15 Most Random Items We Need — That Cost as Low as ₱9

“Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day, that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life.” We’re probably hearing the same voice in our heads right now. TikTok frequenters would know and attest that although some videos can get odd, cringey, and skip-worthy, there are also many helpful contents in that sea of randomness. 

It can be an expensive form of entertainment because once you get sucked in by videos of life hacks and endless #BudolFinds, you’ll be inclined to add to cart! So, we’ve come up with our very own list of the most genius and random items we need to buy that are guaranteed to make life fun and easier! 

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Cool and useful random items we need to buy now

1. These amazing cordless hair curlers

Image credit: Shopee

Investing in a good hair styling tool can cost a lot of money. There are high-end brands that sell for five digit; but with proper research, you can always get something that creates the same output for way less. Considering its affordable price, this cordless hair curler is one of the random items we need to buy ASAP! 

The plate’s ceramic coating and negative ions eliminate hair frizz and create a shinier and healthy-looking finish — so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair with frequent use.

Try out a new gorgeous hairstyle with this TikTok-approved cordless hair curler that you can buy on Lazada and Shopee from ₱999. 

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2. These cute egg separators

Image credit: Shopee

One of the steps that we don’t exactly love about baking is separating the egg yolk and white. But with these cuties, no one will mind doing it anymore. To see these novelty items crawl their way into the kitchen is exciting, and we hope to see more someday! 

If you’re looking for a fun way to brighten up your kitchen, these ceramic egg separators are a must-buy. It’s also the perfect proof that the random items we need to buy don’t have to be useless. (Don’t worry, we’re all guilty here.)

Fill your kitchen with adorable items that you can buy on Lazada and Shopee from ₱122. 

3. This multifunctional mini cooking set

Image credit: Lazada

Although this cooking set is a simulation toy for kids that is meant to teach them basic life skills, adults aren’t shy to document the fun they’re having as well. Until now, videos from TikTok and other budol groups are trending as adults use these miniatures for cooking their meals. The set comes with little salt and pepper shakers, pots, a frying pan, an electric cooker, and more! 

Fun knows no age limit! You can buy this fun cooking set on Shopee or Lazada from ₱1,998. 

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4. This reliable portable travel kit

Image credit: Shopee

We’ve tried a lot of travel organisers; and while we think they can be really helpful, they stop making sense at some point. Just when we’re ready to give up on them, we discovered this portable travel hygiene comes along — and we’re willing to give organising another chance. 

It’s tricky to choose which one to get, but we’re placing all our bets on this particular set. The kit includes two bottles, a toothbrush,  a cup, towel, comb, and a mirror. Given all that, honestly, what more can we need? 

If you’re looking for useful random items to buy, make sure to include this on your list. You can buy it on Shopee for ₱395.

5. These instant self-heating rice meals

Image credit: Shopee

For days when you’re feeling too lazy and tired to cook, these self-heating rice meals are heaven-sent! We’re used to the usual “just add water” instant meals, and we can’t help but welcome this self-heating technology with open arms. It’s easy to prepare as you’ll only need to add room temperature water to trigger an exothermic reaction that will warm up your food. 

These are absolutely one of the random items we need to buy in preparation for emergencies, lazy days, and even long road trips!

There are endless variations to choose from on Shopee or Lazada for as low as ₱118.

6. This useful transparent sticky note

Image credit: Shopee

To write or not to write — that is the question. If you’re someone who dislikes writing directly on books but loves leaving notes and commentary everywhere, you’ll think of this transparent sticky note as pure genius. It comes in three different sizes, making it perfect even for labeling purposes. 

Get yours on Shopee and Lazada from just ₱15.

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7. These retractable cutter pens

Image credit: Shopee

Open your package hassle-free, save time, and keep your nails from breaking while opening your much-anticipated online purchases. What’s more, these cutter pens aren’t good for that purpose alone — they’re perfect for your arts and crafts, too!

Buy these random and practical items on Shopee for only ₱17.

8. This multifunctional electric cooker

Image credit: Lazada

No need to overthink whether you need this or not; believe me, either way, you will have to have this multifunctional electric cooker. You won’t be having issues with storage because it does not require a lot of counter space. Boiling eggs has never been this easy. The cooker can also be used to steam vegetables and dumplings, or even warm some milk — just set it up, plug, and wait!  

Just agree when we say that it’s one of the random items we need to buy right now! You can buy this on Lazada or Shopee from ₱199. 

9. This voice-recorder cassette tape

Image credit: Shopee

Go old school and save a 30-second recording of your voice with this retro cassette tape recorder. Now that we cannot always spend special occasions with our loved ones, we can show them that we care and remember them by sending recordings. It’s possibly one of the cheesiest yet thoughtful gift ideas out there, it’s also a great way to document your milestones and even use it as a mood tracker.

Make sure to share this random TikTok-worthy item with your friends! It’s available on Shopee for ₱199.

10. These creative greeting cards

Image credit: Shopee

Handwritten cards will never get old, and what better way to make it more special and sentimental than getting this pop-up greeting card? Quite frankly, the best gifts aren’t expensive and fancy things. Heartfelt gifts like this are preferred and they go a long way! 

These unique Korean greeting cards are available on Shopee for just ₱29.

11. These mini projector lamps

Image credit: Shopee

Add something new to the party with these mini projector lamps that you can use as backdrops for your Insta-worthy shots! It’s also a unique way of sending your greetings, most importantly, if you cannot physically spend the day with your loved ones. 

You can buy these fun projector lamps on Shopee or Lazada from ₱68. 

12. These plush cord organisers

Image credit: Shopee

You should consider getting a suitable organiser if you have run out of patience in dealing with tangled wires. As someone close to developing anger management issues triggered by disorderly things, owning one of these plush organisers is a must! Kidding aside, the convenience of using one is talk-worthy because you can also use it to store your gadgets. Plus, it’s made of soft material, making it shockproof as well. 

They’re cute and definitely befitting to make the list of random items we need to buy right now. These cuties are available on Shopee for ₱224. 

13. This rechargeable lighter

Image credit: Shopee

We can all agree that matches and lighters aren’t safe to use. These rechargeable USB lighters are windproof, non-toxic, and flameless. Most importantly, they’re sustainable and easy to use. You no longer have to dread being in charge of lighting birthday candles or scented candles because these are guaranteed not to burn your hands!

These rechargeable lighters are available on Shopee and Lazada from ₱299 to ₱340.

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14. These summer-ready fruit cups

Image credit: Shopee

Prepare your refreshing drinks with these colourful fruit-shaped water containers. If looking at these doesn’t make you think of summer, we don’t know what will. There are various sizes and designs to choose from, but feel free to add everything to your cart! 

Quench your thirst with these tropical-themed selections that you can buy on Shopee for as low as ₱65. 

15. These toothpaste squeezers

Image credit: Shopee

It’s not exactly Extreme Cheapskates, but don’t we all want to get our money’s worth? These penny-saving products are not only a way to avoid wasting toothpaste, but they’re also a nice idea for organising your bathroom

There’s no need to pay a lot just to save money. You can buy these toothpaste squeezers on Shopee or Lazada for just ₱9!

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Which on the list of random items we need to buy do you find useful and fun? With thousands of #BudolFinds reviews and convincing TikTok videos out there, it is essential to be mindful about where you’ll spend your hard-earned money. 

While there’s joy in shopping, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to do it just for the heck of it. As they say, “Huwag kang masyadong mema!” In all things, random or not, remember to spend your resources wisely. 

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