Red Cross RT-PCR Tests Now 25% Cheaper, With Saliva Tests at ₱1,500

It seems that everyday, there’s something new and major to keep up with: a new variant, rising cases, another level of quarantine. In the midst of all this, it’s easy to miss out on other important developments. For one thing, in case you missed it, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has lowered prices for RT-PCR tests by at least 25%.

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Philippine Red Cross reduces prices for RT-PCR tests

In light of the heightened need for RT-PCR testing, the PRC has slashed prices on both saliva and swab tests. The price changes, which have been effective from 4 Sep 2021, are as follows:

  • Saliva RT-PCR test: ₱1,500 (from ₱2,000)
  • Swab RT-PCR test: ₱2,800 (from ₱3,800)

All molecular laboratories and collection sites are to follow these rates. According to the PRC, they conduct about 8,000 tests a day and have collected over four million samples since the onset of the pandemic.

To book an RT-PCR test with the Philippine Red Cross, click here. 

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DOH issues lowers price caps for RT-PCR tests, home service

The Department of Health also issued an official statement regarding the price caps for private and public health facilities, including those for home service fees on top of testing costs. The prices caps, effective 6 Sep 2021, are as follows:

Public health facilities — Price cap for cost of procedure:

  • Plate-based: ₱2,800
  • Genexpert (Cartridge-based): ₱2,450

Private health facilities — Price cap for cost of procedure (with 20% allowable markup):

  • Plate-based: ₱3,360
  • Genexpert (Cartridge-based): ₱2,940 

Price cap for home service:

  • Plate-based: ₱1,000
  • Genexpert (Cartridge-based): ₱1,000

Do note that according to the DOH, “Laboratories, health facilities, and other testing centers may have prices lower than the prescribed price cap for RT-PCR testing and Home Service Fee provided that quality of services are maintained. However, no manufacturer, distributor, or testing facility should exceed the price cap.” 

Additionally, discounts will be honoured for senior citizens and persons with disability (PWDs).

Featured image credit: Mufid Majnun | Unsplash

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