How Far and How Much Can You Have Your Cargo Delivered in Luzon in 2021?

Before you get your hands on a parcel you’ve ordered online, sellers would have to spend time verifying and packing it, finding the most value for money pick-up service, and having the item shipped in as little time as possible. This is the standard process of cargo delivery in the Philippines, and something most of these online entrepreneurs know like the back of their hand.

As easy as it looks on the outside, it’s much more demanding than when viewed from a cargo sender’s point of view. And online shopping aside, the same ordeal is being experienced by other Filipinos who wish to have their cargo delivered to important people no matter the need and occasion. Questions as to how far such deliveries can go and how much they cost are then, oftentimes, inevitable.

Delivery services that get the job done

Back in the day, choosing between cargo delivery and delivering an item ourselves was almost entirely at our discretion. But the pandemic as we know it changed everything. Now, opting for cargo services is a matter of necessity. Best of all, they’re safer and generally more convenient for any sender. Couriers, some more than others, meanwhile continue to level up their services to provide Filipinos with the kind of cargo delivery experience they deserve.




For the purposes of this article, we’ll look into the Victory Liner cargo service known as Drop & Go. Launched in 2018, long before the first nationwide COVID-induced lockdown in the Philippines, it’s currently trailblazing the cargo delivery industry with non-stop innovations that redefine and highlight the importance of cargo services in the Philippines.

On top of safety and convenience, Victory Liner’s Drop & Go has established a reputation for bringing a parcel from point A to point B in a matter of hours, if not days — faster than most couriers in the Philippines. It also has its own door-to-door delivery, exclusive cargo boxes, and most recently, its own website that streamlines cargo deliveries for Filipinos.

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Cargo deliveries in Luzon: How far can they go?

Victory Liner takes pride in its wide coverage in Central Luzon, Northern Luzon, and Mega Manila. All this is made possible by its established network of terminals, where many Drop & Go offices are found. And of course, there is Victory Liner’s fleet of buses and trucks, which are dispatched every day to bring cargo to their intended recipients in as fast as 48 hours.

Drop & Go cargo routes in and outside Metro Manila

As of February 2021, Victory Liner terminals accepting cargo include Cubao, Pasay, Sampaloc, and Caloocan in Metro Manila. From here, senders can ship packages to over 20 destinations outside the metropolitan centre, from as close as Apalit in Pampanga to as far as Tuguegarao in Cagayan. That covers a distance of about 50 kilometres and nearly 500 kilometres, respectively.

The rest of these drop off points or destinations are strategically located across the provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, Benguet, and Isabela. Other than Victory Liner’s presently operating terminals, senders can choose from Drop & Go satellite outlets situated in Bataan, La Union, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, and Kalinga.

The photo below shows how extensive Drop & Go’s network is.

Image credit: Victory Liner

Extended provincial deliveries

But a Victory Liner cargo delivery does not stop there. From select terminals and outlets in the provinces, an additional 20 kilometres is offered by Drop & Go to give its clients an even safer way of having goods delivered. Known as the DG Man, Victory Liner’s premier door-to-door delivery service was founded on the idea that deliveries should just be as convenient as they possibly can, especially in this time of pandemic.

With this latest innovation, clients have the option to pick up their packages from a Drop & Go office or having them delivered straight to their homes for an added fee. No exposure, no more commuting, and no more of the usual logistical hindrances associated with traditional delivery. It’s also available within the National Capital Region under JoyRide, one of the biggest courier services in Metro Manila.

Furthermore, in July 2020, Victory Liner partnered with Bicol Isarog to offer delivery services to Bicol from all provincial Drop & Go outlets. The Bicol cargo destinations are Albay, Masbate, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, and Catanduanes. Also covered are Lucena in Quezon and Tacloban in Leyte. This means that you can send cargo up to over 1,300 kilometres away, all the while enjoying secure, speedy, affordable, and comprehensive services by Drop & Go.





Drop & Go rates and budgetary considerations

With all of that taken into account, how much does cargo delivery in Luzon or cargo deliveries from Manila cost? Are there other charges that come with availing cargo services that enhance the delivery process? And if yes, what sort of fees should one expect and therefore prepare?

Base costs for deliveries from Metro Manila

Let’s begin with the basics — meaning, the standard Drop & Go freight charges, which you can find on this page. First, log in to your Drop & Go account or as a guest. There, you’ll see a table that enumerates all Drop & Go destinations, along with their freight cost per declared value and kilogram in 2021. Take note that the fees stated are relative only to deliveries coming from Metro Manila. For cargo delivery between provinces, get an exact quotation here.

There’s also a documentary stamp worth ₱2 and a handling fee to be charged to cover storage and packing, among others. These fees will be added to the base freight cost to come up with the total Victory Liner Drop & Go rates. These Drop & Go handling fees start at ₱30 for items not heavier than 5 kilograms. For the first 20 kilograms, there’s an increment of ₱5 per 5 kilograms. Anything heavier than that will have a ₱10 increment depending on the cargo weight.

