The First #instaGuam Fair in Manila is Officially Open in BGC

The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) is set to host the first ever #instaGuam Fair in Manila, which aims to promote Guam, the closest US state from the Philippines, as an up-and-coming travel destination for Filipinos.

Taking place on 1-3 June 2018 at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in Taguig City,
the three-day fair will present different offerings by travel agencies and carriers including United Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, while allowing the attendees to experience Chamorro food and entertainment at their best. Among the participating bodies are Discover Guam, Micronesia Mall, PacTours, Bank of Guam, PhilGuam – USA Travel & Tours and Pacific Star Resort & Spa. It will also be graced by representatives from the consular section of the US Embassy to answer any questions travellers may have about travelling to Guam.

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According to GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight, the fair is a “great opportunity for potential visitors to taste our cuisine, learn about our history and culture, and interact with experts in the travel industry that can help them make plans to visit our island paradise”.

The #instaGuam campaign is a part of GVB’s 2018 global marketing campaign to enhance Guam’s presence in the travel industry, especially as an instant vacation destination for Filipinos and other travellers in nearby countries, and at the same time, encouraging them to share their own Guam experiences on social media.

1 June 2018: Opening day

The #instaGuam fair was opened by GVB President and CEO Jon Nathan Denight who welcomed all guests and shared to us the variety of activities Filipinos can do when on a vacation to Guam. We all love the beach and dipping into cold water to beat the heat, which is something Guam can provide us if we want to experience a new kind of tropical environment. Even though the Philippines has its own delicious food and beaches, Denight jested that there’s still one thing that Guam has which the Philippines doesn’t — and that’s the lack of traffic! So imagine an ideal summer vacation without going through transportation hassle, that’s definitely Guam for you.

GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight discussing Guam tourism before video presentations of Guam’s tourist attractions.
Miss Universe Guam 2017 also accompanied Denight in officially opening the fair.

Following the video presentations of Guam’s tourist destinations, cultural performances were next.

They even asked for audience participation.

The best part about the fair is, of course, getting a taste Guam’s delicious food, especially Chamorro. The fair features food like beef with Chamorro, snow cones, cookies, honey, and coconuts!

Their iconic Chamorro rice meals taste best with the Finadene sauce.

Try their snow cones for a pick-me-up amidst the sweltering heat.

But under the Philippine heat and weather, the star of the fair was definitely their fresh coconuts!

The #instaGuam fair will continue until 3 June 2018, Sunday. It’s open to the public at the Activity Center on 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street.

Special thanks to Guam Visitors Bureau for inviting TripZilla Philippines to the #instaGuam fair.

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