras. 

Be sure to watch out for their announcements, as they accept a limited number of slots every few weeks to ensure that all orders are accommodated. Scans can take up to 15 days to get to you — but receiving that email will certainly be worth the wait!

For more info, check out Sunny16 Lab’s official website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.


Whether you’re in or outside of Metro Manila, Fotofabrik is ready to attend to your film-related needs. They’re currently accepting orders for processing and scanning — all you need to do is fill up their virtual order form, pay online, and send over your rolls via express delivery or courier!

Fotofabrik processes both coloured and black and white film; in addition, they also develop 110, 16mm, 126, APS films, and rolls from disposable cameras at no extra cost. If you make use of a type of film that’s out of the ordinary, this particular lab may be the perfect option for you. 

For more info, check out Fotofabrik’s official Facebook or Instagram pages.

Wonder Photo Shop

Wonder Photo Shop has reopened several branches in and outside of Metro Manila — and they’re accepting walk-ins! In line with their safety protocols, they’ll only be welcoming a limited number of customers at a time; they have a no mask, no entry policy in effect as well.

They develop, scan, and print photos; both coloured and black and white films are accepted. Those who live near SM Megamall and SM Sto. Domingo are in luck, as their stores once again offer same-day processing and scanning services! Drop-offs are also accommodated at Wonder Photo’s other open branches, with a waiting time of about two to three weeks for processing.

Note: Make sure to bring a USB flash drive where they can store your photos; otherwise, you’ll have to pay an extra fee for a CD!

For more info, check out Wonder Photo Shop’s official website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

Film Avenue

Image credit: InspireFate Photography

Big fan of 35mm photography? Film Avenue specialises in processing and scanning coloured 35mm film — and at wallet-friendly prices, too. An added bonus: If you’re looking for a film lab in Metro Manila with  quick turnaround time, this is certainly your best bet!

Just place your orders via their official Instagram page, then have your rolls picked up. They accept online payments, as well as cash-on-pick-up. In just five short days, you’ll receive your scans via email!

For more info, check out Film Avenue’s official Instagram page.

Silver Salt

Image credit: Edgars Leonovs via Canva Pro

Silver Salt is one of the newer places to get your film developed in Manila; but with a quick browse through their Instagram page, you’ll easily be convinced to give them a shot. The photos can’t lie — their scans are gorgeous and high quality!

This film lab has two drop-off points: one in Makati and one in Marikina (plus points, especially for those who live on opposite ends of the metro). They process C41 and black and white rolls, and offer both regular and high-res scans. Turnaround time ranges from seven to 10 days, and their prices are quite reasonable!

Note: At the moment, Silver Salt only accepts orders from Manila.

For more info, check out Silver Salt’s official Instagram page or order form.

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Have you tried getting your film photos developed at any of these stores? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section!

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