Here’s What the TripZilla Team Is Adding to Their Lazada Carts for the 3.27 Sale

It’s no secret that most online shoppers hold off their purchases until big monthly sales roll around. This month, however, we don’t have to keep our wish-listed items waiting for too long. On 27 Mar 2020, Lazada will be holding their 3.27 sale in honour of their ninth anniversary. Yup, it’s almost been a decade since this online shopping platform has been around — and we can’t wait to celebrate with big discounts and free shipping!

We’ve already loaded up our carts for the Lazada 3.27 sale! Have you? Here’s what the TripZilla Philippines team is shopping for during the anniversary sale.

Editors’ picks for the Lazada 3.27 sale

Charmaine, Country Manager

Air fryer

“Gusto ko lang maki uso! And they say it’s a healthier alternative to actual frying with oil.”

Shop for it here.

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Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear

“Because I don’t want to go to the bookstore myself, especially during the pandemic.”

Shop for it here.

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Dish rack

“Because we have a small kitchen. Pangtulong sa pagpapatuyo after washing the dishes!”

Shop for it here.

Therese, Deputy Editor

Skincare refrigerator

“I’ve wanted a fridge to place my face masks and perfumes in for a while now. It’ll help to organise my beauty essentials.”

Shop for it here.

Zippered watch box

“My watches don’t have a place of their own, and I think it’s about time they should all be neatly tucked in a box. Plus, this will be useful for bringing a watch or two for future travels.”

Shop for it here.

Joser, Content Specialist

Sheer white curtains

“I’ve always had a thing for Italian decor, especially the more rustic vintage ones. And sheer white curtains like this (hopefully with embroidery) will really help me in achieving this goal.”

Shop for it here.

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Cat litter deodoriser

“Our scented cat litter sand used to work fine on its own; but we now have more cats and kittens, so it gets extra smelly lately. A local vlogger I’ve been following, who’s also a cat owner, previously shared that she uses this product and I thought I’d give it a try.”

Shop for it here.

Lara, Account Manager

Bluetooth sleeping eye mask

“Perfect ito pang travel; pero since no travel pa, this might help me fall asleep kasi hirap makatulog minsan.”

Shop for it here.

Handheld garment steamer

“Lakas maka-tita nito, pero ang cool kasi ayaw ko na nung bulky!”

Shop for it here.

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Gaby, Associate Editor

Candle warmer

“I’ve been thinking about getting into scented candles for a while now, but always hesitated because of my fear of lighters and matches. I was a-few-months-ago years old when I found out candle warmers exist. I’m pretty sure they were made for me!”

Shop for it here.

Bottomless portafilter

“As a newbie espresso machine owner, I love researching all the extra paraphernalia I’ll need to maximise the use of my machine. A lot of coffee experts, baristas, and cafe owners recommend using a bottomless portafilter to properly check on your extraction — plus, it’s really pretty to look at!”

Shop for it here.

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Danielle, Creative Lead

Lana PH bundle: Cleanser, DNA elixir, and sunscreen

“This year, I’m committed to minimising my online shopping to essentials. I just ran out of cleanser, and I’m very hesitant to buy one physically because of the recent surge of COVID-19 cases. So I’m thinking, now is the perfect time to finally try out Lana PH! I’ve heard many good things about them from my friends. The brand is local and has good sustainable efforts, so I’m excited to check it out (pun intended… hahaha)!”

Shop for it here.

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Tiffany, Writer

Porcelain cup

“As a habitual coffee drinker, I can’t stop hoarding coffee mugs/cups! This green porcelain cup is the cutest one I’ve found so far.” 

Shop for it here.

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Wireless mechanical keyboard 

“I have my eyes on this particular keyboard because it reminds me of a classic typewriter, and it looks like a fun tool to add to my current work-from-home setup.”

Shop for it here.

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Kevin, Video Editor

Smart WiFi plug

“To control the power of my ‘not-so-smart’ devices.”

Shop for it here.

Locaupin storage basket 

“For my cords, chargers, etc.”

Shop for it here.

Cable wire management box

“To organise my power cords and cables.”

Shop for it here.

Marcy, Writer

Wireless compact keyboard

“Going for it because it’s ergonomic, apparently; plus, I realised I want to be able to not lean too close to my laptop.”

Shop for it here.

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What’s your 3.27 haul looking like? We’d love to hear all about your great finds in the comments section!

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of sales — here’s our friendly reminder that you can responsibly recycle your parcel packaging, especially when you usually just throw it away. Happy shopping!

Featured image credit (R): THEGIFT777 via Canva Pro. All other images credited to Lazada.

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