How to Report Spam Messages to Globe and Smart

Raise your hand if you’ve been receiving mounds of spam texts since contact tracing became mandatory. Now that the election season is upon us, we’re not just getting job and cash loan offers, but also political texts, fake news, and black propaganda. And while it’s easy to block these numbers, we must also take the initiative to report spam messages before they victimise naive smartphone users.

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How to report spam texts to Globe

You can easily report spam texts to Globe through their online tool, #StopSPAM! All you have to do is:

  1. Take a screenshot of the spam or scam message;
  2. Upload this on the #StopSPAM! webpage;
  3. Input the mobile number of the sender;
  4. Input your mobile number; and,
  5. Enter your email address (optional).

After confirming the spam text, Globe will deactivate the number immediately. 

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How to report spam texts to Smart

Smart doesn’t have a specific tool for reporting spam messages. However, the telco advises users to delete and block messages from suspicious numbers. To report spam texts, Smart users may visit the official website of the National Telecommunications Office here. As of writing, the NTC website is under maintenance, so you may send your complaints here instead. To file a complaint to the NTC, you must input the following information. 

  1. Complaint type (Text Spam Report)
  2. First and last name
  3. Mobile number
  4. Email address
  5. Subject and message
  6. Screenshot of the spam text

Alternatively, you may also email Smart at [email protected], or call them at *888 (via mobile phone) or 8881111 (via landline). Smart also accepts complaints on their official Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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In November 2021, Globe revealed that they had “deactivated 5,670 confirmed spam numbers, and successfully blocked close to one billion spam messages” in that year alone. As telephone companies continue to campaign against fraudulent texts, we can ramp up the movement by reporting spam messages and numbers whenever we can.

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