10 Reasons Why You Should Love a Guy Who Travels

Ladies, we all have standards, don’t we? I’m sure you talk about it often with your girl friends. “Gusto ko matalino pero grounded.” “Hindi ko kailangan ng mayaman. Basta masipag.” “Pwede cultured?”

We’ve heard it all. But surprisingly, I haven’t heard many girls say that they want a guy who travels, even though they themselves are obsessed with travelling. So to add another layer to the conversation the next time you talk about standards with your friends, here are reasons why girls should love a guy who travels.

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1. He’ll share your excitement

As much as you love your friends, you have to admit, not everyone will always be on the same level of excitement, when it comes to travelling, as you. But if you’ve found a guy who’s on the same wavelength as you are, then no doubt, the excitement he’ll have for your future travels will be on par with yours. Having someone who looks forward to coming along with you on your journey simply gives a girl the most wonderful and giddy feeling.

2. #InstagramBoyfriend

Admit it, you would LOVE to have an Instagram Boyfriend. You’ll get the “IG Worthy” photos you’ve always dreamt of AND a great travel buddy who’s familiar with your angles and poses. If you’re lucky, he might even direct you when posing for the camera because he wants everything to look good just as much as you do.

3. You’ll have more interesting conversations

When a guy travels, that means he’s seen a lot of places, met different people, encountered different cultures and languages. Experiences like these are great conversation topics. When you talk about each other’s travel stories, you understand each other more because what both of you have seen and done during your adventures has formed who you are as individuals today. These conversations reinforce your bond and partnership too.

4. He can be your bodyguard

Genetically, guys are generally stronger than girls. Ergo, I speak the truth when I say that he can be your bodyguard, especially when you travel abroad to an unfamiliar territory. You’ll definitely feel safer knowing that your man is right beside you, ready to fend off pickpockets and walk with you outside at night.

5. He’ll be knowledgeable about certain things you aren’t

If he’s been to places you haven’t been to, then you’ve automatically got a go-to guide. He can list down do’s and don’ts, mishaps he’s experienced that he wouldn’t want you to repeat, notes about the people you’re about to encounter, etc. It will make travelling easier for you, and you won’t be left in the dark when you travel to the said destination.

6. He’ll put in the effort to make travel plans

This is what all of us want — a guy who will put in as much effort as us when it comes to planning a trip out of town. A guy taking the initiative to make itineraries, handle the booking and does the research says a lot about him. Not only does it speak of how much he loves to travel, but it also speaks of his self-discipline when it comes to preparation and time management. If you find a guy who’s got these traits in the bag, you’re quite lucky!

7. He’ll be more patient with you

Since he’s had his own adventures, no doubt he’s encountered travel mishaps and made his fair share of shortcomings in decision making or planning. He’ll be less judgemental of your own mistakes, whether you’re travelling or not, and he’ll understand where you’re coming from. Because hey, he isn’t perfect either.

8. You can count on his navigation skills

With travelling comes a set of skills you’re bound to develop the more you travel. One of the most obvious is navigation. It doesn’t matter if you’re just driving around your local city or exploring a new destination. If your guy travels, then his navigation skills will be reliable enough since he’s already read maps and directions a ton of times by now. The both of you can surely work things out if you get lost.

9. You’ll get a consistent travel buddy

You won’t need to ask “Sino gusto sumama sakin sa *insert destination here*?” Dating a guy who loves to travel will automatically give you a constant travel buddy. Plus, if he’s a true travel enthusiast, he’ll be game for anything. You won’t need to relentlessly convince your friends to free their time for your travel plans. Your man’s there to fill in the spot. Wala nang hatak-hatak. Uwi na. May nanalo na.

10. His shoulder will be your default travel pillow

Ever felt sleepy on the plane, subway, or bus, during your travels? Although there’s a literal travel pillow you can buy for this occasion, you’ve got the second best option right next to you. His shoulder. You don’t just get to rest your head on it, he can rest his head on yours too. I guess you could say this is how travelling couples cuddle on the road. Wouldn’t you love that though?

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If you already have a partner, boyfriend or husband that loves to travel like you do, then good for you. For all the single ladies out there, maybe you’d like to take this opportunity to find someone who’ll fit the bill while you’re still available. But whatever the case, we’ll support your travels regardless of who you’re with. So go forth, (date a guy who travels) and travel!

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