This Larger-than-Life Wildlife Exhibit Should Be Included in Every Traveller’s Singapore Itinerary

When you think about visiting the zoo, images of tall giraffes, majestic lions and adorable monkeys are bound to fill your mind. How about the lesser-known and often overlooked invertebrates? They surely deserve much more love and attention! Did you know that invertebrates actually account for approximately 95% of all animal species?

This year, our beloved Singapore Zoo is now shining the limelight on these (literally) spineless organisms with over 60 super-sized invertebrate installations at the Land of Giants! Wander alongside the 3D figures and learn more about their amazing adaptations for communication and defence. By magnifying the characteristics of these animals, this special exhibit aims to showcase the essential roles that they play in our environment. Here’s what you can expect at the Land of Giants:

Be greeted by jumbo Dung Beetle sculptures that are almost the height of the average human! These creatures are the true gym buffs – they can move dung balls up to 50 times their own weight. How’s that for size, all you aspiring weight-lifters!

As you march through the Land of Giants trail in the Singapore Zoo’s Heliconia Valley, come face-to-face with the lanky Stalk-Eyed Fly and the pretty Orchid Mantis! Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Did you know that the female Stalk-Eyed Flies select their mates based on the width of their eyes? The wider apart the eyes, the sexier the male. Talk about inner beauty!

Ouch! Don’t prick yourselves on these thorny creatures. Only found in the Americas, the Thorn Bugs look like thorns so as to confuse their enemies. Just look at how minuscule they are against our hands as compared to the gigantic models up on display!

Now that you’ve seen super-sized versions of these amazing invertebrates, it’s time to get up close and personal with the real beauties! Don’t start cringing just yet, they’re in fact really friendly. Face your fears and get to know these amazing creepy crawlies on a personal level at the Fragile Forest!

Navigate your way to the Discovery Outpost, where you’ll get the rare opportunity to meet these little heroes and even get to touch them! This is THE perfect opportunity for you to overcome your phobias of creepy crawlies. It could be a stick insect or a jungle nymph – who knows? Or maybe a handful of adorable wriggly caterpillars? Bound to intrigue any inquisitive adult or kid alike, this one-of-a-kind experience can hardly be found anywhere else.

Look at us bravely handling nature’s hardy workers! The Jungle Nymph and Stick Insects may look intimidating but they actually love the attention! Found exclusively in Asia, Jungle Nymphs can grow up to the size of a large human palm. Also, have fun spotting the Stick Insects in their enclosure, as they are able to camouflage well with their surroundings!

The Giant Millipede is nature’s own version of Velcro! Experience the ticklish sensation of hundreds of tiny legs scurrying across your palm and we promise you that they don’t bite like centipedes do! As you take them off your palm, it feels like velcro is gently peeled off your skin.

We’re absolutely sure that the larger-than-life animatronic installations and interactive sessions will spark a new found appreciation for these tiny beasts! So if you’re game for a unique experience like no other, get your admission tickets here and we’ll see you at Singapore Zoo real soon!


Brought to you by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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