Must-Follow Filipino Instagrammers to Inspire Your Travel Goals

Instagram — you check it first thing in the morning and scroll through it before going to bed at night. Am I right?

Although there’s room for debate on how much time you should spend on the app, we can’t deny it really is filled with good content. The average netizen takes photos and videos for the ‘gram regularly. Often, we’re hooked on IG Explore and IG TV. We find ourselves deep in a state of endless tap-tap-tapping when faced with a multitude of IG posts and stories.

But who can blame us? Instagram is like a digital trove of the Internet’s best (and, at times, worst). You know what they say these days: Post it on IG or it never happened, right?

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But for many travellers, Instagram goes beyond this questionable dynamic. The travel community sees Instagram as a convenient way of sharing every corner of this breathtaking world. With a simple post, we’re taken to places we’ve never set foot on. An IG story gives us a peek into cultures we’ve never experienced ourselves.

Instagram is literally and figuratively the realm of infinite #travelgoals. While I believe in exploring the world the way you want to, let these Filipino Instagrammers ignite your wanderlust. 

Swoonworthy solo ‘grammers

1. @thelakwatsero 

BATAD RICE TERRACES | BANAUE, IFUGAO . Ask me when is the best time to visit Batad or the whole Cordillera? I’ll say around this time of the year when the rice terraces are planted. . There is only one planting season in Philippine Cordillera which usually starts late March. Expect the rice terraces to be at their greenest around April and May. By June the paddies start to change their gradient until July or early August when they become yellow or gold, ready for harvest. . How to Go to Batad: 1. Manila to Banaue Bus (P450-P650 / 8 hours) 2. Banaue to Batad Jeep (P150 / 45 minutes) or Tricycle (P400 sharing fot two / 45 minutes) 3. Trek to the village (15 minutes) . Check link on my bio for complete and updated travel guide to Batad. . #Banaue #Ifugao #Philippines

A post shared by Lakwatsero (@thelakwatsero) on

Angel Juarez runs his own travel blog, Lakwatsero, where you’ll find a number of handy travel guides. Like most us, he has a day job; Angel’s actually an information technology analyst. But a quick look at his Instagram account will tell you what he does to break away from the monotony of his daily grind. He bikes, treks, dives, climbs, swims, runs, surfs, eats — and he comes back energized for work every time.

2. @angelydub

Angely Dub is the ultimate #girlboss. She runs travel agency Access Travel and Tours Inc., which she put up from scratch. You guessed it: Angely’s an expert in crafting itineraries. She’s very open about the highs and lows of establishing her own travel company at a very young age, which she often talks about in her IG stories. She also touches on starting out as a one-man team, and eventually growing Access into what it is now. You can “Travel with Angely” through and her Instagram account.

3. @avelovin

Patrice Averilla’s formula for engaging travel storytelling is a combination of looking good and making people laugh. A total beach bum, you’ll often find Ave saying that she’s “never not in a bikini,” which her followers obviously love. Her Instagram feed is all about spreading good vibes and having fun in the sun. And that’s just a taste of her kooky adventures, which she religiously vlogs about on YouTube. She’s currently in Brussels so expect to see entries about her Belgian holiday soon — sans the signature bikini, of course.

4. @benjlramos

Do you think of me when you look to the sea 🌊 #LiveNomadPH #FreeSpiritsPH

A post shared by Benj Ramos (@benjlramos) on

It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you drop by his Instagram page — visual storyteller Benj Ramos tells his followers to “Never live vicariously.” It makes sense once you see the rest of his feed. With every post, you get the impression that Benj doesn’t just shoot and go. He really stays in a place and soaks up the culture, capturing scenic sights and how locals go about daily life.

5. @gabmejia

At only 21 years old, Gab Mejia has already summited 60+ mountains, explored 30 local provinces, and travelled to 33 countries. The young photographer is also a mountaineer and conservationist, which is why his personal work spotlights the great outdoors. Browse through his feed and all you’ll see are snapshots that look like they belong in the pages of National Geographic. With his photographs and storytelling, Gab seeks to promote environmental awareness and the protection of our landscapes. You can also read about his trips and advocacies on his blog, On the Climb.

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6. @javicang

Javi (or Javy) Cang’s IG feed makes you want to take your eyes off the screen and actually do something about that trip you’ve been aching to plan. From mountainscapes bathed in the sun’s golden light to starry nights and the ocean’s many hues, Javi’s photographs prove that adventure is really out there — it’s just a matter of making it happen. Before you make your day job an excuse, know that Javi holds a full-time position in the finance industry. He’s a self-confessed weekend warrior who’s always saving up for his next expedition. The mountaineer also devotes time to Summiting Sarcoma, a passion project he shared with his brother Carlos, whose cancer journey continues to inspire even a year after his passing.

7. @sinosijuan

Travel and street photographer Alexis Lim’s work revolves around a single mantra: “Philippines first. Always.” Although you’ll occasionally find photos of out-of-country destinations in his Instagram feed, the bulk of Alexis’ content sheds light on every nook and cranny of our beloved country. Even his IG handle, @sinosijuan, reflects this commitment to love his own. Aside from shooting for his IG page, Alexis also runs a photoblog called litratonijuan. He’s also behind @sinopinas, a community of travellers and creatives bent on showcasing the Philippines’ undeniable beauty.