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With this in mind, a Metro Manila to Pampanga delivery of a single-item cargo worth up to ₱500 and weighs no more than 5 kilograms would start from only ₱85 for a terminal-to-terminal service. Let’s say the item is a pot of plant that costs ₱499. With a base fee of ₱85, a handling fee of ₱30, and a documentary stamp (₱2), you’ll only have to pay a total of ₱117.

On the other hand, base freight fees for deliveries from Metro Manila to Tuguegarao will only cost as low as ₱215. If the cargo is a box of bags with a total declared value of ₱500 and weight of about 10 kilograms, a sender would have to pay a sum of ₱252, inclusive of the base freight fee (₱215), documentary stamp (₱2) and respective handling fee (₱35). Bear in mind that this is still an estimate and can change slightly upon Drop & Go’s actual quotation.




To send cargo to Bicol and Leyte, you may visit the Bicol Isarog website, call their hotline here, or get an estimate from Drop & Go itself.

Additional fees for optional services

Aside from these standard fees, you can invest in additional services by Drop & Go for a more organised and hassle-free delivery. Take note that while these are optional, they’ll save a ton of time, energy, and even money for both the cargo sender and receiver. So, what are these services?

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Door-to-door delivery or DG Man

As mentioned earlier, this is Drop & Go’s version of an on-demand curbside delivery. Only, Victory Liner offers them for not only deliveries within Metro Manila, but also in Central and Northern Luzon provinces. Booking in Metro Manila will require a JoyRide application. The rates depend on the distance and the type of parcel to be delivered only.

As of February 2021, delivering documents between Victory Liner Cubao and Victory Liner Pasay, for instance, will cost around ₱130. This covers a distance of 12 kilometres. Meanwhile, delivering food from Victory Liner Sampaloc to SM Fairview 22 kilometres away would cost about ₱200. The rates can also vary depending on the weight of the cargo.

On the other hand, booking deliveries in provinces will require contacting Drop & Go directly. For this door-to-door service, you can go straight to the Drop & Go website. Simply provide all the required delivery information and you will be given the total price at the end of your booking. For this, deliveries should only be within 20 kilometres and the total weight of the item/s must be no more than 40 kilograms. Handling fees will also be applied.

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Fit-all-you-can boxes

Another feature you can avail are the Drop & Go fit-all-you-can cargo boxes. Especially fitting for sending items in bulk, these boxes are tailor-made for the company’s cargo delivery requirements to better protect them during the journey. When using the special boxes, you can have priority during payment and have your cargo loaded before others.

The boxes come in five different sizes, each with a corresponding weight limit: 10, 25, 40, 55, and 70 kilograms. The corresponding prices are ₱20 (small), ₱50 (medium), ₱80 (large), ₱90 (XL), and ₱120 (2XL). Availing of any of these likewise comes with the freight fees per destination and chosen size. It starts from ₱155 (Dau and San Fernando) and can cost us as affordable as ₱1,565 for farther destinations (Tuguegarao).

As with a balikbayan box, the bigger the box you buy, the bigger your savings will be as you can fit most of your items inside. If you’d rather use your own cargo box, get a Drop & Go estimate rate here by providing its dimensions, weight, and the declared value of the item or items.

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Special envelopes and stickers

Earlier in 2021, Drop & Go added the DGenvelopes in all their outlets. Also offered as auxiliary resources for cargo deliveries in Luzon, they’re ideal for storing important documents that need further security. They’re available for just ₱124 each, which is inclusive of the flat rate of a given Drop & Go freight fee and the envelope itself.

There are also Drop & Go stickers attached to each cargo and the freight form senders would usually have to fill out. However, you won’t need to pay for them as these are free regardless of the nature of the cargo, origin, and destination. Be wary of fixers or unauthorised people who sell them beyond Victory Liner terminals and Drop & Go offices.

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Send cargo anywhere in Luzon and beyond in 2021

To know how the Drop & Go online booking works, watch this video:

Once all the details of your cargo are set, you can choose from a few ways to pay and have it delivered. One is by dropping off your cargo at the nearest Victory Liner terminal or Drop & Go office and processing everything from there. Payments may be made in cash or via the Victory Liner Premiere Card.

Another way is by creating a personal or business account at the Drop & Go website. This is by far the most convenient, as you can do everything online. You may also pay with the Victory Liner Premiere Card, or any regular debit or credit card. When signing up for a business account, you’ll need an initial deposit of ₱100,000. This is ideal for online entrepreneurs who wish to send items in bulk when reaching clients throughout Luzon.




Pandemic or not, as long as there’s a need to send packages in an affordable, safe, and convenient way, cargo padala services are here to stay — the past months have been a testament to this. And with the way things are going, Filipinos can rely on shipping companies and couriers in the Philippines, Victory Liner’s Drop & Go included, to get the job done.

For more information, visit Drop & Go’s official website, as well as Victory Liner’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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