9 Struggles Filipinos Travelling Abroad Can Totally Relate To

Before my very first international travel, I thought stepping into a foreign land would be amazing, spectacular, exciting… (insert all things nice here). Little did I know that travelling abroad is not as easy and smooth-sailing as I thought it to be — there are REAL struggles I must learn to deal with. Now, hands up if you can relate to any of these…

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1. That ecstatic feeling when you are about to fly to a foreign land…

But you get interrogated by the Immigration Officer…

First time abroad? Where do you work? May I see your company ID? And the interrogation questions go to as ridiculous and annoying as “Anong course ng college dean nyo?” (What’s the course of your college dean?)

Say what?!

I’m not trying to make fun of the IO’s in the Philippines, and this doesn’t necessarily apply to all. I know they’re just doing their job, but sometimes the questions are way too personal (or impersonal) to answer. Thank God, I have never been offloaded — I hope not in my future travels. I can just imagine the pain of those who experienced it. 🙁

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2. At last, you’ve just landed at the airport of your destination country!

Image credit: N i c o l a

But when you go out…

The airport’s temperature is the total opposite when you get outside!

3. When you’re on your way to a historic landmark and you’ve pictured it to be like this:

Image credit: Robert Lowe

But welcome to REALITY!

. Just when you’re enjoying the moment…

Someone approaches and asks… “你知道要去哪里找吗?”

Not all Asians speak Chinese you know!

5. You read a map and try to locate an attraction…

“Ahh, this one is so near and just right beside this church…”

But the map has never been so wrong!

The place is not effin’ right beside a church… And it’s NOT even near!

. Now you’re LOST and you approach an officer…

You: “Uhm, excuse me. I’m lost. How can I get to this place?”

Officer: “Okay. Okay. Yes!” *blank face*

LANGUAGE BARRIER has never been this REAL!

. You’re dog tired from walking… Aha! You found a small café to cool down for a while.

But the drink makes you want to…


8. The best way to truly immerse in a place is to try their local food, you tell yourself!

Damn! If you can only get your money back!

9. And just when you terribly want to go home…

You suddenly realise…

This place is not like home… It will never be!

You change the way you look at things, and before you know it, you’ve already fallen in love with the place…

And it breaks your heart to leave. 🙁

Have you experienced my struggles too? I’d love to hear them!

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