5 Breathtaking India Attractions That Will Remind You of Europe

Contributed by Rohit Agarwal

If you visit certain places in India, you will feel like you have ridden past long years; it would feel like a walkthrough of the country’s history and culture. Once you set your eyes on some attractions, you may get surprised — they might just remind you of foreign countries and cultures. You may even think that it’s impossible to find these kinds of places in India. Here, I’m writing about five India attractions that bear a stark resemblance to foreign countries and cultures. Add them to your list today!

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India attractions that resemble foreign culture

1. Shillong, or ‘Scotland of the East’

Image credit: Masrur Ashraf

Scotland is a synonym for breathtaking beauty and pleasant views; Shillong is known as the ‘Scotland of the East’ for this reason, too. Its lush greenery and crystal clear rivers give Shillong an unparalleled beauty!

Elephant Falls is a feather in the crown of Shillong. The splendour and glory of this terrific waterfall make it a must-visit attraction when visiting India. Formerly called Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew or ‘Three Step Waterfall’, it was renamed ‘Elephant Falls’ by the British.

2. Pondicherry, or ‘The French Town’

Pondicherry is a clear portrayal of both French and Dutch culture. Even the buildings, including houses, exude French and Dutch style. We can see how deep of an influence the French had over India if we pay a visit to Pondicherry — big and beautiful mansions, botanical gardens, and towering churches add more colour to the city.

The top must-visit attractions in Pondicherry would have to be its beautiful beaches, which boast stunning blue waters. Go for a stride along the shores, and you will feel truly refreshed and revitalised! You can enjoy views of the thrashing waves by sipping a coffee in any of the beachside cafés, all built in a unique style.

3. Fort Kochi, or ‘The Jew Street’

Image credit: Prashant Ram

Located in Kerala, Fort Kochi is a living replica of an old Dutch colony. From the small huts to the shops, all buildings are modelled in old Dutch style. The Dutch synagogue is a place worth your time, along with Fort Immanuel and the Mattancherry Palace, where you can enrich your knowledge about the Dutch invasion and the state of Kerala during those days. Even a simple stroll through Fort Kochi’s colourful lanes provides a very pleasant and memorable experience!

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4. Alappuzha, or ‘Venice of the East’

Venice reminds us of one major thing, and that’s water. In this way, Alappuzha is comparable to the Italian City. It was actually Lord Curzon who called  the city ‘Venice of the East’ for the first time.

Kuttanad in Alappuzha is the only place in Kerala which is below sea level. Just like in Venice, the major mode of transportation in Alappuzha is by water. Its backwaters are a popular tourist attraction, and you can best explore its serenity and beauty by travelling in a houseboat!

5. Kashmir, or ‘India’s Switzerland’

Image credit: Colin Tsoi

When we think about Switzerland, the first thing that rushes to mind is usually snow clad mountains. Similarly, Kashmir hides all her beauty under a thick blanket of snow. Kashmir is the peak of beauty and she deserves to be called as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. She has everything in store for her visitors — from towering mountains capped with snow to hot water springs, valleys, and rivers,  you will find every essence of beauty in her land.

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Without a doubt, these stunning India attractions deserve their very own spots on your travel bucket list! The next time you do get to travel, you should definitely add these sights to your itinerary. Safe travels!

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