Travel Trends Filipinos Can Look Forward To This 2017

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How has your New Year been? Did you already start it with a bang (and maybe with a trip or two)? Well, if you haven’t and if you’re still planning on your travel destinations for the year, here are some travel trends that you might want to join along to.

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Non-traditional lodgings and sharing economy

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Travel-addicted millennials may not mind splurging their hard-earned cash on trips and experiences but it doesn’t mean they aren’t wise. In fact, they try their best to scrimp on their budget where possible. Need proof? Well, there’s shared services like Uber and Grab if you need transportation alternatives. If you want a more budget-friendly accommodation other than hotels, you can always try backpacker inns, Airbnb or WithLocals.

Need travel funds? Why not become a host and earn money doing what you love? Not only are you able to save up some money, you also have the chance to give back to the community you so love.

More travellers going solo

People of today’s generation have become more and more fearless when it comes to travelling. With so many travel websites and blogs featuring even the most remote corners of the country (or the world), young travellers have become even more inspired to go out and explore instead of becoming clouded by fear.

Travelling with kids becomes popular

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But, travelling is no longer limited to the young, single and uncommitted. More and more young families have opened up to the idea of bringing along their babies and infants on trips that would otherwise “not be remembered by their little ones”. Take it from me, your child will thank you for exposing them to the world early in their life.

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WiFi becomes a basic necessity

Some people may travel to destress and disconnect from the digital world but there is still a huge percentage who want to update their social media and stay connected with their families at home. As such, WiFi becomes a basic necessity when looking for accommodations and destinations and it is, in fact, one of the major factors that will influence these decisions.

Staycations will become more in demand

Not everyone is given the luxury of time and money to go on long-haul trips  that could stretch for more than a few days. The solution? Staycations! Filipinos have definitely opened up to the idea of staying in a hotel that will allow them to have a relaxing day or two but without having to go too far from the city centre. Preferred amenities include a swimming pool or a beach view, spa services or a mini water park for the kids to enjoy.

Luxury cruises are within reach

Cruising in the Philippines? Surprise! Finally, Filipinos can join in a luxurious cruise trip without having to go outside the country to start their journey. By March, Star Cruises will be the first to homeport in Manila and its ports of call will include Laoag in Ilocos Norte, Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Hong Kong! Who knows what other cruise lines will enter the Philippine seas in the coming months?

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Going for deeper local immersions

As travellers start to become more aware about the diversity of their surroundings, they become more open about learning these new cultures. Filipino travellers, like the rest of the world, will go for trips that will provide unique experiences and will transform them into better citizens of the world. You might be surprised that you prefer experiential travel over luxurious ones.

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Do you think you will be joining these trends too?

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