8. @patrckmartin

After hours of walking around the city, we’ve decided to find a scenic sunset spot to cap off our short visit San Francisco. We arrived at this beach just right under the golden gate an hour before sunset and thought that this was the perfect spot for the vibe that we’re going for. No crowds, no tourists. It was our own little piece of paradise at that very moment. Minutes after we’ve settled down, some men started to arrive and settled just a couple of meters away from us. It was all chill until they all got naked. Some went sunbathing, some went for a swim, and maybe some were just looking. After a thorough google research, we found out that this spot is a gay nude beach. Best sunset? Definitely. Best spot? You decide. 👀

A post shared by P Λ T R I C K M Λ R T I N (@patrckmartin) on

Patrick Martin is the kind of creative who knows exactly how a story should be told visually so that it moves and inspires. But before the director and content creator decided to earn a living from his craft, he turned to travel videography and photography for preserving precious memories with his partner. This ardent love for life and the people he holds dear is what you’ll see and feel on his Instagram page. He’s now at the helm of LitLab Studios, a digital content creation start-up. Although running his own business keeps him busy 24/7, he finds time to share personal insights on life and travel through his IG page.

9. @martinzapanta

A member of the Philippine Freediving Team and a national record holder, Martin Zapanta documents his unwavering fascination with the sea and its depths through underwater photography. He posts about travel, too, but much of his feed uncovers the ocean’s mystique. You can see more of the photographer-cinematographer’s work on his site, Blue Matter. Whether it be in varying shades of blue or in black and white, Martin’s message is clear: There is a whole other world down there waiting to be explored. You’ll be strapping on a pair of goggles in no time.

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10. @psimonmyway

Growing up, I felt everything I did was scrutinized to be patterned to social custom. Separating myself from society’s expectations was the hardest thing I had to try and it worked. It will take us a long time to accept what we are and being able to show that to the world without pretentions is something I would call a successful endeavour. ————— When people question, what I do is paranoid in reverse: I don’t think they are gossiping about my so-called ‘poor choices’ but I always suspect that people are plotting to make me happy. Think this way and you’ll get by. #TrishaVxIndia #India #rajasthan #AirAsiainIndia #IncredibleIndia ————— 📸 taken by @thomascaja ————— 📍 Panna Meena ka Kund: Instagrammable but very underwhelming in person. The ‘wow’ won’t be there. ————— @airasiafilipino now flies to #Jaipur via Kuala Lumpur!

A post shared by Trisha V. @ P.S. I’m On My Way (@psimonmyway) on

The IG page @psimonmyway is a gateway to travel blogger and businesswoman Trisha Velarmino’s exciting adventures. Although Trisha essentially lives a life of travel, she makes it clear that she didn’t quit her job to travel the world. Rather, she made it a point to earn from travelling. Beyond on point aesthetics, though, Trisha’s honest take on giving in to wanderlust is what makes her feed refreshing. She talks about the nitty-gritty of travel no matter how ugly or disappointing, all while looking picture-perfect. She posts full-length stories on her blog, P.S I’m On My Way, but snippets on IG convey the same wit and wisdom.

11. @april.cuenca

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting April Cuenca will agree, she lights up any room. And the exact same vibe is what you’ll get when you come across her Instagram account, where the entrepreneur often posts about trips here and abroad. But you should know there’s more to that infectious smile and that twinkle in April’s eyes than just a healthy appetite for adventure. Her unquenchable passion for exploration led her to develop her very own “trip-pooling” travel app, Tripkada, which turns two this year. Since its inception, Tripkada has revolutionised travel for those eager to see more of the Philippines. And luckily enough, you can also see more of April, her travels, and her Tripkada journey on IG.

Bonus: Delightful duos on IG

1. @ayenonlife & @rachelhalili

Ayen dela Torre and Rachel Halili are the beauties and brains behind online travel community, Where to Next. A wordsmith armed with a good eye for photography, Ayen’s IG feed overflows with storytelling both tender and introspective. She writes about the hopes and dreams of others, and finds depth even in small spaces and subtle gestures. As her Instagram bio eloquently puts it, Ayen is “made of stories.”

Rachel is a graphic designer and collage artist with a penchant for capturing life through photography. Her IG feed is but a peek into a creative’s mind, at once rushing and still. You’ll find collages, photos, photos of photos, videos, and just about any visual representation of her current whereabouts. See more of her work here.

2. @kimijuan & @thomascaja

There are #travelgoals and there are #couplegoals, but Thomas Caja and his wife Kimi Juan-Caja set the bar high by being both. They look so good together, and they explore breathtaking sites together. The two are travel photographers, which explains the well-curated feed. 

They also aren’t shy in showing affection for each other, whether it be through a post or a shoutout on IG stories. Their wedding earlier this year made headlines, too. Followers are so invested in the pair that they’ve become a poster couple of sorts for young Filipino Instagrammers all over.

What’re you waiting for? Follow and double-tap away. You can even hit them up for some travel tips.

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